Chapter 14: I Have A Boyfriend

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“T-Third Young Master, its not like that… We were just busy taking care of Elder Young Miss, so we forgot that Second Young Miss, she…”

By now, Qin Langs eyes were filled with frost as he chuckled coldly.

“Geer is my biological younger sister and you forgot about her? Yet, you remember Qin Youjiao?”

His words made the servant completely speechless as her face flushed red.

What was up with Third Young Master today?

Why was he suddenly so concerned about Pei Yunge? Wasnt Third Young Master the most annoyed at Pei Yunge in the past?

“From now on, if I find anyone that dismisses or ignores Geer, every single one will be thrown out of the Qin family!” Qin Lang said coldly and fiercely.

The servant shivered from fear as she hurriedly replied, “Third Young Master, I know my mistake now! Ill go and ask Second Young Miss what she likes to eat immediately.”


When Qin Lang spoke, his face was void of any emotions. “Have the butler come here now.”

The servant instantly realized that this was probably related to Pei Yunge.

In the evening, an endless number of servants kept knocking at Pei Yunges door. Each of them wore bright and flattering smiles as they asked her this and that.

However, Pei Yunge got extremely impatient with their questions and simply locked all of them out of her room. Her reaction made the servants alarmed and fearful.

Earlier, they felt that Third Young Master was acting strangely, but now, they realized that this Second Young Miss had become even weirder.

However, they were forced to keep their resentment to themselves, not daring to voice their unhappiness.

Wasnt she like this just because Third Young Master suddenly changed his attitude now?! Once Third Young Master started ignoring her again, lets see how arrogant she could be!

By the time the evening came, Qin Lang was the one who came and knocked at her door.

“Geer, lets go outside and have a meal.” He coughed lightly. This way, even if he didnt know Geers taste, he could let her choose what she wanted too.

“Im alright with anything.”

The moment Pei Yunge finished speaking, Qin Youjiao had arrived unannounced.

“Third Brother, are you driving us out?!” Qin Youjiaos voice was filled with coyness.

Seeing her arrive, Qin Langs expression darkened instantly. He didnt call Qin Youjiao earlier and had only told the butler to get his car.

He only planned to bring Geer out with him.

Pei Yunges eyes crinkled into a knowing look. “You two can go first. I still need to change, so you can just send me the address.”

With that said, Pei Yunge returned to her room.

Qin Langs handsome expression darkened, knowing very well that Pei Yunge didnt want to go with them.

“Third Brother, then lets go.”

Qin Youjiao took a step forward, wrapping her hand around Qin Langs arm. Although Qin Lang remained silent, he threw Qin Youjiaos hands away from his arm and stalked forward.

“Hows your father?”

Hearing this, a glint of despise flashed in Qin Youjiaos eyes.

However, she bit her lip, acting as if her heart was aching for the mentioned. “Pei Yunge incapacitated that area of my father. No matter what, hes still my father after all…”

Qin Lang snorted.

“So what? I will not spare him from any of the procedures that he is required to go through.”

Qin Youjiaos face paled.

From Third Brothers words, didnt that mean he wanted her father to be in jail…?

After Pei Yunge slowly changed her clothes, she found a driver waiting for her at the door. There was no reason to reject the offer, so she got into the car straight away.

However, when the car was driving past the last junction, it suddenly stopped.

“Young Miss, Im sorry. Theres an old lady in front of the car,” the driver said nervously.

When Pei Yunge looked up, she saw an old lady sitting on the ground. With a hand on her leg, she acted as if she was injured.

“Were almost there. You can return.”

After Pei Yunge got out of the car, she walked towards the old lady. Her eyes were filled with amusement.

“Old Madam, do you want to go to the hospital?”

This old ladys dressing wasnt too normal, so it didnt seem like she was trying to cheat people of money. The old lady narrowed her eyes and checked her out, before she instantly grabbed her hands.

“How about this? You meet my grandson and I wont ask you for any medical fees. What do you think, girl?”

What in the world? It was Pei Yunges first time experiencing something like this, and her smile slowly faded.

Before long, a smirk appeared on her lips. “Old Madam, I have a boyfriend.”

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