I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 3 - There is a Malevolent Force in You

Chapter 2: Nine Heavens Evil Spirits Purification Skill

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Nine Heavens Evil Spirits Purification Skill, 500,000 Mastery Points, Phoenix Essence Sword Technique.

From the 500,000 Mastery Points he apportioned 400,000 points to the Nine Heavens Evil Spirits Purification Skill.

After the Attributes were refreshed,

Nine Heavens Evil Spirits Purification Skill (Godfiend Technique): Beginners Level

Effect: Refine all energy in the world and develop the purifying spiritual force to saturate a supreme physical body with unparalleled battle prowess.

Note: You cannot develop this technique unless you are a Godfiend. Otherwise, you will degenerate into a heinous monster demon that feeds on all life in the world.

Whatever constraints that other people faced in developing their skills did not apply to Xiao Ran. He had golden fingers. After the data was digitized, there were no sequelae.

He added the remaining 100,000 Mastery Points to the Phoenix Essence Sword Technique.

Phoenix Essence Sword Technique (Heaven-rank Superior-Grade): Beginners Level

He shut down the Attributes panel.

Xiao Ran glanced at the Eldest Princess. In the Purgatory, there was the Purgatory Netherflames as well as a foul sinister atmosphere.

The Netherflames of Purgatory were capable of burning ones soul, turning a living and breathing being into an idiot.

The foul sinister atmosphere could corrode ones vitality, causing the life force to dissipate and the body to decay, until death.

Specks of golden light protected her, keeping the Purgatory Netherflames and foul sinister atmosphere at bay.

As he left the Purgatory,

the lieutenant rushed over with a group of people.

“Wheres the Eldest Princess?”

“Her highness felt that she had committed a grave sin and took the initiative to follow me into the Purgatory to repent,” Xiao Ran said.

“Ah,” the lieutenant did not think much of it.

In his opinion, Xiao Ran was just an ordinary dungeon guard. Even they werent a match for the Eldest Princess, let alone him.

Xiao Ran simply smiled. When he was teaching the Eldest Princess a lesson just now,

he used his spiritual soul energy to distort the space around them. With the level of evolution the lieutenant and the rest of the guards had, they were completely oblivious to what transpired between the Eldest Princess and him.

Unless their skills had evolved to a more advanced level than his.

The lieutenant quickly left with his men.

He did not want to stay here for a moment longer.

The Celestial Dungeon had a total of nine floors. Below the ninth floor was another level, the notorious Purgatory.

It was formed naturally and enveloped in the Purgatory Netherflames and foul sinister atmosphere indefinitely. Over the years, as it leaked out, the foul sinister atmosphere permeated the entire dungeon.

The closer one got to the Purgatory, the denser the foul sinister atmosphere became.


The positions in the Celestial Dungeon were rotated every three years, including the lieutenant and the other dungeon guards.

For Xiao Ran, this year was his third year and in three months time, his three-year term would be completed. At that time, he would be transferred out and could change to another position with better perks.

“To other people, this is a dangerous place, but to me, its an endless treasury. When the time comes, Ill have to modify the document,” Xiao Ran said.

“Brother Xiao, Ive been looking for you all over the place.” Little Zhou ran towards him.

He took out a tael of silver and shoved it into Xiao Rans hands.

“Brother Xiao, eighth floor, cell number 102, send the demons on their way to the underworld.”

“Its just a small favor. Theres no need for money,” Xiao Ran declined.

“Of course you must accept this! Brother Xiao, its only right since you are risking your life,” Little Zhou said.

Xiao Ran was just being polite. He put the money away and took the document from him.

“Thank you, Brother Xiao!” Little Zhou thanked him and left.

“I made the right decision back then,” Xiao Ran said.

It was the second year he had been stationed in the Celestial Dungeon. He had thought of this work-around because the number of demons he imprisoned and executed every day was too few. It had slowed him down when farming for rewards.

As long as they gave him money, Xiao Ran would help them.

Firstly, he could add to the Golden Tome of Creation. Secondly, he could earn extra money.

For the past two years, all the dungeon guards in the Celestial Dungeon knew of this character called Xiao Ran.

When he arrived at cell number 102 on the eighth floor, there was a bull demon imprisoned there. Black demonic energy surged around him and a terrifying evil aura emanated from his body. His eyes were bigger than an egg.

