I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 6 - Need Another One Hundred Years

Chapter 5: Wrong Path

“Your breath really stinks. Dont you demons ever brush your teeth?” Xiao Ran pinched his nose in disgust.

Golden light swirled around his right hand. As his disproportionately small hand reached upwards, he was able to grasp the huge gaping mouth firmly.

“Come here, you brute!”

He pulled with all his might. The green serpent couldnt stand up against this unparalleled force. He yanked the serpents head down to the ground and stomped on it with his right foot.

With one swing of the long sword, he sliced it in half.

The evil energy swirled outwards and the two halves of its body healed together again.

However, it appeared frail and debilitated. Its aura was much weaker than before.

Hiding in the corner, he looked fearful. “You guys went back on your words!”

“Interesting, you can resurrect yourself.” Xiao Rans interest was piqued.

“Fortunately, my Lord left behind a backup plan to guard against you guys. Otherwise, I would have fallen into your trap this time.” The green serpent said in an icy tone.

He opened his mouth and spat out the demon core.

On the demon core was an inscription for a long-distance teleportation summoning array.

“Arise!” The green serpent bellowed.

He activated the teleportation array on the demon core with sheer mental willpower.


The green pentagon emanated a shaft of teleportation light that pierced skyward from inside the Purgatory and rushed towards the world outside.

“Useless trash! You cant even handle such a small matter.” A steely cold voice roared out in disdain.

A strong demonic energy emanated from the teleportation array. The immense pressure distorted the surrounding space, causing a thunderous rumbling uproar.

A ten-thousand-feet-long white serpent slithered out of the teleportation array and landed beside the green serpent.

As soon as it appeared, the green serpents demon core shattered instantly .

With the demon core destroyed, the green serpent seemed to be severely injured. It spat out a large mouthful of blood, and its aura became even more weakened, as if it could faint at any moment.

The white serpent flicked a tongue at the green serpent, sending a stream of demonic energy into its body, temporarily stabilizing the green serpents injuries.

“Thank you, my Lord!” The grateful green serpent said respectfully.

“You cant even take care of a mere dungeon guard, and on top of that, I have to take action personally? Youve disgraced the entire Serpent Kings Clan,” the white serpent reprimanded severely.

The green serpent slid to one side and waited apologetically.

The white serpent glared at Xiao Ran with a steely gaze. “You humans just dont follow the rules. You can change your mind even when youve given your promise.”

“A serpent demon at the Grand Master Realm Level 7. This is a rare sight indeed.” Xiao Ran smiled.

“You still dare to laugh in the face of death?” The white serpent was enraged.

It opened its huge mouth and spat out a mammoth ray of lightning that zipped across the room with vicious velocity.

“Break!” Xiao Ran responded.

A simple punch landed on the ray of lightning and in one stroke, destroyed it with ruthless brutality.

With a single step, he leaped across the cell to stand before the white serpent.

He grabbed its head and lifted it off the ground.

With the Force of the Malevolent Dragon engaged, he slammed the white serpent against the cell wall like hurling a punching bag.

Wham wham wham…

One after another.

The green serpent was stunned. This scene stung his eyes and he couldnt bear to look on anymore. He turned his head and thought to himself, “What a sorry sight my Lord has turned into!”

After a dozen breaths,

Xiao Ran threw the white serpent roughly against the wall for one last time.

The white serpent shook its head. Its demon body was about to fall apart, and it could not muster any strength at all. Even the boundless demonic energy within its body had been forcefully dispersed by Xiao Rans thrashing.

As Xiao Ran approached it, it hurriedly called out, “Sir, please lend me your ears.”

“You also have a teleportation array inscribed on your demon core?” Xiao Ran asked.

“N-no!” The white serpent was sweating profusely.

“Then what were you going to say?”

“Sir, this is all just a misunderstanding. I have taken the wrong path. In reality, I didnt intend to come here,” the white serpent lied brazenly.

“I am human, you are demon,” Xiao Ran said.

