Chapter 26: Earth Realm

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“Rule number eighteen of the Celestial Dungeon Legislative Act. Anyone who deserts at the last minute will be executed without exception. For three generations, the family members are not allowed to take up official posts or conduct commercial business,” Xiao Ran reminded him.

“I was just joking.” Little Zhou shrank back.

At the marketplace,

the number of onlookers had increased by several times. The execution stage was already set up.

There was a square-shaped platform surrounded on all sides by enforcers from the God Enforcement Division.

The Divine Constable stopped and gave the Sacred Progeny of the Sky Devil Sect an icy glance. His piercing gaze swept over the crowd as if he was trying to uncover the remaining members of the evil sect in the crowd. He waved his hand and ordered, “Bring him up!”

Two dungeon guards were just about to step forward and bring him out of the prison carriage to the execution stage

when something unexpected occurred.

More than ten loud thunderous claps boomed out as they landed on the ground.


An explosion could be heard as black smoke billowed out. It was thick and dense, covering a radius of several thousand feet.

The Sky Devil Sect disciples who were hiding in the crowd dashed out towards Luo Xuan.

The Divine Constables lips curled up in disdain. “Just as you expected, my lord.”

Along with three Eminent Constables and ten Eminent Constables, they stood beside Luo Xuan and watched the scene unfold in stone cold silence.

The guards on the periphery were just ordinary members. Under the merciless charge of the Sky Devil Sect disciples, they could offer up no resistance at all.

There was also black smoke blocking their view, severely affecting their fighting ability.

In just a while,

the members from the Sky Devil Sect had slashed their way through and engaged the dungeon guards in a fierce battle.

“Brother Xiao, what should we do now?” Little Zhou was panic stricken as he gripped the Silver Light Sword tightly.

“Go with our gut feeling,” Xiao Ran said.

“Should we join in or not?”

“You think youve got what it takes?”

Looking at the Silver Light Sword in his hand, Little Zhou shook his head and said honestly, “No, I dont!”

“Go stay by the side and take good care of yourself,” Xiao Ran instructed.

“What about you?”

“Just take care of yourself.”

“Okay.” Little Zhou left hurriedly.

He found a safe place to lie down and play dead.

“This fellow…” Xiao Ran was dumbfounded.

The situation on the battlefield changed again.

The more powerful members of the Sky Devil Sect swung into action and dashed out from their hiding places and headed for Luo Xuan.

Just as they appeared, the Inescapable Web set up by the God Enforcement Division was activated.

Over a hundred people from the God Enforcement Division joined in the battle and held them back.

“To think that Ji Dongyang had to resort to such despicable methods. He had brought complete disgrace to the God Enforcement Division.” A cold snort burst out in the air.

It boomed out like a peal of thunder in everyones ears.

Those of lower evolution levels were sent airborne by the boom.

Demonic force rapidly surged forward as it descended from the sky.

The Heavenly Enchantress flew out from within, bringing with her a group of higher-ups from the Sky Devil Sect.

“Ill hold them back while you guys rescue the Sacred Progeny,” said the Heavenly Enchantress.

She disappeared in a flash, leaving behind an afterimage that wafted away.

She appeared in front of the Divine Constable and his subordinates. With a scornful look on her face, she yelled, “Get lost!”

With a downward press of her fair hand, the whole ground trembled violently. A gigantic palm imprint blasted towards them in overbearing force.

“Attack together and stop her!” The Divine Constables expression changed drastically.

As he stared at the rapidly approaching giant palm imprint, he could smell the fear of death from it. He did not hold back and frantically launched his counter-move. “Mystic Abyss Divine Sword!”

The resplendent sword light flashed out and multiplied over a hundred times rapidly before slashing towards the Heavenly Enchantress.

The three Saint Constables and ten Eminent Constables attacked at the same time and charged towards her.

The palm imprint of demonic light plunged down, and the impact sent all of them airborne.

The Heavenly Enchantress was just about to follow up with another move when an aura locked onto her.

A Deputy Chief Divine Constable walked to the front and reached her in a few strides.

“It doesnt matter what method we use. As long as it can kill all you monsters it is a good method,” said the Deputy Chief Divine Constable.

“Is that so?” The Heavenly Enchantress struck immediately.

A far greater amount of demonic force burst forth, rushing towards him in a ruthless charge.

