Chapter 8: The Deputy Sword Master of the Divine Sword Guards

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“Sir, what did you say? I do not understand you?” The old man asked in confusion.

“Let me remind you again. The man who made an attempt on my life had a scar on his face.”

“Did you kill him?” The old man was shocked and furious.

“Yes, he died in my hands,” Xiao Ran readily admitted.

“You, you… have you ever thought of the consequences of destroying our Sky Devil Sects plan?” the old man shouted.

He whipped out a long sword. It looked threatening yet refined, and the brilliant reflection on its blade illuminated the night sky.

He swung the sword in one wide forceful arc with the command “Break this!”

The sword landed on the Inescapable Heaven and Earth Web, attempting to slice through in order to escape.

However, the spiritual soul energy swirled around rapidly, repelling the might of the sword.

“Thats it?” Xiao Ran asked.

The old man was stupefied. With his Grand Master Realm Level 3 capability, he could not even open a crack despite attacking with all his might. What exactly was this guys evolution level?

Could he be a Spiritual Master at a very high level of the True Realm?

The more he thought about it, the more scared he became.

Death awaited him whether he put up resistance or not. The old man gritted his teeth and gave everything he had for a final push. He mobilized all the spirit energy within his body and infused the sword with this power before executing an Earth-rank Superior-grade technique. “Netherezim Sword Technique!”

The swords light radiated outwards to all corners as the terrifying sword energy swept over the surroundings.

Then a light beam hundreds of feet wide emanated from the sword as it came slashing downwards once more on the Inescapable Heaven and Earth Web.


Blasts of shockwaves burst forth in all directions, but the Inescapable Heaven and Earth Web was as stable as a giant monolithic mountain. The old mans full-powered strike was repelled once again.

Cough! Cough!

Feeling Xiao Rans unflinching gaze, the old man awkwardly coughed twice. “Sir, please dont misunderstand. I had a stroke of inspiration and wanted to offer a sword display to provide you with some laughs.”

“I didnt misunderstand. It looks pretty good.” Xiao Ran nodded agreeably.

“Then can I leave now?”

“I shall send you off then!” Xiao Ran made his move.

He activated the Sword Intent, even if it was only at the level of Minor Achievement. A Sword Intent was still a Sword Intent, however insignificant the level was. Out of 10,000 practitioners, it would be considered a miracle to have just one person attain enlightenment of the Sword Intent.

As soon as it appeared, it ruptured through heaven and earth.

The Inescapable Heaven and Earth Web was engulfed by the aura of the Sword Intent and fenced the old man in.


A beam of sword radiance that could cleave through the ages descended from the heavens and destroyed him with a single strike. Not even a speck of dust remained.

A sword scar that was more than a thousand feet deep was left on the ground. Penetrating sword energy swirled wildly within, devouring everything around it.

“Looks pretty useful,” Xiao Ran said.

The Golden Tome of Creation appeared and introduced his individual information and the crimes he had committed.

He was even more despicable than the scar-faced man. He actually used the primordial Yin energy of young girls to hone his demonic arts. There were at least eight hundred young girls who perished at his hands.

“Scum,” Xiao Ran cursed.

The golden pages flipped again and displayed three items: 300,000 Mastery Points, 10 years of Martial Arts evolution, and one Blood Ginseng Pill.

He looked at the ruins around him.

Xiao Ran grabbed at the air and growled, “Come to me.”

A powerful suction force burst forth from his palm, extracting all the materials used for enhancing skills that were left behind in the ruins of the Ink Jade Pavilion.

He withdrew his spiritual soul energy and turned around to leave.

Suddenly, an expert tore through the air and appeared before him in the span of a few breaths.

He was a member of the Divine Sword Guards. He was a deputy sword master, and the red robe he wore was very flashy.

With a stony face, his ice-cold eyes locked onto Xiao Ran.

“This is the capital city of the Great Xia Kingdom. You shouldnt display such abominable behavior here,” said the Deputy Sword Master in an icy tone.

“I understand. Ill be more careful next time,” Xiao Ran said.

“Are you following me to the Celestial Dungeon on your own accord or do I have to invite you?”

“Its just a street brawl, isnt it? Is there a need to make such a big deal out of this?”

