Chapter 13: How Could She Fight For Love With Her?

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As he had never cared about Geers matters in the past, he always thought that Geer was treated the same way as Qin Youjiao was in the Qin family. However, he never expected their lack of concern for Geer would result in Geer having to face such treatment.

“I dont have much. We can move everything in three trips.”

With that said, Qin Lang instantly moved forward and helped Pei Yunge move her heavy items without another word.

Seeing this, Pei Yunge furrowed her eyebrows, feeling that there was something wrong with Qin Lang. However, she didnt say anything either and simply started to pack all of her necessities.

In a bedroom on the second floor.

Qin Youjiao had just finished applying the medicine and her mood was terrible. “Call Aunt Huang over.”

“Elder Young Miss, Aunt Huang, she…”

The maids expression was scared and timid. “She was chased away by Third Young Master.”

Hearing this, Qin Youjiaos voice raised to a screech!

“What did you say? How could this be?!”

“A-Aunt Huang said that Second Young Miss is a lunatic in Third Young Masters face.” The servant bowed her head down as she stammered, scared that Qin Youjiao would vent her anger on her.

And indeed, when Qin Youjiao heard the servants words, her expression darkened speedily.

However, amongst her anger, there was more fear and panic.

Why would Third Brother suddenly care for Pei Yunge?

Not only that, he even fired Aunt Huang for Pei Yunge. Wasnt he indirectly slapping her in the face?!

“E-Elder Young Miss, perhaps Third Young Master is only being nice to Second Young Miss because of Old Master. Old Masters chronic condition has worsened this year, so Third Young Master cant keep fighting with Old Master for your sake like he did in the past…”

These words made Qin Youjiaos expression relax a little.

Ah, that was right. She had almost forgotten that there was something like this.

“The Old Master only cares about the bloodlines. Its no use no matter how well I treat him,” Qin Youjiao said unhappily.

From the outside, she was the dazzling and beautiful Qin Elder Young Miss and was doted on by three older brothers. However, the truth was that the Old Master never brought her along to attend any meetings with his closer associates and friends.

A strange spark flashed in the servants eyes, before she hurriedly bowed down and said, “Thats why Elder Young Miss has to shine and overshadow everyone during Old Masters birthday banquet. It is your best chance to garner a good impression! You also know how much Second Young Miss has.”

Hearing this, Qin Youjiaos eyes instantly lit up as the corners of her lips curled up.


She almost forgot that Pei Yunge was a useless thing that couldnt be helped. She could find some trouble for Pei Yunge anyhow, and the other wouldnt be able to handle it.

However, Third Brothers attitude towards her today really made her feel uneasy…

Qin Youjiao instantly dismissed these thoughts.

It was impossible. Pei Yunge would only embarrass the brothers in the Qin family. How could she fight for love with her? She was overthinking things.

Not too long later, after they were done moving her belongings, Pei Yunge glanced around the wide and bright room before she glanced towards the panting Qin Lang. Her voice was distant. “Thank you.”

“Geer, are you hungry? How about…”

“No need. I want to rest.” Pei Yunges red lips curled up, but the smile did not reach her eyes.

After a few seconds, Qin Lang nodded stiffly. “Alright, then you should rest first.”

Upon leaving the third floor, the servants came to ask him, “Third Young Master, what would you like to eat for dinner tonight?”

“Well follow Geers preferences,” Qin Lang said casually.

Hearing his words, the servant blanked out for a long time, before the atmosphere turned awkward.

“Second Young Miss doesnt seem to have any special preferences, right? Anything should do…”

In fact, they had never asked Pei Yunge what she liked to eat. After all, Pei Yunge was not doted on or loved in the Qin family. Who would curry favor with a young lady that had no status?

All along, they had been cooking according to the preferences and taste of the Elder Young Miss.

However, the moment Qin Lang heard her words, his expression darkened instantly. He remembered the ridiculous things he saw in Pei Yunges bedroom and an indiscernible flash crossed his eyes.

He laughed coldly. “Is it that Geer has nothing she liked to eat, or that you didnt treat her as the Qin family young lady to begin with?”

Instantly, the servant who made the remark panicked!

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