Chapter 28: Sky Demon Skeleton

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“I heard about it on the way here.” Xiao Ran nodded.

Little Zhou was taken aback. “Didnt the higher-ups said to keep it a secret? Why are they spreading it so widely?”

On thinking further, he eventually understood.

The news of the Dragon Lake Institutes precious treasure being stolen and dozens of students being imprisoned was such a big matter that it couldnt be hushed up.

“This has nothing to do with us. Lets go for a drink,” said Little Zhou.

They entered the Chunfang Court.

Little Zhou asked for a private room and requested for a few ladies to accompany them but Xiao Ran rejected the proposition.

“Brother Xiao, we have agreed that Ill give you a treat to enjoy yourself. Youre making things difficult for me.”

“Are you unhappy that I am saving money for you?”

“Im happy that other people are saving money for me, but Brother Xiao, youve invited me to enjoy myself so many times. Just buying drinks alone doesnt cost much. I feel bad.”

“Its the thought that counts.” Xiao Ran took a sip of wine.

He looked at Little Zhou curiously.

“How did your father handle that matter about your blind date?”

At the mention of this matter, Little Zhou was so angry that he slammed his fist on the table. “He was almost scared to death. He immediately brought his men to settle the score with the person who arranged everything. The other party didnt know either, but they still had to pay a small price before my father would let this matter rest.”

“Ah,” Xiao Ran answered.

His countenance turned bitter again. “My father said that he will find a more reliable matchmaker this time and arrange another blind date for me in a few days.”

“Is he really your biological father?”

“More than a biological father.”

“Didnt you ask why?” Xiao Ran asked.

“I did. He said that its too dangerous to work in the Celestial Dungeon. People die at the drop of a hat. While Im still healthy, he wants me to quickly produce an heir for the Zhou family.”

Xiao Ran gave him a thumbs up.

Little Zhou couldnt take it anymore. This matter was too pathetic. He requested for four ladies.

“Brother Xiao, are you really not joining in?”

“You go ahead.”

“I wont stand on ceremony then.” Little Zhou said.

He hugged two of the girls and left.

Immediately after he left the room, he returned again.

“Isnt two enough?” Xiao Ran asked.

Shaking his head, Little Zhou pointed outside and said, “My Lord has sent someone over.”

Old Zheng came in from outside. He waved his hand and shooed the ladies out. Then, he grabbed a glass of wine and emptied it in one gulp “Wonderful!”

“State your business,” Xiao Ran said.

“Many comrades from the Celestial Dungeon perished in yesterdays mission. The higher-ups are doing the coordination, but the newcomers have not been dispatched here. At this time, dozens of students are imprisoned, we are overstretched.”

“Werent we given three days off?” Little Zhou interjected.

“The Lord himself is already getting involved with the chores personally. What else do you want?” Elder Zheng glared at him.

“F*ck! Why cant you come earlier? Ive already paid for the ladies.” Little Zhou cursed out with a look of displeasure.

Back at the Celestial Dungeon,

the lieutenant was standing beside an elderly man. Besides them, there was another student. It seemed that he was his student.

“My Lord, are you looking for us?” Little Zhou asked.

“Yes.” The lieutenant nodded.

“This is the renowned Great Scholar of the Dragon Lake Institute, Wen Fuxian. This is his student, Chen Wenheng, and they are in charge of interrogating the suspects regarding the matter of the stolen precious treasure.”

After introducing their identities, the lieutenant began assigning tasks.

“The two of you are in charge of interrogating the people locked up on the ninth floor. They are more suspicious. You can use torture as long as you dont kill them.”

“What if they take revenge later?” Little Zhou was worried.

The lieutenant smiled icily. “Dont worry, just do it.”

As the two of them were about to leave, he stopped Xiao Ran.

He handed over the document and the Ethereal Pouch.

“Xiao Ran, you shall execute the Horse Demon imprisoned in the Purgatory first.”

“All right.” Xiao Ran accepted the items.

Upon reaching the ninth floor, the two parted ways and Xiao Ran proceeded to the Purgatory.

