I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 8 - The Deputy Sword Master of the Divine Sword Guards

Chapter 7: Martial Law

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“I also didnt mean to kill you. I was careless and accidentally gave you one fatal punch.” Xiao Ran replied.

The scar-faced man sunk into utter despair, but he still struggled desperately. “Sir, on account of our esteemed Sect Master, please spare me this once!”

“Who is your sect leader?”

“Eh! Sir, youve never heard of him?”

“Is he very famous?” Xiao Ran asked.

“Our sect master has evolved to a very high level of Grand Master Level 10. His demonic arts could shatter heaven and earth, they could move the gods and demons to tears. Such is our sects reputation in the world. Whenever the Sky Devil Sect is mentioned, even demons have to show him some respect,” the scar-faced man introduced bombastically.

“Your sect master is in the capital city now?”

“No! Our Sect Master is still back in the sect headquarters and is currently in self-imposed confinement pursuing skills evolution. He vowed not to come out until he has broken through to the Profound Realm,” the scar-faced man said.

“What a pity then.” Xiao Ran shook his head.

He crushed the assailants head with one stamp of his foot.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared, displaying his individual information and the crime he had committed.

Killing without batting an eyelid. Unpredictable mood swings.

Brilliant light flashed and two items appeared on the golden page. 200,000 Mastery Points, Seven Treasures Rainbow Jade Belt.

He added 200,000 Mastery Points to the Sword Intent and refreshed his attributes. It still displayed Minor Achievement.

However, the power of the Sword Intent had increased by more than three notches.

He took out the Seven Treasures Rainbow Jade Belt. This was a Numinous Treasure inlaid with seven gems. Each gem had a different color and was dazzling. It had ten cuboid compartments for storing belongings.

“This item is not bad at all.” Xiao Ran said, feeling pleased with himself.

He took off the belt around his waist and put on the Seven Treasures Rainbow Jade Belt instead.

“Not bad, not bad at all.”

Looking in the direction of the Ink Jade Pavilion, he was in no hurry to make a move. He would send the other guy to the underworld once it was nightfall.

Back at the dormitory,

before he could enter, a dungeon guard rushed over.

“Xiao Ran, Ive been looking all over the place for you.”

“Whats the matter?” Xiao Ran asked.

“My Lord wants you to go over immediately.”


“Yes.” The dungeon guard nodded.

He then entered the Celestial Dungeon.

Apart from Xiao Ran, everyone else in his shift had already arrived.

“I have just received news from the higher-ups. From today onwards, the Celestial Dungeon will be under martial law for the next three days. Except under special circumstances, no one is allowed to leave the Celestial Dungeon,” the lieutenant announced.

“My Lord, did something happen?” someone asked.

“The Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect and the Demon Lord of the Rakshasa Sect will be dueling in the Imperial City tomorrow night. There are also many foreign experts in the capital city with some demons mixed in. We have to do our best to ensure that the Celestial Dungeon is impregnable,” the lieutenant elaborated.

Back at the Purgatory,

Xiao Ran wandered one round leisurely, inspecting his territory.

The demons were all very well-behaved. They screamed miserably while enduring the torture of the Purgatory Netherflames and the foul sinister atmosphere.

He passed by the Eldest Princess.

The swelling on her face had dissipated.

Her bamboo hat was ruined, but her exceedingly beautiful face glared at him coldly.

“Who are you? Why are you able to suppress my demonic illness that was a result of practicing the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill?”

“If you ask me, who should I ask?” Xiao Ran left hurriedly.

“Stop right there!” The Eldest Princess shouted.

Xiao Ran ignored her.?This woman was going crazy again.

“The Patriarchs last words were that no one was able to alleviate the sequelae brought by the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit Purification Skill. How did he do it?” The Eldest Princess furrowed her delicate brows in deep thought.

At the Ink Jade Pavilion,

the old mans face turned dark. One whole afternoon had passed yet there was still no news from the scar-faced man.

A subordinate rushed in from outside.

