I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 4 - This Request... Puts Me in a Very Difficult Position!

Chapter 3: There is a Malevolent Force in You

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“Little Zhou, isnt your family very rich? The Top Courtesan is so pretty, arent you tempted?”

“Thats right, Little Zhou. Its definitely worthwhile to die for such a ravishing beauty.”

Little Zhou shook his head at their banter.

“The customers who came today are either nobles or the offspring of officials. Although my family does have some money, compared to them, its nothing to shout about.”

Seeing that Xiao Ran was only focused on drinking and eating, Little Zhou asked, “Brother Xiao, why are you not looking at the Top Courtesan?”

“Can you eat her?” Xiao Ran asked.

Little Zhou was at a loss for words. When he thought about it, it made sense. Who were they? They were just Celestial Dungeon guards. How could they compare to those people down there?

“Come, lets drink,” Little Zhou called out.

The bidding soon came to an end.

The son of the Great General, Yang Baoyu, was the top bidder with an astronomical price of 200,000 taels and he left with the beauty in his arms.

“The General is upright and selfless. He had three sons. Only this youngest son is ignorant, incompetent, and a bully to boot.”

“Who says so? The Top Courtesan is in his hands. It would be a miracle if he survived tonight.”

Little Zhou made a shushing gesture and pointed outside. “Be careful, the walls have ears.”

The two looked at each other. “We didnt say anything.”

After having their fill of food and drinks,

Little Zhou paid the bill and the four men left.

They returned to their dormitory and parted ways with one another.

The next day,

Xiao Ran had just arrived at the Celestial Dungeon when the lieutenant escorted a criminal over.

“Xiao Ran, lock her up in the Purgatory,” the lieutenant ordered.

The person in front of him was none other than the Top Courtesan from last night.

“My Lord, what crime did she commit?” Xiao Ran asked out of curiosity.

“She killed Yang Baoyu.”

Yang Baoyu was the youngest son of the Great General. He was the rich young scion who had splurged 200,000 taels last night.

“Ah,” Xiao Ran said as he recalled the details.

He restrained her and brought her into the Purgatory.

He then locked her inside cell number 68.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared in his mind, displaying her information and the crime she had committed.

At dawn today, she had hacked Yang Baoyu into a million pieces, making him bleed until the last drop of blood before letting him die.

This was indeed a ruthless person!

The golden pages flashed and two items appeared—Spiritual Clarity Eye, 50,000 Mastery Points.

“No wonder she was able to kill off Yang Baoyu and his bunch of bodyguards.”

He left the Purgatory and entered the rest chamber.

He added the 50,000 Mastery Points to the tome.

After the Attributes was refreshed,

Spiritual Clarity Eye (Special Eyesight Ability): Beginners Level

Activating his Spiritual Clarity Eye, he looked towards the Celestial Dungeon.

The foul sinister atmosphere appeared as black ink in his view, as thick as a mountain. It permeated every corner of the Celestial Dungeon. In particular, it appeared especially dense where the demons were incarcerated.

He retracted his Spiritual Clarity Eye.

“Its a pretty useful eyesight technique,”Xiao Ran said.

After leaving the rest chamber, a dungeon guard walked over hastily and handed a document to Xiao Ran.

“My lord has orders to hack the courtesan to pieces,” said the dungeon guard.

“The higher-ups reacted so quickly?” Xiao Ran frowned.

“The one who died was the generals son, so their reaction was naturally faster.”

“I understand,” Xiao Ran said.

He turned around and entered the Purgatory.

Arriving the at cell number 68,

he activated his Spiritual Clarity Eye to look towards her.

She was a Spiritual Master and not a warrior. If he did not take the initiative to attack, he would not be able to check her actual evolution level.

Under the effects of the eyesight technique, her evolution level was revealed. She was Spirit Realm Level 1, which was equivalent to a Master Realm Level 1 Warrior.

Under the two-fold torture of the Purgatory Netherflames and foul sinister atmosphere, she sat there without any expression, as if the one being tortured was not her but someone else.

He opened the cell door and entered.

“You are sending me on my way so soon?” The Courtesan asked.

