Chapter 27: Painting Spirit

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“Well talk about this later. The remaining members of the Sky Devil Sect cant hold on any longer. Hurry up and go snare yourself a few heads.” Xiao Ran gave him a kick.

“Okay.” Little Zhou came to his senses and jumped into the melee.

He swung his Silver Light Sword enthusiastically and managed to grab three felons from the hands of the enforcers of the God Enforcement Division and chop off their heads before the battle ended.

Looking at the remaining battle comrades,

“Despicable! You God Enforcement Division scum only knows how to bully others with numbers?” The Heavenly Enchantress spat out.

“Against monsters like you, who cares about ethics?” The Deputy Chief Divine Constable mocked.

The three constables joined hands and left another three-inch deep cut on her chest.

“Nows a good opportunity.” The Deputy Chief Divine Constables eyes lit up.

He rushed up to her and shouted, “Yang Energy Infused Heavenly Dragon Palm!”


The Heavenly Enchantress was sent flying, spitting out a mouthful of blood along the way.

Following this move, she invoked her technique at its maximum force and turned into a plume of demonic smoke to flee far away. An exasperated voice sounded from afar, “I will return to make you guys pay a heavy price for todays insult.”

“If you can leave the capital city alive, we can discuss further.” The Deputy Chief Divine Constable sneered.

He quickly went in hot pursuit of her with the two Divine Constables.

Within moments, there was no trace of them anymore.

“Thats it?” Xiao Ran was indignant.

The so-called Inescapable Web was almost broken through.

It was no wonder the demons could infiltrate and hide among the onlookers, and even climbed to the top.

The remaining Divine Constable walked over and stopped in front of Luo Xuan.

“Father, I want to eat candy.” Luo Xuan clamored with a silly smile.

“I did not father such a vile creature like you.”

Sending out a palm strike at lightning speed, the violent palm force destroyed Luo Xuan along with the prison carriage.

“Clean up the execution ground,” ordered the Divine Constable.

“My Lord, what should we do?” A dungeon guard couldnt help asking.

“Your departments performance is not bad this time. When this matter is reported, the reward will be distributed tomorrow. Theres nothing else for you guys to do here, you can go back now!”

When they set off, there were a total of fifty men. When they returned, only eighteen men were left, and amongst them, eight were injured.

At the Celestial Dungeon,

the lieutenants face turned black as coal. In his rage, he kicked the tables and chairs over and bellowed, “Are those guys from the God Enforcement Division all morons? They knew that the Sky Devil Sect would try to rescue him, yet they only sent these few people! Who do they think they are?”

A few minutes later,

after the lieutenants angry outburst, he composed himself to face reality.

Losing so many men at once made things difficult for him!

He paced around on the spot a few times. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became. He could not take this lying down. “No! I must seek justice for our fallen comrades from Lady Ling.”

His gaze landed on Xiao Ran and the rest.

“Youve all worked hard this time. Youve all done well. You havent brought disgrace to our Celestial Dungeon. Other than the rewards for killing enemies, Ill apply to the higher-ups for each guard to be rewarded with 1,000 taels, and those with injuries will receive triple the amount.”

“Thank you, my lord!”

“I will give you guys three days off. Have a good rest during this period of time,” the lieutenant instructed.

Xiao Ran and the rest left.

It was already nightfall when they left the Celestial Dungeon.

“Brother Xiao, its very late now. Tomorrow afternoon, at the entrance of Chunfang Court, Ill get Old Zheng and the rest to join in the fun,” said Little Zhou.

“Be careful on the way back,” Xiao Ran said.

“Okay,” Little Zhou answered.

Back at his home in the Jingwen Square,

Xiao Ran stopped outside his house. There were blood stains on the ground that extended all the way until the doorway where they disappeared.

“I have guests?” Xiao Ran mused.

Immense spiritual soul energy swept out and scanned all the rooms.

A woman laid on the ground, covered in injuries. There was a shocking sword scar on her chest that almost took her life.

“Isnt that the Heavenly Enchantress?” Xiao Ran asked curiously.

He pushed open the door and entered.

“You, who are you?” The Heavenly Enchantress asked weakly.

She looked at the Eldest Princess in the painting with a fearful expression.