The Deputy Chief Divine Constable was fearless and engaged her stroke for stroke.

As the two experts exchanged a flurry of attacks and counter-attacks, no one dared to go near them and kept clear of a thousand feet radius.

At this moment,

Elder Zhao and the others from the Sky Devil Sect had reached Luo Xuan by now. The Divine Constable who was injured by the Heavenly Enchantress and three other hidden Divine Constables emerged to stop them.

It was a free-for-all melee.

However, the Sky Devil Sect was determined to risk their lives for this rescue. If anything were to happen to Luo Xuan, they would have to face the music when the Sky Devil Sect Master arrived. All of them were giving everything they had.

On the other hand, the enforcers from the God Enforcement Division had many misgivings and did not have the same steely determination to give it everything theyd got.

On top of this, the earlier Divine Constable had been severely injured by the Heavenly Enchantress and he was the first to lose his life.

“You guys hold them off. Ill go rescue the Sacred Progeny,” said Elder Zhao.

He invoked his technique at its maximum power and charged towards Luo Xuan.

“They call this an Inescapable Web?” Xiao Ran pursed his lips in disapproval.

Seeing that the rescuer was less than three steps away from Luo Xuan, Xiao Ran took action.

The spiritual soul energy of True Realm Level 10 converged and materialized into an embroidery needle. It swiftly and accurately pierced through the Elder Zhaos forehead.

“Ah…” A ghastly scream was heard and Elder Zhaos dead body collapsed to the ground.

That got rid of him.

Looking at the remaining higher-ups of the Sky Devil Sect, his spiritual soul energy split into three streams and assassinated all of them from devious and crafty angles.

As they were still rooted in their original positions, when the attacks of the three Divine Constables landed on them, their dead bodies were instantly destroyed.

“W-whats going on?” a Divine Constable asked suspiciously.

“Dont look at me. I dont know either.”

“Why are you thinking so much? They died at our hands anyway. No one can take the credit away from us.”

The other two chimed in.

The three of them looked at one another and tacitly agreed with this proposition.

“What do we do now?”

“You guys go and help the Deputy Chief Divine Constable. Ill go and deal with the remaining members of the Sky Devil Sect.”

After discussing their strategy, they immediately parted ways.

The Divine Constable charged into the mass of bodies. With his Grand Master evolution, he eliminated these rookies effortlessly. It was as if he had entered a state of no return.

The remaining two Divine Constables rushed over to assist the Deputy Chief Divine Constable.

Both the Heavenly Enchantress and this Deputy Chief Divine Constable had evolved to the level of half-step to the Profound Realm. As they were of the same level, neither could gain the upper hand.

Now with the help of two Divine Constables, the Deputy Chief Divine Constable was given an additional boost and with their combined powers, they kept the Heavenly Enchantress at bay with a flurry of blows.

Seeing that the battle no longer held any suspense, Xiao Ran retracted his gaze.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared. It opened to a random page and revealed the information of the four fallen demons as well as the crimes they had committed.

The crimes the Elder Zhao committed were much more heinous than the other three combined. Many innocent women had died at his hands.

Even if he was dismembered ten times, it would do nothing to ameliorate his wrongdoing.

Golden light swirled out and three items appeared. 700,000 Mastery Points, 70 years of soul evolution, the Heavenly Slave Divine Finger (Heaven-rank Superior-grade).

He added the 700,000 Mastery Points to the Phoenix Essence Sword Technique.

After the Attributes were refreshed,

Phoenix Essence Sword Technique: Perfection

With the enhancement of his soul cultivation by seventy years, he had made a breakthrough in his evolution as a Spiritual Master and attained the Earth Realm, which was comparable to the Profound Realm of Martial Arts.

With the power unleashed by his spiritual soul energy, he could easily kill a Level 1 Profound Realm expert.

Heavenly Slave Divine Finger: None

Effect: Enslave all living beings, subject them to such intolerable torture that they dont know whether to live or die.

“Not bad, I have not expended effort in vain.” Xiao Ran said with a smile.

By this time, the black smoke had almost dissipated, and everyone could clearly see their surroundings. Little Zhou came over and asked, “Brother Xiao, what are you doing?”

“Arent you supposed to be playing dead?” Xiao Ran joked with him.

Little Zhou got a shock and made a shushing gesture. “My good brother, dont talk nonsense. Its my treat, you can have fun at Chunfang Court.”

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