“The crime you have committed is too grievous,” Xiao Ran said.

“Before you carry out your duty, will you listen to my story?”

“Sure,” Xiao Ran agreed.

He took out the torture devices and wiped them silently.

The Courtesan faced the scenario before her serenely and told her story.

She had a younger sister. Once, Yang Baoyu bumped into her by accident. This perverted devil was immediately so captivated by her that he could barely walk.

After finding out her address, he abducted her sister on a dark and windy night.

If that was all, then the matter would end right here.

However, this beast had used despicable means to force her sister to death. He was still not satisfied and in his fury, desecrated her corpse. He mutilated her body for three whole days before getting someone to toss her corpse at the entrance of the village where it was torn to shreds by more than ten wolves.

At this point, the Courtesan laughed coldly. “Do you think such a beast should die?”

“He should die,” Xiao Ran said in agreement.

“So I didnt do anything wrong to avenge my younger sister, right?”

“What you did wrong was to be born into the wrong family, where you are not as high-born as he was,” Xiao Ran said.

The Courtesan was at a loss for words and laughed sarcastically. “How do you plan to do it?”

“The higher-ups want me to hack you to pieces, as a tit-for-tat punishment.”

“Before you carry out your duty, can you satisfy a small request of mine?” the Courtesan said in a seductive manner.

“Why dont you tell me about it?”

“Im still a virgin. Ive been training with my sect all this while. I only left the mountain after hearing about my sisters tragic news. Before I die, I want to be a real woman.” The Courtesan explained with a blush.

“This request is too difficult. I cant do it.” Xiao Ran replied in embarrassment.

“Are you not a man?”

“Theres a malevolent force in you. I do not dare try it.” Xiao Ran pointed at her.

Holding the long sword, he met her stunned gaze and continued, “Since you have a valid reason, Ill make it quick for you.”

“Wait!” The Courtesans expression changed.

She did not expect Xiao Ran to see through her scheme.

Xiao Ran was right. She did indeed have a malevolent force in her. The moment Xiao Ran entered, she could unleash her spiritual soul energy. Coupled with the power of pure Yin force to trigger a secret technique, she could break through the seal on her body and instantly subdue Xiao Ran before escaping from the Celestial Dungeon.

Unfortunately, Xiao Ran did not fall for her trick.

“Do you have any last words?” Xiao Ran asked.

“My sect is the Heavenly Yin Sect of the Heavenly Yin Mountain. You will only be a dungeon guard here even if you work hard for the rest of your life. Release me, and I will bring you back to my sect. I will let my master take you in as his disciple and teach you the secrets of Heavenly Yin Sect.”

“This is my home. Have a good trip,” Xiao Ran said.

The long sword pierced her heart and sent her off.

However, a spiritual soul marking turned into a ray of black light and quickly rushed into Xiao Rans body. It reassembled into a marking of plum blossom on his arm.

“You dont have good intentions. You still want people to take revenge on me after youre dead,” Xiao Ran said coldly.

He mobilized his massive spiritual soul energy and applied it forcefully over the plum blossom mark, erasing it completely.

He tossed her body into the Earth Fire. In the midst of the roaring flames, it rapidly turned into ashes.

Back on the ninth floor,

a dungeon guard carried a lunch box and placed it on the table.

“Brother Xiao, can you give this meal to the Eldest Princess for me?” The dungeon guard took out a tael of silver from his waist and handed it over.

“We are all brothers, surely theres no need to talk about money.” Nonetheless Xiao Ran quickly put away the silver.

“Thank you, Brother Xiao. Ill go back first. The foul sinister atmosphere here is too strong.” The dungeon guard took his leave.

Xiao Ran carried the lunch box to cell number 1.

He took out the key, opened the cell door, and walked in with the lunch box.

Not surprisingly, the Eldest Princess, as the elder sister of His Majesty, received completely different treatment even though she was similarly serving a jail term in the Purgatory.

There were all kinds of daily necessities provided, and they were all expensive stuff.

He opened the lunch box and laid out the food on the table.

“Time to eat,” Xiao Ran said.

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