When she saw that he had returned, the Eldest Princess put down the brush in her hand and asked curiously, “Werent you transferred out temporarily?”

“The matter is settled, so I came back.”

“I want to eat the white lotus cake from the palace.”

“Ill inform the Lieutenant later,” Xiao Ran said.

As she looked at his departing figure, the Eldest Princess didnt say anything eventually. She had wanted to ask why he was able to restrain the sequelae that resulted from her practicing the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill.

He stopped outside cell number 102,

opened the door and walked in.

He laid out the torture devices and wiped them clean. The document required him to remove all of the demons materials.

“Can you listen to me tell a story before taking action?” The Horse Demons expression was serene.


“Once upon a time, there was a pair of father and daughter. The father treated his daughter as the apple of his eye. If she wanted the moon in the sky, he would think of ways to pluck it for her. But one day, his daughter went out, and when she returned, she brought back an injured man.

Her father wanted to kill him, but was stopped by his daughter. As time passed, the mans injuries gradually recovered. The two of them developed feelings for each other over time and eloped while his father was away.

When the father returned, he saw a letter left by his daughter.

Desperately controlling himself from going mad, his father searched the whole world for his daughter. When he finally found her, she was lying in her grave.

The father burst into tears. After investigating the cause of his daughters death, he found out that the two of them had gotten married after she eloped with him.

Later on, the man received news that the county governors wife was seriously ill. Unless she was given a demons heart of the Connate Realm level, the illness was incurable. The governor offered a handsome reward. Whoever obtained a demons heart of the Connate Realm level and above would be rewarded with the position of a high official.

In order to gain the position of the official, the man used flattery to make his daughter dig out her heart. He then took the opportunity to cut off her head.

By the time the grieving father found him, he was already a county magistrate. He was also the provincial governors son-in-law.

In his rage, he killed their entire family,” said the Horse Demon.

Xiao Ran remained silent. They were on different sides and they had different priorities to take into consideration.

Nonetheless, he eventually said, “In the laws of Heaven, there exists reincarnation and retribution. Bad guys will eventually get their just desserts.”

“Thank you for listening to me tell this story,” said the Horse Demon.

He invoked his powers to ignite his bloodline, interweaving it to form a secret hollow compartment.

“This is the innate divine ability of my Pegasus Tribe. Since you took the time to listen to my story, I will give you a big present.”

A complete skeleton flew out from this secret compartment.

As soon as the skeleton appeared, a terrifying aura emanated from it. Just the aura alone was enough to compress the space into emitting a mournful wail. A thick and dense demonic energy blanketed the sky. In just a few breaths time, the prison cell had been transformed into a demon forbidden ground.

“This is a Sky Demon Skeleton,” said the Horse Demon.

As his bloodline burned away, his last breath also dissipated.

“Have a good journey,” Xiao Ran said.

His palm shone with golden light as he grabbed the skeleton.

Under the force of the golden light, the skeleton shrank rapidly, becoming a miniature version about the size of an infant. However, the concentrated demonic energy became even more terrifying.

“Dont tell me that the Sky Demon Skeleton is of the level of Profound Realm or higher?” Xiao Ran guessed.

He put it into the Seven Treasures Rainbow Jade Belt.

He stood looking at the horse demons corpse for a while. The demon was already dead, but the Golden Tome of Creation didnt appear and no crimes were revealed. He then carried his intact corpse to Earth fire.

“You are the first demon that made me make an exception,” Xiao Ran said.

He threw his complete body into the Earth fire.

The fiery flames engulfed his corpse.

Back at the antechamber on the first floor,

he passed the Ethereal Pouch and the document over to the lieutenant. As he looked over the document Xiao Ran said, “I failed.”

“Just this once, no more exceptions.” The lieutenant had always thought highly of him and gave him greater latitude.

“The Eldest Princess wants to eat the white lotus cake from the palace.”

“I will send the request over. After they have prepared it, Ill get someone to pass it to you.”

Xiao Ran left and returned to the ninth floor. Little Zhou hurriedly waved at him. “Brother Xiao, come quickly.”

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