Chapter 3: Let Me Hear You Call Me Older Brother

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The mans figure was tall and straight, while his long and slender legs under his suit pants looked excessively stiff. When he had walked near enough, Pei Yunge managed to see his appearance properly.

His eyebrows and eyes were deep but clear and cold, though with a slight laziness laced in them. His faint-colored eyes exuded an aloofness that pushed people thousands of miles away. Yet, the end of his eyes that curled up was somewhat seductive.

However, right in that instance, he was staring straight at her. Then suddenlyー

“Look there! Shes over there!”

Behind them, several buff men holding onto police batons were running over fiercely.

However, when they saw the man standing in front of Pei Yunge, they all stopped unconsciously. Although his expression was impassive, he only had to stand there casually to make others feel a heavy sense of oppression.

“Sir, this is a patient from our hospital that has acted up. If theres nothing, Ill take her away first,” one of the security officers stepped up and said nervously.

In response, Pei Yunge retorted, “Sir, can you help me and call the police? This hospital is taking advantage of underage patients.” In her recollections, she could not remember anyone calledMaster Du here.

Right at this moment, if the man helped her call the police, it would be the easiest way to solve this mess.

However, if they all belonged to the same nest…

A hint of darkness flashed across Pei Yunges eyes as she tightened her hold on the dagger.

“Sir, shes a mentally-ill patient! Dont listen to her nonsense!”

Panic flashed in the security officers eyes before he said immediately, “Hurry and take her away!”

With that said, Pei Yunge tightened her hold on the dagger even more, waiting for the security officers to approach her. However, a silhouette stood before her suddenly.

“Sir, you…”

The security officers heart tightened, wanting to stop the man, only to be blocked by the assistant standing beside the man.

At this moment, Pei Yunge looked up and accidentally met the mans completely dark eyes that seemed to bury all of the light.

“Sir, this hospital…”

“Why are you calling meSir?”

He smiled casually, before he reached his slender and well-defined index finger out and tapped her forehead. His light and magnetic voice was filled with humor.

“Come, let me hear you call meOlder Brother.”

Somehow, when said in that deep voice of his, the wordsOlder Brother sounded more like ambiguous flirting.

However, the warmth from the index finger on her forehead made Pei Yunges brain blank out for a long time, before she finally regained her senses.

Did… Did she get hit on?

Pei Yunge wasnt the only one. Even Huo Shidus assistant, Assistant Ceng, kept turning back abruptly, his expression filled with disbelief!

Was Master Du being possessed by some kind of god?!

For over twenty years he had remained cold and distant to the point of abstinence, yet he was now hitting on a patient in a mental hospital?!

However, this girl was way too strange…

Her face was covered in flowers and greens. People who didnt know her might think that she was called Chun?Tian1

Then all of a sudden…

“Older Brother, can you take me away?”

The girl smirked, looking flirtatious, yet her eyes were so clear they could take a soul. As she said this, her hold on the thing in her hand tightened.

The mans faint-colored eyes were dark. His unconcerned eyes still looked inhuman. Before she could react, he suddenly snatched the dagger from her hand.

This little thing was absolutely daring.

Nervous eyes stared at the man as Pei Yunge considered the man half-crouching before her. “You…”

“Ceng Xu, call the police,” the man said slowly. Hearing this, the security officers started to panic.

“Sir, you believe the words of a crazy person?!”

The moment he finished speaking, the ringing of the police siren suddenly sounded from the entrance!

“Whats going on?!” Someone burst out, panicked.

Didnt they not call the police yet?!

The people from the hospital looked apprehensive, as they instantly fell into a mess!

“Ceng Xu, bring the dog back.”

Assistant Ceng nodded. He was about to pick up the leash when the Alaskan suddenly barked fiercely at him, causing him to halt his actions.

“Er Gou, come here.”

Hearing her voice, the Alaskan obediently went over to rub against her. Its eyes were bright as it laid on her legs, rolling about as it wanted her to rub its stomach.

Seeing this, Assistant Ceng instantly understood the situation. It turned out that the Alaskan that Little Young Master found wasnt a stray, but was this girls pet.

Pei Yunge suddenly chuckled, smiling brightly and somewhat arrogantly. “Older Brother, please dont take the dog. Cant you take the person?”

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