Chapter 4: This Request… Puts Me in a Very Difficult Position!

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The Eldest Princess opened her eyes and glared at him coldly. When she thought about what happened yesterday, she could no longer repress her anger.

“Call me when youre done eating,” Xiao Ran said.

He turned to leave,

and just as he reached the cell door, a low explosive sound came from behind him. A fist landed on his back.

Fortunately, the Force of the Malevolent Dragon instinctively protected its master.


The golden dragon spiraled outwards, dancing around Xiao Rans body. As rays of golden light radiated outwards, the violent force instantly sent her flying.

The walls of the Purgatory cells were very sturdy. They were formed naturally as a result of iron core loss over tens of thousands of years. Not even Godfiends could easily break through them.

The Eldest Princess was sent crashing into the wall and dropped to the ground.

With a slap of her fair-skinned hands, she did a backflip and swiftly stood up.

Golden light burst out, and the Golden Phoenix materialized above her head again.

She stared at Xiao Ran coldly and gritted her teeth. “I dont believe this wont work.”

She charged towards him once again. With the Golden Phoenix firmly under her control, she punched out with her right fist. The Golden Phoenix similarly echoed her moves and extended its sharp claws, lunging towards Xiao Rans chest.

“Your shoulder bones have already been sealed, yet you still have enough strength left to fight. This divine beast protecting your body is quite extraordinary.” Xiao Ran said.

He leaped into the air.

As he sailed upwards, he lifted his right leg straight up until it was aligned in a straight line with his left leg, then whacked his right leg down forcefully.


The Eldest Princess was sent crashing once more. Even the Golden Phoenix was shattered by the impact, and it turned into a shower of golden light specks and re-entered her body.

“Again?” Xiao Ran gestured with his pinky in a provocative manner.

“Why is it like this?” The Eldest Princess was in disbelief.

“Why cant it be like this?”

“The Golden Phoenix protects its masters body. Even if the shoulder bones are sealed, I can still unleash a power that is comparable to a Master Realm Level 10. Dont tell me youre a Grand Master?”

“Is there anything else? If not, I have other duties to carry out,” Xiao Ran said.

The Eldest Princess fell silent and didnt dare to act rashly anymore.

At least, she did not dare to do anything until her shoulder bones became unsealed. Otherwise, she would be asking for trouble.

Xiao Ran left the cell and was about to lock the door.

The Eldest Princess expression changed abruptly, and her delicate body started trembling violently. She curled up and rolled around on the ground in painful anguish. Muffled cries of pain could be heard coming from her luscious lips intermittently. “Ah…”

“What happened?” Xiao Ran was puzzled.

He activated his Spiritual Clarity Eye and looked at her.

Black demonic energy seeped out of her body and rushed towards her head, attempting to control her.

The Golden Phoenix tried desperately to protect her masters last remaining shred of consciousness, doing its best to prevent this demonic aura from succeeding.

“Is this the after-effects of practicing the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill?” Xiao Ran asked.

“I cant… cant hold it back anymore!” The Eldest Princess roared with a savage expression.

A huge blast swept through the air, blowing off her bamboo hat and revealing her stunningly beautiful face.

However, at this moment,

her face was contorted with demonic energy, and even her eyes were emitting an evil energy.

“If you dont have the capability, you shouldnt be practicing any Godfiend techniques.” Xiao Ran admonished.

He entered the cell again.

Standing in front of her, golden light accumulated in his palm and then he slammed his palm on her head.


It was as if the demonic energy saw a terrifying nemesis. It was instantly smashed into smithereens. The Eldest Princess regained a small measure of her consciousness.

She looked at Xiao Ran and pleaded, “Hit me, quickly!”

“This… this request puts me in a very difficult position,” Xiao Ran said awkwardly.

Why does it sound like some kinky role-playing game?

“Hurry up! I cant take it anymore.” The Eldest Princess begged.

“I dont hit women.”

“Ah…” The Eldest Princess roared out loud in fury.