“It looks like Ill have to invite you personally,” said the Deputy Sword Master.

Xiao Ran was like a phantom. His speed was simply too fast.

The aura of a half-step Profound Realm shook the heavens and earth, and its force bore down upon all like a cataclysmic heavenly power.

The Deputy Sword Master responded, “Six Domains Sword Technique!”

The long sword slashed out, forming the Six-Directional Sword Domain. Infinite sword energy sliced towards its target.

“Ive already told you that it was an accident this time. Why are you still so stubborn?” Xiao Ran ranted very unhappily.

He raised his right fist and countless beams of golden light concentrated on the ball of radiance emanating from his fist. His aura instantly reached its peak and he unleashed another skill: “Six Domains of Holy Dungeons Fist!”

He had already refined this Heaven-rank Superior-grade fist technique to the level of Genesis.

The punch transformed into the Six Paths of Reincarnation and restrained the Holy Dungeon before unleashing itself, bombarding thunderous blows on the oncoming beams of sword lights.

Pow crash!

After the punch, the Deputy Sword Master of the Divine Sword Guards staggered around like a kite with its string cut, and then vomited a mouthful of blood. He was seriously injured. Suddenly he shot backwards like a streak of shooting star.

His retreating speed was at least twice as fast as his arrival speed.

“I already said I didnt do it on purpose. Why must you force me to do it?” Xiao Ran whined.

He craned his neck to take a look. The direction in which he went flying seemed to be the Imperial Palace.

Isnt this…

It wasnt long before several powerful presences burst out from the Imperial Palace, rushing towards the outside world.

Their pace was strong and swift like the wind.

After a dozen breaths,

several figures appeared on the site of the Ink Jade Pavilion ruins. One of them was the Deputy Sword Master involved in the earlier altercation with Xiao Ran.

However, he looked extremely pathetic right now, and his intestines were about to fall out from his chest. Fortunately, his evolution was fairly advanced, so he wouldnt die for a while.

Looking at the terrifying sword aura scar that was over a thousand feet deep, those few mens expressions turned grave.

“I cant believe he actually attained enlightenment on the Sword Intent. Judging from this, he must be at least an expert of the Profound Realm.”

There was silence all around.

The prospect of a Profound Realm expert entering the capital city was simply too terrifying.

It might even be a cataclysmic catastrophe.

“Pass down my orders. Mobilize everyone in the Divine Sword Guards and Spiritual Divinity Bureau. Capture all the demons and demonic arts experts hiding in the capital city, dead or alive.”

“Ive been injured so badly by him. Are we just going to let this go?” The Deputy Sword Master felt very aggrieved.

“You can always hit him back the next time you see him.”

“…” The Deputy Sword Master was speechless with rage. If I could defeat him, would I be in such a miserable state now?

Back at the Purgatory,

Xiao Ran did not alert anyone.

Sitting in the rest chamber,

he added 300,000 Mastery Points to the Sword Intent and refreshed his attributes.

Sword Intent: Dominating Refinement

He had finally leveled up. After reaching the Dominating Refinement level, the power of his Sword Intent was even more terrifying. It was more than two times stronger than before.

However, the Mastery Points required to reach the Perfection level was a vast amount.

His Martial Arts evolution had increased by another ten years, therefore he was ninety years away from breaking through to the Profound Realm.

Even now,

the purifying spiritual force within Xiao Rans body was extremely dense, just like a massive ocean, deep and vast.

He took out the Blood Ginseng Pill. It was a pill used by Spiritual Masters. One Blood Ginseng Pill could increase ones spiritual soul energy by ten years.

After consuming the pill, he could feel the power increase by ten years.

“There are really many old freaks hiding in the palace. Fortunately, I escaped in time, otherwise, they would have discovered me.” Xiao Ran said.

He left the rest chamber,

entered the Purgatory and came to the Deluge Dragons cell.

The Deluge Dragon panicked when it saw Xiao Ran again. It felt that this person was staring at it with bad intentions.

“Why are you here again?” the Deluge Dragon asked.

Xiao Ran took out his keys and opened the cell door. He walked in and grinned. “This is my home. I can come whenever I want.”

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