With a tap of his foot on the long sword, a golden light burst forth from the blade and transformed into a hurricane, killing the white serpent.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared, revealing the information of the white serpent and the crime he had committed.

Although it had not been arrested, it played right into his hands on its own accord. Furthermore, it had committed no fewer crimes than the green serpent.

Brilliant light flashed and two items appeared. One hundred years of Martial Arts evolution and 400,000 Mastery Points.

“Youre a good serpent,” Xiao Ran said affirmatively.

“Sir, please dont come near me. I have no intention of breaking out of prison. I like to stay in prison.” The green serpent begged for mercy.

“Why did you mobilize so many people?”

“Sir, you dont know?”

Xiao Ran stomped on its serpent tail and said coldly, “Cut the crap.”

The green serpent told him everything from beginning to end.

“Theres a dragon character in the Purgatory?” Xiao Ran was shocked.

He was very familiar with the Purgatory, but he did not know that there was a True Dragon hidden here.

“Everything I said is the truth.”

“All right, you can go down there and keep him company!” Xiao Ran nodded.

With one mighty swing of the sword, the green serpent perished.

This time, the green serpent did not resurrect itself again. Xiao Ran quickly removed the materials from its body and then dissected the white serpent as well.

The materials for the green serpent must be handed over to his superior. The white serpent, however, was a bonus that he had earned.

Just as he was leaving the Purgatory,

two powerful auras brushed past him and quickly rushed into the Purgatory.

“So soon?” Xiao Ran was surprised.

In the Purgatory,

a man and a woman stood in the green serpents cell.

The man wore the uniform of a Divine Sword Guard. It was a purple gown, indicating that he was a Lord Amethyst Sword.

The woman was sophisticated and charming. Every move she made was extremely enchanting.

She was from the Spiritual Divinity Bureau.

The Spiritual Divinity Bureau was different from the Divine Sword Guards. Those people in this department were all Spiritual Masters.

But these two branches had the same level of authority. They could entrap the demons and capture the demonic overlords. As long as any demon committed any crimes, they would be captured by these two branches.

A Grand Master and a True Realm Spiritual Master guarded the Celestial Dungeon to ensure its safety.

Looking at the traces of battle left behind in the cell, they detected some of the aura that had yet to dissipate, especially the monstrous demonic energy of the white serpent. It was too thick.

“Judging from the situation, a serpent demon of the Grand Master Realm has sneaked in,” said the Lord Amethyst Sword.

“Its already dead,” the alluring woman said.

“To be able to kill such a serpent demon in such a short time, this person must be at least a Grand Master, or even stronger. But in the Celestial Dungeon, besides the two of us, I really cant think of anyone else?”

“The Eldest Princess?” The alluring woman pointed in one particular direction.

Lord Amethyst Sword shook his head. “Her shoulder bones are sealed. The Golden Phoenix alone cant do it.”

They looked at each other.

They could see the seriousness in their eyes.

“Are you able to find him?” Lord Amethyst Sword asked.

The enchanting woman shook her head. “Ive already tried using a secret technique just now. I couldnt detect any clues.”

“Unless he has already left?”

“It doesnt matter whether he has left or not. The Celestial Dungeon didnt suffer any losses, so it does not concern us. Besides, we are about to be transferred soon. It is better to avoid unnecessary trouble,” said the charming woman.

“Youre right. Provoking a powerful enemy for nothing is a very unwise move,” Lord Amethyst Sword nodded in agreement.

After handing over the green serpent to the lieutenant, Xiao Ran was called to a rest chamber.

The Lord Amethyst Sword and the alluring woman were present.

“Greetings, my Lord, my Lady,” Xiao Ran said.

“Let me ask you, just now when you sent the green serpent on its way, did you see anyone else in the Purgatory?” Lord Amethyst Swords gaze was imposing as he stared at Xiao Ran, as if he wanted to see through him.

Xiao Ran remained calm and composed. “Everything is normal.”

“You really didnt see anything?” The enchanting woman engaged a spiritual skill, her eyes glowing with blue light.

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