ery Points to the Phoenix Essence Sword Technique.

After the Attributes were refreshed,

Phoenix Essence Sword Technique: Dominating Refinement

His Spiritual Master Evolution made further advancement. However there were still seventy years before he could break through to the Earth Realm.

He drew out the Beryl Lotus Brilliance Sword. There was a lotus floral motif engraved on the blade and a double-bloom lotus engraved on the hilt.

The elegant blade was aglow with beryl-hued radiance. It gave off a soft low hum as the keen sword energy gently wafted outwards.

“I have gained an appropriate weapon now.” Xiao Ran remarked happily.

He swung his sword once or twice, and the sword energy effortlessly sliced through space.

He put away the Beryl Lotus Brilliance Sword, extinguished the oil lamp, and fell into a deep slumber.

On this day in the Celestial Dungeon,

the atmosphere was more oppressive and heavy than usual. Two more dungeon guards had their vitality corroded away by the foul sinister atmosphere, and their corpses were placed on the ground.

When Xiao Ran arrived, Little Zhou made a shushing gesture and pointed at the corpses on the ground.

“Bury them and inform the Ministry of Revenue to send the compensation payment to their families,” the lieutenant ordered with a stony countenance.

Four dungeon guards walked up briskly and hauled the two corpses away.

“I have just received news from the higher-ups. In 15 minutes time, an enforcer from the God Enforcement Division will come to take away the Sacred Progeny of the Sky Devil Sect,” the lieutenant said.

“My Lord, didnt the Sacred Progeny of the Sky Devil Sect become retarded?” A dungeon guard asked.

“They intend to use him as bait. Display him at the marketplace and execute him after seven days.”

They were setting up a trap to lure the remaining members of the Sky Devil Sect into revealing their whereabouts.

It seemed like the previous incident had not gone down well with the God Enforcement Division. It was hard to imagine that they had to resort to such barbaric methods.

“The God Enforcement Division does not have enough manpower. The higher-ups want us to send some men over to maintain law and order. Which one of you wants to volunteer to go there?” The lieutenant asked.

All the dungeon guards lowered their heads.

Although the Celestial Dungeon was dangerous, at least they did not have to come face-to-face with death.

If they were to go over to help, the remaining members of the Sky Devil Sect might clash with the enforcers and hurt the innocent in the process. They would probably be wiped out in a single sweep.

Seeing that no one volunteered, the lieutenant began selecting names.

As the name selection was about to end, he read out two more names, “Little Zhou, Xiao Ran.”

“Ah! My Lord, I am not married yet.” Little Zhou put on a pitiful countenance.

“Didnt you go on a blind date yesterday?”


“Speak!” The lieutenants expression darkened.

“They were not human.” Little Zhou muttered grudgingly with his head lowered.

Everyone looked at him doubtfully.

Now that the cat was out of the bag, there was no way to hide it anymore. Little Zhou spilled out all the details. “They were all ghosts. There were three of them in total. Luckily, they were killed by the Divine Sword Guards who were passing by.”


The oppressive atmosphere was instantly dispersed by the waves of raucous laughter.

Some people were on the verge of tears.

“Stop laughing! Be serious.” The lieutenant chided.

He patted Little Zhous shoulder playfully. “Was she beautiful?”

“My Lord, now youre bullying me.”


The lieutenant could not hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.

After a while the laughter subsided.

“This is not a matter of whether you are married or not. Besides you, there are dozens of other comrades who are going there. Some of them are single like you. At least you are luckier than them. You have been on a blind date.”

The barely subsided laughter erupted again.

After assigning the tasks, the lieutenant gave the chosen men 10 minutes to get ready before falling in again at the hall.

Xiao Ran entered the Purgatory,

and stopped in front of the Deluge Dragons cell.

Looking at Xiao Ran standing outside the cell door, terror welled up in the Deluge Dragons heart again. He struggled violently, causing the chains to rattle noisily.

“There are so many demons imprisoned in the Purgatory, and many of them have higher evolution levels than me. Why are you only picking on me?”

Xiao Ran opened the cell and entered.

“We get along well.”

The Deluge Dragon had nowhere to vent its bellyful of grievances and glowered at him resentfully.

He took out the three windigo demons corpses from his Seven Treasures Rainbow Jade Belt and tossed them in front of him. “You still feel aggrieved?”

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