Chapter 6: Need Another One Hundred Years

“Yes,” Xiao Ran replied.

The enchanting woman felt that something was wrong somewhere, but Xiao Ran did not seem to be putting on an act. She withdrew her Spiritual Skill and with a wave of her hand, said, “You may go!”

Xiao Ran left.

Lord Amethyst Sword said, “Now are you satisfied?”

“Perhaps Im overthinking things. Since the other party was able to sneak into the Celestial Dungeon while we were guarding it, he would similarly be able to sneak out under our noses without detection,” said the enchanting woman.

Back in the rest chamber,

Xiao Ran locked the door.

“A Spiritual Master at True Realm Level 1 and a Warrior at Grand Master Realm Level 2. Is this the secret force that guards the Celestial Dungeon?”

He added 400,000 Mastery Points to the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill.

After the Attributes was refreshed,

Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill: Minor Achievement

The speed at which it propagated was faster than before. Even the power of the purifying spiritual force had doubled.

“One million Mastery Points just to raise this realm to the level of Minor Achievement. If I want to raise it to the state of Genesis, Im afraid its going to be an astronomical figure.” Xiao Ran was speechless with disbelief.

That would require an additional 100 years of evolution.

He had already taken half a step, one half-step towards the Profound Realm.

Based on the current situation, he would need roughly another hundred years of Martial Arts evolution to officially break through into the Profound Realm.

He left the rest chamber,

and entered the Purgatory.

To think that there was a dragon character imprisoned in the Purgatory. After three years in the Celestial Dungeon, he had yet to see a dragon character.

The dragon character was full of treasures. If it was really a true dragon, he could extract some dragon blood from it.

Using his Spiritual Clarity Eye, he checked all the demons in the cells one by one.

When he arrived at cell number 99, Xiao Ran stopped in his tracks.

An ichthyoid demon was imprisoned inside. Its rank was that of a Grand Master Realm Level 9.

His shoulder bones were sealed, and his body was densely bound with chains made of 10,000-year-old Mystic Iron.

Under the Spiritual Clarity Eyes gaze, the Illusion Technique of the ichthyoid demon disappeared. In its place was a Deluge Dragon, its true form.

His bloodline was extremely pure, infused with at least ninety percent of the Dragon Vein.

If he could break through to the Profound Realm, the Dragon Vein would be rendered complete and he would turn into a real dragon.

“Isnt this a Deluge Dragon?” Xiao Ran muttered.

“What are you looking at?” The Deluge Dragon asked with an icy look.

Even though the Deluge Dragon was powerful, it was of no use to him. If it was a True Dragon and possessed the purest Dragon Tribes Bloodline, the dragon blood would be of some use to him.

“Should I nurture him? Let him evolve into a true dragon and then extract blood from him?” Xiao Ran deliberated.

“I am asking you a question! What are you looking at?”

Xiao Ran opened the cell door and walked in. He took out the flesh and blood of the white serpent and threw it in front of him.


“Are you going to send me to the underworld?” The Deluge Dragon looked on in alarm.

“Just eat it if I tell you to. Why do you have to talk so much garbage?” Xiao Ran chided.

“Fine. Do you think Im afraid of you?” The Deluge Dragon opened its mouth and swallowed everything in one gulp.

As he swallowed the serpent flesh and blood essence,

the Dragon Vein in his body became purer.

“A Grand Master serpent demon? You guys sure are generous.” The Deluge Dragon sneered.

Xiao Ran took out the white serpents Demonic Core and tossed it to him again.

The Deluge Dragon did not reject the offer and swallowed the Demonic Core.

The Demonic Core contained all the quintessence of the white serpent, which greatly improved his bloodline.

After digesting everything, the Deluge Dragon evolved to reach Level 10 of the Grand Master Realm. The Dragon Vein had also become purer. He was just a small step away from evolving into a full-fledged Dragon Vein.

“Anymore?” The Deluge Dragons eyes lit up with anticipation.

“Thats all,” Xiao Ran said.

He left the cell and locked the door.

