Chapter 4: Didnt You Want To Go Home With Older Brother?

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It was sudden, unexpected and completely random.

The atmosphere around them had frozen to a standstill and the bodyguards beside them didnt even dare to breathe.

Why did this ladys words make it sound like Master Du was a thief?

However, in the next second, they were even more surprised.

After the man threw the dagger into the rubbish bin, he said slowly, “Ceng Xu, destroy this place.”

“Ah… Yes!” Assistant Ceng hurriedly answered.

Hearing this, everyone else from the hospital wore expressions of disbelief, before they felt chills running down their backs!


They had really kicked the metal board this time!

However, Pei Yunge had a weird premonition that after he was done with this hospital, she might be the next one…

With that, just as Pei Yunge was about to look up, she suddenly smelt a pleasant and cold scent around her. It was unique and aggressive at the same time.

In the next second, before she could react, her world turned 180 degrees before she hit against a warm chest! Through the thin shirt, his hot temperature and heartbeat could make a person blush.

Pei Yunges expression immediately changed as she hugged the mans neck unconsciously, afraid of falling off.

The man was a little pleased with her reaction.

Time had barely passed when Pei Yunge heard Huo Shidus low and magnetic voice that was filled with teasing and ambiguity.

“What are you afraid of? Older Brothers waist is really strong.”

“What are you doing?” Her smile was wiped off.

From the moment she saw him, she already felt that this man was way too dangerous and hard to approach. However, she never expected this mans actions to be so hard to predict.

“Didnt you want to go home with Older Brother?”

Huo Shidu said calmly as if he was talking about the weather. After signaling Pei Yunge to take the umbrella, he got ready to just carry her away like that.

This scene made Assistant Ceng and all his bodyguards jaws drop to the floor!

What was with Master Du?!

He really just took her!

However, just as Huo Shidu had arrived at the entrance, they heard someone roaring in anger.

“Where the f*ck is she?! Let me tell you, if my younger sister is missing, all of you can prepare to spend the rest of your lives rotting in prison!”

Hearing the furious voice, Pei Yunge turned around to see Qin Langs handsome, yet fierce expression.

Just with the mans silver-ash-colored dyed hair and his outstanding appearance, according to the novels description, Pei Yunge managed to guess the mans identity.

It was her third older brother and one of the top gaming players in the nation. He had just gotten the champion in the worlds championship game and had returned proudly with his team.

At this moment, Qin Lang didnt have time to keep his fierce and cruel expression when he saw his younger sister staring at him with a cold expression.


Qin Langs throat was dry. However, before he could finish speaking, a man looking similar to Qin Lang and a pretty girl were walking over from not too far away.

Pei Yunge scoffed. “So everyone that shouldnt have come is now here?”


Qin Lang was still completely confused. However, he turned around and saw his eldest brother and Qin Youjiao rush over.

“Older Brother, arent you taking me home?”

Pei Yunges red lips curled up as she pressed against Huo Shidus ear intimately in front of Qin Lang.

Qin Lang, “?!”

What was this?! This situation was wrong!

Shouldnt the right sequence of this situation be his soft and cute little sister running towards him, asking for hugs?!

Why did such a wild man appear suddenly while carrying his sister? And why was he calledOlder Brother so sweetly by her?!

Why was this sequence different from his previous life?

Did he come too early after he was reborn?

Qin Lang stared at Pei Yunge being carried. His eyes were a little red as he clenched his fists unconsciously.

Even he hadnt carried Geer like this before…

However, when Pei Yunge saw Qin Langs expression, she thought that he was going to scoff and ridicule her again, so she decided to simply look away and ignore him.

Seeing this, Qin Lang felt even more like his world had cracked apart.

What was with his Geer?!

“Third Brother, is Pei Yunge alright?” Suddenly, a coy and clear voice tittered.

Almost unconsciously, Pei Yunge furrowed her eyebrows. However, at this moment, she didnt know what happened to the man carrying her, as he suddenly walked straight out.

This also prevented the newcomers from seeing the man properly, not to mention that this was the famous President of the Huo Corporation.


Before Qin Lang could speak, Qin Youjiao had grabbed his hand. “Third Brother, forget it. She just wants to attract your attention.”

[Authors Note: PS: The brothers have also been reborn.]

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