After obtaining the two paintings, we took one painting each. After he left, I was afraid of more trouble that would follow, so I utilized the intent in the painting to achieve enlightenment of the Immense Righteous Energy,” the student recounted.

“Paintings?” Xiao Ran felt that this was very familiar.

“A monk, a great sword, and a sun. The shopkeeper of the Qingyuan Bookstore failed to recognize the intrinsic value of these paintings and sold such a precious treasure at a cheap price of ten thousand taels.”

Xiao Rans face darkened. He finally understood.

The three paintings that he had sold to the Qingyuan bookstore netted him a thousand taels each, and this profiteer had sold it for ten thousand taels each.

“Ill look for him after work.” Xiao Ran thought.

He continued with the questioning.

“Where is Priest Wu?”

“After leaving the capital city, head west for 50 miles. There is a small mountain there. Priest Wu lives in a house by the river near there.”

He retracted the Spirit Shifting Soul Control and left the cell.

The student was totally bewildered, completely unaware of what had just happened.

Staring at the departing Xiao Ran, he frowned in puzzlement and asked, “Why is he leaving?”

Back in the hall,

Little Zhou poured a cup of tea and handed it over. “Brother Xiao, you didnt use torture?”

“I did.” Xiao Ran accepted the teacup and drank everything in one gulp.

“Lets go.”

“Where are we going?”

Xiao Ran did not answer. Little Zhou eyes lit up and he asked excitedly, “You have arrived at a conclusion?”

“Yes,” Xiao Ran nodded.

At the antechamber on the first floor,

“You guys came at the right time. I was about to get someone to call you over,” said the lieutenant.

“Whats the matter?” Xiao Ran was puzzled.

“Although the guys from the God Enforcement Division are unreliable and excel at scamming their comrades, they are still quite generous. They are not stingy when giving out rewards. In fact, they gave more than expected.” The lieutenant handed two bank notes to him and Little Zhou.

Each one had the value of 10,000 taels of silver.

“The work of the Celestial Dungeon may be dangerous, but it pays well. You deserve it,” said the lieutenant.

Xiao Ran accepted the banknote.

The lieutenant took out two more bank notes and handed them over.

The amount this time was 1,000 taels.

“This is the reward for you guys when I applied to the higher-ups on your behalf.”

“Thank you, my Lord.” The two of them thanked him.

The lieutenant asked, “Arent you guys interrogating the suspect? Is there a conclusion already?”

“Yes,” Xiao Ran answered.

He omitted the process of how the confession was obtained and went straight to the conclusion.

“I have not misjudged you. You have made another big contribution.” The lieutenant said excitedly.

“Ill bear your contributions in mind. When this matter is over, the reward will naturally come.”

He quickly walked over to Wen Fuxian.

“I have news for you, Sir,” said the lieutenant.

He told him everything that Xiao Ran had just told him.


Wen Fuxian stood up agitatedly and walked briskly towards Xiao Ran. “Is what you said true?”

“Yes,” Xiao Ran agreed.

“If what you said is true, then in the matter of the Dragon Lake Institutes precious treasure being stolen, you have made the biggest contribution,” said Wen Fuxian.

Bringing Chen Wenheng along, he impatiently rushed towards the ninth floor.

Xiao Ran felt that this matter was especially funny. The three paintings that he nonchalantly drew had turned into precious treasures in the eyes of others.

“Theres white lotus cake inside. Send it to the Eldest Princess first.” The lieutenant handed over a food container.

Xiao Ran took the food container,

and entered the Purgatory. He opened the cell door and entered, placing the food container on the table.

There were two cakes inside, and each cake was cut into six pieces. The cakes were as noble and pure as a lotus flower, filled with dense spiritual energy.

“This is the white lotus cake you wanted.” Xiao Ran sat on a chair, took one piece and began eating.

The taste was not bad. The energy in one piece of white lotus cake was equivalent to three days of hard work in skills evolution.

“Youre quite impolite.” The Eldest Princess glared at him indignantly.

She sat opposite him, took a piece of white lotus cake and began nibbling elegantly.

After finishing the white lotus cake,

Xiao Ran reminded her, “If you can break through to the Earth Realm as a Spiritual Master, the pain might be lessened when the demonic aura erupts.”

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