ction and entered an alley.

At the end of the alley,

a figure walked out, dressed like a Daoist priest. The Daoist robe on his body was embroidered with a Yin-Yang Taiji pattern. He stood in front of Xiao Ran, blocking his way.

“Those three paintings came from your hands?”

“Yes! Who are you?” Xiao Ran asked.

“My name is Wu Hao,” said Wu Hao.

“So youre the Priest Wu that the student from the Dragon Lake Institute was referring to?”

Wu Hao was stunned for a moment before quickly recovering himself. “Has he confessed?”

“After I used a little trick, he spilled everything.”

“That kid is just a waste of my time. Fortunately, Ive been keeping watch at the Qingyuan Bookstore, lying in wait there. Even though the people from the big academies have left, I am still standing guard here. If I had stayed at home, Im afraid I would have become their captive.” Wu Hao spoke anxiously.

He stared at Xiao Ran.

“Wait! How did you find out such secret information?”

Xiao Ran shrugged. “I work in the Celestial Dungeon.”

“After talking so much, it turns out that you are a mere dungeon guard.” Wu Haos spirits lifted.

He walked straight toward Xiao Ran. As each footstep landed on the ground, the aura of a Grand Master pushed closer.

“Tell me the origins of these three paintings honestly and Ill give you a quick death.”

“Youre too greedy. You have a painting of the sun and youre still not satisfied.”

“Who would mind having more good stuff?” Wu Hao asked.

Green light flashed as he flew up.

Five fingers extended claws outwards, emitting a loud shrieking sound, and charging straight for Xiao Rans neck.

“You would need to have the ability too, you know,” Xiao Ran said.

The Heavenly Slave Divine Finger was activated, and golden light converged on the tip of his finger. With a point of his finger, it broke through the force field imposed by the opponents aura and then shattered his claws, landing squarely on his chest in the form of an aperture.


The courtyard was thoroughly destroyed and the ruins buried him. Screams of pain and agony could be heard from below.

“Show yourself.” Xiao Ran stomped his right foot.

Golden light rippled outwards like a powerful wave, blowing the ruins away and revealing the fallen priest.

Enduring the unbearable torture that was worse than death, Wu Hao struggled to get up from the ground with great difficulty before fleeing into the darkness.

“You cant escape.” Xiao Ran gestured again.

The priest fell to the ground once more.

Getting hit by the Heavenly Slave Divine Finger, even if it was just a finger, was not something he could tolerate.

“Ah…” A heart-rending scream came from his mouth.

Horror filled his eyes as he watched Xiao Ran walk over. “Sir, you cant kill me. Im from the Temple of Preeminent Clarity.”

“Ive never heard of it,” Xiao Ran replied.

With a wave of his hand, a gigantic palm imprint plummeted from the sky, pounding him to death under his shocked gaze.

Xiao Ran made a grab in the air and retrieved a painting from the ground.

He unrolled it. It was his own painting of the sun.

“After making one big round, it still returned to my hands.”

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared and flipped open to a page, revealing his individual information and the crimes he had committed.

He was a Daoist priest in name, but in reality all he did was to kill and rob people.

As long as it was a treasure that caught his eye, he would try to acquire it at all costs.

As the golden light swirled around, two items appeared: 150,000 Mastery Points, and the Sanctifying Righteous Treasure Tome (Heaven-rank Superior-grade).

Sanctifying Righteous Treasure Tome: Refine the Immense Righteous Energy, invulnerable to all evil, repelling all techniques.

He added the 150,000 Mastery Points to the Sanctifying Righteous Treasure Tome.

After the Attributes were refreshed,

Sanctifying Righteous Treasure Tome: Cursory Trial Level

At the same time, Xiao Ran also attained enlightenment of the Immense Righteous Energy.

He released his Immense Righteous Energy, which clarified his heart, and relaxed his mind to a degree that he had never felt before.

“This effect is not bad.”

He strode away and headed home.

Meanwhile, on the west side of the capital city, at a small mountain 50 miles away.

Wen Fuxian and a Lord Amethyst Sword with his group of subordinates were lying in ambush near the fenced courtyard.

It was already late at night and that Wu fellow had yet to return.

The Lord Amethyst Sword began to feel doubtful. “Could he have left the capital city already?”

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