I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 25 - Getting to Know the Cruelty Of Reality only after Breaking Through

“I wont be around during this period of time. Get someone to look for me if theres any problem,” Xiao Ran said.

“What will happen to me if you leave?”

“Bear with it.” Xiao Ran shrugged and left.

When he reached the ninth floor, he turned into the rest chamber.

He took out the dragon blood and drank it.

The effects of a Profound Realm dragon blood were twice as strong as before. With five bottles of dragon blood in his stomach, his physical body evolution increased tremendously.

“It tastes really bad! Perhaps it will taste better after his dragon tendon has grown out,” Xiao Ran said.

When he returned to the antechamber on the first floor,

everyone was already assembled.

The lieutenant did not chastise Xiao Ran for being late. The group simply waited quietly.

Powerful footsteps could be heard coming from outside.

The guys from the God Enforcement Division had already arrived. The one leading them was a Divine Constable. Behind him were three Saint Constables, followed by ten more Eminent Constables.

The God Enforcement Divisions official designations were very intriguing.

The commander was the Chief Divine Constable, followed by the Divine Constables, the Saint Constables, the Eminent Constables and lastly, the ordinary members.

Even the lowest level Divine Constable was a Grand Master Realm expert.

“Greetings, my Lord!” The lieutenant hurriedly saluted.

“Have you made the arrangements?” The Divine Constable asked.

“Everything has been arranged.”

“Where is he?”

The lieutenant waved his hand and two dungeon guards escorted the Sacred Progeny of the Sky Devil Sect out from the back of the building.

“Bring him and follow me,” the Divine Investigator ordered.

The whole group followed in his wake.

The Sacred Progeny of the Sky Devil Sect was personally escorted by the enforcers from the God Enforcement Division. Xiao Ran and his group simply tagged along behind them.

At the back of the crowd,

“Brother Xiao, my eyelids are twitching a lot. Is something bad about to happen?” Little Zhou was worried.

“It doesnt matter how big the problem is, someone will be there to solve it,” Xiao Ran said.

Once out of the Celestial Dungeon,

the prison carriage had been waiting for a long time. They hauled him up and tied him up securely. The team had grown bigger again.

Apart from Xiao Ran and the rest, there was also a team of 200 Imperial Guards present.

Xiao Ran recognized the lieutenant in the lead. He was the one who had spent money to buy the last slot to practice in the Sword Aura at the Ink Jade Pavilion from him.

With such a huge formation walking on the streets, it created a huge impact, and news spread very quickly.

Petite Six Inn

was an ordinary inn.

In the backyard,

in one of the rooms, a woman dressed in black and wearing a bamboo hat sat on the proprietors seat in an aloof manner. The powerful aura emanating from her caused the people in the room to breathe timidly.

The closer one got to her, the colder the surrounding temperature became.

She was the Heavenly Enchantress, the first deputy sect master of the Sky Devil Sect.

Besides her, the remaining few people were also the higher-ups of the Sky Devil Sect. They held high positions and wield tremendous authority. If they so much as stamped their feet, the whole Sky Devil Sect would feel the earth-shaking tremors.

“Is this news true?” The Heavenly Enchantress asked in an icy tone.

Elder Zhao nodded solemnly. “This news has already spread far and wide. Our men have reported that the Sacred Progeny is on his way to the marketplace under heavy security escort. The Imperial Court has set up an inescapable web over there. Once there, it will be extremely difficult to rescue the Sacred Progeny.”

“How far are we from the marketplace?”

“Based on their progress, they will arrive in fifteen minutes.”

The Heavenly Enchantress fell into deep thought, weighing the pros and cons.

After a while,

“The Sect Master has already emerged from seclusion and will arrive at the capital city the day after tomorrow. We must save the Sacred Progeny before the Sect Master arrives at the capital city,” said the Heavenly Enchantress.

Thinking of how terrifying the Sect Master was, everyone fell silent.

“If we are to attack now, we will likely end up falling into their trap,” Elder Zhao cautioned.

“Is there another way?” The Heavenly Enchantress asked.

Everyone was speechless.

“Pass down the order. In fifteen minutes time, when they relax their guard at the point of transfer in the marketplace, we will swing into action.” The Heavenly Enchantress ordered.

The convoy moved forward.

Little Zhou became more and more worried. “Brother Xiao, if I apply for leave now, will the lieutenant beat me to death?”

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