Thick demonic energy surged, and the surrounding temperature dropped to a terrifying degree. The entire cell instantly fell into darkness.

“Except under exceptional circumstances,” Xiao Ran added.

Using the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill, he slapped her face and followed up with another palm strike.

The demonic energy started to dissipate visibly.

The Eldest Princess, who was on the verge of losing her rationality, regained some of it. She begged again, “Use more strength!”

“Only under exceptional circumstances do I give this special treatment,” Xiao Ran stated.

He grabbed her head and pinned her to the ground. He straddled across her body and rained blows on her like a raging storm.

After more than a hundred punches,

Xiao Ran stopped. The demonic energy within the Eldest Princess body had been temporarily dispersed. For now, her life wouldnt be in danger.

Her beautiful face had become swollen like a fat pig.

In particular her eyes, which looked more terrifying than jack-o-lanterns.

“You were the one who begged me,” Xiao Ran said.

“Get off.” The Eldest Princess said weakly.

“Okay.” Xiao Ran got up from her.

“Dont tell anyone about what happened today. No one is allowed to talk about it.”

“I dont know anything.” Xiao Ran locked the door and slipped away.

“Who on earth is he? When did such a person appear in the Celestial Dungeon?” The Eldest Princess sunk into deep thought.

When she thought of the sequelae resulting from the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill, even the Sacred Manifestation of the Golden Phoenix could not suppress it. How was he able to disperse it in two or three punches?

As he left the Purgatory,

Xiao Ran received a lunch box. Although it did not contain any spiritual items, at least he had sufficient fish meat.

After dinner,

the lieutenant assigned him two missions. One was on the ninth floor and the other was in the Purgatory. Both missions stated that the cell occupants were to be sent on their way to the underworld.

On the ninth floor, he entered cell number 132. The occupant was a Demonic Patriarch with an evolution level of Master Realm Level 8. He had consumed more than a thousand infants in his quest to refine the evil Numinous Treasures and was captured by the Divine Sword Guards.

Xiao Ran sent him to the underworld with a taste of the complete experience of brutal torture.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared, and flipped open to reveal a Painting Technique (Genesis).

This was the first time he had gotten a life-type of skill, and at maximum level too.

He then went down to the Purgatory and stood outside a cell.

This time, he had to deal with the green serpent. It was just yesterday when he had personally imprisoned him and today, he had already received orders to send him to the underworld.

This demon had either offended someone or committed a very serious crime.

There were no records on the document, only stating what materials were to be retrieved: serpent blood, serpent flesh, serpent scales…

Xiao Ran opened the cell door

and walked in. The huge body of the 1000-foot green serpent was curled up on the ground. It was securely bound by chains and its cold serpent eyes looked at him mercilessly.

As it watched Xiao Ran lay out the torture devices, a trace of ruthlessness flashed across the serpents eyes.

“Not even a mouthful of rice before we set off?” The green serpent tried to stall for time.

“Theres no such service in the Celestial Dungeon. Ill pass your feedback to the higher-ups later,” Xiao Ran said.

He wiped the long sword clean.

“You should be on your way.”

“I have another question for you.”


“Were you the one who imprisoned me yesterday?” The green serpent asked.

“I take care of my ward from beginning to end,” Xiao Ran admitted.

“Perfect.” The green serpent sneered sinisterly.

Evil energy swirled and rapidly spread out, blanketing the sky and blotting out the daylight. It broke the seal on the shoulder bone, and the serpents tail flicked out, shattering the chains binding its body.

Flicking out its serpent tongue like it was playing a cat and mouse game, it teased, “Since you are the one who imprisoned me, you shall pay with your body!”

“Your shoulder bone wasnt sealed. Someone from above had let you in intentionally,” Xiao Ran said.

“Youre quite smart to discover the crux of the problem so quickly.” After saying that, the green serpent recoiled its huge body and lunged towards Xiao Ran in a flash.

With its mouth wide open, it tried to swallow Xiao Ran whole.

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