“Dont tell me you were injured by her?” Xiao Ran pointed at the painting.

“If it werent for the fact that I was injured by those scum from the God Enforcement Division, I could have easily destroyed this painting with a wave of my hand.”

“Huh? Did she turn into a painting spirit?” Xiao Ran exclaimed in surprise.

A stream of purifying spiritual force entered the painting.

Golden light burst forth, illuminating the painting. The Eldest Princess walked out from the painting, and her aura grew stronger, reaching Master Realm Level 2.

“Who would have thought that a painting done on a whim could give birth to spiritual awareness,” Xiao Ran said.

With a wave of his right hand,

the golden light disappeared and the painting returned to its original state.

Pulling over a chair and pouring out some tea for himself, he asked with interest, “Are there any more of your sects remaining members in the capital city?”

“You think Ill tell you?”

“Didnt think so! People like you will not behave unless you are taught a little lesson,” Xiao Ran said.

The Heavenly Slave Divine Finger hit the gaping wound on her chest.

This finger techniques mastery level was none. As he was using it for the first time, the execution was a bit clumsy.

However, it was sufficient to deal with the Heavenly Enchantress.

“Ah…” The Heavenly Enchantress screamed out in pain.

It was as if countless little people were stabbing her soul with needles. She rolled on the ground in excruciating pain.

“It can produce such a good effect?”

He launched two more consecutive finger strikes.

The Heavenly Enchantress could not take it anymore and begged for mercy.

“Almost all of our members in the capital city have died at the hands of the God Enforcement Division. In addition, we have failed to rescue the Sacred Progeny and have suffered heavy losses in the process. However, our sect master will arrive in the capital city in two days time.”

“Where will he be staying?” Xiao Ran asked.

“Petite Six Inn, the secret lookout for our Sky Devil Sect. Other than the higher-ups in the sect, no one knows about it.”

“Go slowly on your way to the underworld, wait for your Sect Master.” Xiao Ran said.

With that, he exterminated her.

The Golden Tome of Creation flipped open to a page and revealed her crimes.


Although she looked pretty, she was in reality a serial killer who had taken countless lives, in particular those of innocent young men.

The golden light swirled about, showing two items: 500,000 Mastery Points, 40 years of Martial Arts evolution.

He apportioned 100,000 Mastery Points to the Heavenly Slave Divine Finger and 400,000 Mastery Points to the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill.

After the Attributes were refreshed,

Heavenly Slave Divine Finger: Cursory Trial Level

The Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill was still at the same level as before. This was a whopper of a technique, and the Mastery Points required to level up was a lot.

The purifying spiritual force increased in power again. He was 135 years away from breaking through.

He disposed of her body, turned off the lights and went to sleep.

The next day,

Xiao Ran woke up leisurely and stretched lazily. He looked at the rising sun and thought that he could have a good rest during the three-day break.

He took out ten drops of spirit water and drank them, slowing down his aging and maintaining his appearance permanently.

At noon time,

he left the house and headed for Chunfang Court.

When he passed by the Drunken Immortals Court, he noticed it was still under reconstruction.

“Have you heard? Something big has happened at Dragon Lake Institute, and a certain precious treasure seems to have been stolen.”

“I can confirm this. The husband of my aunts sister-in-law works at the Dragon Lake Institute. He confirmed that the precious treasure has indeed been stolen.”

“I have relatives working in the Celestial Dungeon. They said that dozens of students have been sent to the Celestial Dungeon for interrogation by torture.”

The hawkers nearby were deep in discussion.

Xiao Ran listened for a while. He left after realizing they were basically repeating the same thing and flattering each other.

At the Chunfang Court,

only Little Zhou was there.

“Brother Xiao, youre here.”

“Wheres Old Zheng and the rest?” Xiao Ran asked.

“Actually they had half a day off in the afternoon. When I went to the dormitory to call them, I was told that they had been summoned by the Lord due to an urgent matter in the Celestial Dungeon.” Little Zhou said.

He looked around furtively and spoke in a low voice.

“I heard that something was stolen at the Dragon Lake Institute. The principal was very angry. All the students who were in the institute last night were thrown into the Celestial Dungeon.”

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