“Greetings, my Lord!”

“Still no news?” The elder asked.

“No! Ive sent everyone out. No matter how hard we searched, we couldnt find any sign of the Left Custodian.”

“Could something have happened?” The old man was getting suspicious.

“I dont think so! The Left Custodian is a Grand Master expert who specializes in concealment. He has always kept a low profile. Its very likely that he left the city for some other business.”

“Put his matters aside for now. Go out again and inform the Patriarch of the Blood Blade Sect and the Demon Lord of the Rakshasa Sect to follow the plan.”

“Yes, my Lord!” The subordinate received his orders and retreated.

For some reason, the old mans eyelids were twitching violently, as if something ominous was about to happen.

He massaged his temples.

“Strange! Why do I feel a sense of fearful heart palpitation?” The old man was starting to feel doubtful.

After pondering for a moment, he instructed the people outside, “Pass down my order, increase the defense by one fold.”

At nightfall,

Xiao Ran glanced at the sky and reckoned that it was about time for those guys to swing into action, even if it was not dawn yet.

Using the transformation technique, he transformed his appearance into that of an old man.

His powerful spiritual soul energy warped the space around him, making it impossible for anyone to notice him, no matter how near they were.

Enveloped by the space warp, the only thing that could be seen was air.

Taking a step forward, he left the ninth floor and headed outside.

At the antechamber on the first floor, the lieutenant sat on a chair, resting with his eyes closed. The dungeon guards stood around him and waited solemnly.

Xiao Ran walked past them before their very eyes but they did not sense anything.

Once out of the Celestial Dungeon,

Xiao Ran stopped in his tracks. Through the power of his spiritual soul energy, he could sense that the two experts from the Divine Sword Guards and the Spiritual Divinity Bureau were honing their skills out of sight.

After taking a quick glance, he deftly made his way through the layers of defenses and swiftly left the area.

Just as he left, in an obscure room, the enchanting woman from the Spiritual Divinity Bureau opened her eyes. “Why do I feel like Im being watched, for some strange reason?”

The Lord Amethyst Sword rolled his eyes. “Stop being so suspicious. With the two of us guarding this place, not even a fly can enter.”

“Thats true.” The alluring woman nodded in agreement.

The two of them continued to meditate and enhance their skills.

The night curfew in the Great Xia Kingdom was only lifted on special days or important festivals.

The streets were deserted. Other than the sounds of the night watchmen, there was only the howling night wind.

A figure silently appeared at the entrance of Ink Jade Pavilion.

It was Xiao Ran who had changed his appearance.

Looking at the signboard of the Ink Jade Pavilion, Xiao Ran made a gesture and his powerful spiritual soul energy swept out. ” Inescapable Heaven and Earth Web!”

Using the power of his spiritual soul energy, he cast a humongous mystical net that covered the entire building of the Ink Jade Pavilion.

Golden light swirled about, sealing up the whole region.

Unless ones skills evolution surpassed Xiao Rans, no one would be able to break out of the encirclement.

With a single step, his right foot stomped down. A terrifying foot imprint plummeted down from the sky with overwhelming force. In an explosion of golden light, it violently crushed everything.

With a single stomp, the entire Ink Jade Pavilion was reduced to a massive heap of rubble.

“How outrageous!” A furious voice rang out as a white-haired old man dashed out from the ruins. He stared menacingly at Xiao Ran, his steely gaze reflecting the depth of his murderous intent.

As he looked at the Inescapable Heaven and Earth Web surrounding him, that insurmountable power of the spiritual soul energy made his eyelids twitched and his murderous aura instantly dropped to zero.

His heart sank to the bottom of the valley. Where did this old monster come from?

With a forced smile on his face, he tried his best to appear friendly. “We at Ink Jade Pavilion have always followed the rules when we conduct our business. I have never offended you, Sir. What do you mean by this?”

“During the day, I sold some serpent demon materials here. As soon as I left the shop, I was targeted by your people. Have you forgotten so quickly?” Xiao Ran said.

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