The Deluge Dragon narrowed its eyes as it watched him leave. “Did he discover my true identity? Thats impossible! Not even a Profound Realm expert can see through my Illusion Technique.”

It was afternoon now.

There was half a days rest after the change in shift.

Xiao Ran changed his clothes and made his way towards the market.

The white serpents materials had to be disposed of. It would be inconvenient to keep them with him, and they were of no use to him.

At the Ink Jade Pavilion,

they specialized in selling demon materials and various resources for skill and technique evolution.

Inside the shop,

an old man and a scar-faced man sat across each other at one of the tables in the back hall.

“Has everything been arranged?” The old man asked.

“I have prepared everything on my side and have already spread the news. Tomorrow at the break of dawn, the Blood Blade Sects Patriarch and the Demon Lord from the Rakshasa Sect will duel in the Imperial City to distract their attention. How are things on your side?” The scar-faced man said.

“I have completed my preparations as well. Once your guys make your move, my people will charge into the Celestial Dungeon and rescue the Sacred Progeny,” said the old man.

“There are two Grand Masters guarding the Celestial Dungeon. Are you sure you can do it?” The scar-faced man was worried.

“Ive asked King Hu of Mount Flaming Inferno to lend a hand. I assure you everything will be fine.”

The scar-faced mans expression changed. He seemed to be very afraid of this demon. As fear flashed across his eyes, he asked with trepidation, “Why did he agree to your request?”

“Nothing is impossible. As long as you give him enough, he will naturally lend a hand.” The elder said.

“In that case Im relieved.” The scar-faced man nodded.

The two men left the back hall.

As he passed by the main hall, the scar-faced man glanced at the white serpent material Xiao Ran had taken out. His pupils constricted in anticipation and his gaze was filled with greed.

Serpent tendons, serpent skin, serpent scales, etc.

Xiao Ran placed all the materials on the counter.

“How much are all these worth?”

“A total of two million taels,” said the shopkeeper.

“All right.” Xiao Ran nodded his acceptance.

He took the bank notes from the shopkeeper and left.

The scar-faced man secretly followed him. If he could lay his hands on such a huge sum of money, it would definitely improve his own circumstances further.

They left the Ink Jade Pavilion.

After walking less than ten steps, Xiao Ran sensed that someone was following him.

Xiao Ran smirked and continued moving forward.

How interesting, to think that this guy would dare to prey on him.

He changed directions and entered an alley.


A huge gust of wind blew towards him. A streak of light turned into lightning and shot towards his face.

Xiao Ran swung his fist and shattered the flying daggers that were aiming for his face in one swipe.

He looked at the scar-faced man who walked out from the corner and asked, “I had barely stepped out of the shop and you guys had already sent people to kill me?”

“Hand over the money and Ill leave your corpse intact,” the scar-faced man said in a steely tone.

“Just you alone?”

“Just me!” The scar-faced man stepped forward.

The powerful aura of a Level 2 Grand Master sealed off all of Xiao Rans escape routes and pressed towards him.

Xiao Ran was unperturbed. With a light shake of his body, he demolished the other partys aura easily.

“You are not good enough.”

“Youre courting death!” The scar-faced man was furious.

Blood-red light swirled out furiously as he took a step forward and swiftly charged forward. He struck out with his palm in the air and uttered, “Chaotic Element One Hit Palm!”

As the wind whirled past, it transformed into a gigantic palm print dozens of feet wide. It descended from the sky with an overwhelming pressure.

“Break!” Xiao Ran reciprocated.

With a casual clap of his hand, he effortlessly destroyed the palm strike that the other party had discharged.

In a blink of an eye, Xiao Ran was already in front of the scar-faced man. A fist smashed into the assailants navel, effectively crippling all the powers he had acquired. The explosive force instantly sent him flying.

Xiao Ran walked up to him, stepped on his chest, and looked down at him with disgust, “Thats all youve got?”

“S-Sir… Im the Left Custodian of the Sky Devil Sect. I bear you no ill will with this attempt to stall you. I just want to spar with you,” the scar-faced man clarified hurriedly.

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