His four limbs were chained to the wall, his body fully spread out like a starfish.

He could not move at all.

When he saw Xiao Ran enter his cell, panic flashed briefly in the bull demons eyes. However, he recovered quickly and tried to entice him with this offer. “I am the great general of the Green Ox Mountain. As long as you let me go, I will impart to you a Heaven-rank superior technique.”

Xiao Ran laid out the torture devices, one long sword and one dagger.

The long sword and dagger were augmented by the exorcism runes drawn by a Spiritual Master. It could break through the demons defense and destroy them.

The long sword was used to take the lives of demons, while the dagger was used to take the materials from their bodies.

In the document, it was recorded that after executing the bull demon, the executioner was to retrieve his tendons, penis, eyeballs, horns, flesh, blood, fur…

Demons were full of treasures. These things could be used to hone weapons and concoct pills.

“Have a good journey,” Xiao Ran said.

With the long sword in his hand, he decapitated the bull demon.

However, something unexpected happened.

A drop of demon blood flew out from the severed head, turning into a streak of blood light that rushed towards Xiao Rans forehead.

Just as it was about to enter Xiao Rans body and possess him,

he extended a hand, radiating with golden light, and calmly grabbed the drop of demon blood firmly in his palm.

No matter how it struggled, it could not break free from the golden light surrounding it.

“W-who on earth are you?” the bull demons remnant soul asked in fear.

“Xiao Ran.”

With that, he clenched his fist and crushed the drop of demon blood.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared and flipped open a page, revealing the information of the bull demon and his crimes.

A month ago, in the town of the Li Clan, he had swallowed tens of thousands of residents to develop his demonic powers and was captured by the Divine Sword Guards.

The golden pages riffled through to reveal two items: 10,000 Mastery Points and Blood Essence Pill.

The Bull Demons evolution level was relatively weak. The things that he obtained were also not as good as those from the Eldest Princess.

Holding the dagger, he started dissecting the bull demon.

His dissection skill was close to perfection and his movements flowed naturally. He took off the materials on the bull demons body perfectly and stored them in his Ethereal Pouch.

Back on the eighth floor,

Little Zhou hurried over, smiling broadly. “Brother Xiao, are you done?”

“Yep.” Xiao Ran tossed the Ethereal Pouch over.

Little Zhou checked its contents and was even more satisfied.

“Thank you, Brother Xiao. Ill buy you a drink after work tonight.”

“One drink isnt enough,” Xiao Ran said.

If not for him, with Little Zhous Postnatal Realm Level 5 abilities, he would have been possessed by the bull demon.

Little Zhou was stunned momentarily. He thought that the bull demon must have given him too much trouble, so he smiled and proposed, “How about the Drunken Immortals Court?”

“All right,” Xiao Ran agreed.

Back on the ninth floor,

entered the rest chamber and closed the door.

He added the 10,000 Mastery Points to the Transformation Technique. Although it was only an Earth-rank Superior-grade skill, it could change ones appearance. Even someone with a secret skill like Spiritual Eyesight could not see through it.

Transformation Technique: Beginners Level

He took out the Blood Essence Pill and swallowed it.

As soon as he swallowed it, he activated the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill to boost his evolution, thereby increasing his spirit energy by a year.

Not only that,

the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill operated on its own 24 hours a day, devouring the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the air, as well as the foul sinister atmosphere in the Celestial Dungeon. It could even devour the Purgatory Netherflames, refining it into a purifying spiritual force.

He tried toughening his body again, but as his realm was too low, the effects were not significant.

“Im still far from breaking through to the Profound realm.” Xiao Ran sighed.

At nightfall,

after Xiao Ran finished his handover to the next shift, he changed into a set of blue embroidered clothes and met up with Little Zhou at the entrance of the dormitory.

Other than Little Zhou, there were two other people, both colleagues.

“Brother Xiao, I thought you werent coming,” Little Zhou teased.

“Since a filthy rich guy is treating, how could I let a golden opportunity to freeload pass me by?” Xiao Ran asked.

The other two guys guffawed loudly, provoking a look of reproach from Little Zhou. Laughing and chatting gaily, they made their way to the Drunken Immortals Court.

They were just in time for a good show. The Top Courtesan made her appearance, and the Drunken Immortals Court had set up an auction. The winning bidder would be able to take the beauty away with him for the night.

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