Chapter 16: Sit Beside Your Wife

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Pei Yunge felt a gaze on her from somewhere and she said calmly, “Hes notー”

The old lady was not happy. “What do you mean hes not? How can he not be when theyre so alike?”

The man raised his eyebrows slightly as his eyes moved between Pei Yunge and the little fellow. The little fellow lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

“Young man, here, sit beside your wife,” the old lady said warmly.


Huo Shidus eyelids moved slightly and he asked back with some interest, the end of the syllable making peoples hearts flutter.

Pei Yunge looked at the old lady and chuckled. “Its a misunderstanding.”

Usually in this type of situation, a normal girl would be blushing. But the girl in front of her has proved that as long as she could control the field, no one would feel embarrassed.

“What do you mean its a misunderstanding?” The old lady teased and said with a laugh as if she did not expect Pei Yunge to be shy.

“He really isnt.”

“Dont tell me you havent registered for your marriage? Your child is already so big, shouldnt you hurry and get it done?”

It was only then that the old lady suddenly remembered that Pei Yunge had saidboyfriend just now.

Hearing the old ladys words, Pei Yunge was speechless.

At this moment.

“Young man, why arent you sitting beside your wife?”

Retracting his gaze, Huo Shidu seemed to have guessed what was going on. He only said casually, “Mm.”

His deep and magnetic voice made Pei Yunges ears itch.

Moments later, she saw Huo Shidu sitting beside her calmly.

Pei Yunge did not know what to say.

Were people so helpful now?

The old lady then said, “Young man, you are in the wrong. Your wife is so beautiful, what will you do if she runs away with another man?”

There was a playful and lazy look in the mans eyes. “Run away? Ill be sure to catch her and bring her back first.”

Pei Yunges body froze. “?”

The old lady was stunned and then let out a sigh. “The two of you are so sweet. I know you young people dont like to be restrained, but you have to register your child for the household registration!”

“I will consider it.”

Hearing Huo Shidu saying this, the old lady nodded with satisfaction.

“Okay, then I wont disturb you. Just now, the child was saying that he wanted to go home with Mommy. You should go back home earlier then.”

The little fellow felt a chill at the back of his head when he heard this.

Uh oh. He was done for. Brother was going to deal with him later for sure!?

The mans eyes swept over to the little fellow as if nothing had happened and then gave an ambiguous low chuckle.


After the old lady left, the atmosphere of thefamily of three was silent.

“Youre pretty good, huh.”

The mans lazy voice murmured by Pei Yunges ear.

“Boo… Sister, Id better go home with you.”

The little fellow hugged Pei Yunges waist, shivering.

“Ceng Xu.”

After saying this, the assistant beside Huo Shidu stepped forward, picked up the little boy, and carried him away.

“I brought Momo here.” Pei Yunge said softly, before she added, “Ive caused you trouble.”

Although the girl in front of him looked well-behaved with those beautiful eyes which looked so innocent, she was in fact someone who was inwardly devious.

After a while.

His eyes fell on her, with a sense of aggressiveness. But all of a sudden, he let out a long laugh.

Then he teased her gently and provocatively. “Whats the matter? Are you secretly taking advantage of me?”

Pei Yunges heart skipped a beat. She had only escaped that damned place for two days, but why was she bumping into this man wherever she went?

“Or is it that youve fallen in love with me at first sight?” The man was playful as he said that teasingly.

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