Chapter 5: Ill Give My Brother To You

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“Mm, she really has no sense of propriety. Third Brother, youve only just returned to the country and shes already worrying all of you so much. Must she fight for attention like this?”

Seeing Qin Youjiaos spoiled expression that was filled with contempt and blatant disregard, Qin Langs fists were so tight that his knuckles were white.

In his previous life, they, the Qin family, treated Qin Youjiao as their most beloved daughter and cast Geer away like she was an old shoe. Later, because they had offended some nameless people, they ended up with a ruined family.

But the truth was that the thing he felt was the most ironic was that Qin Youjiao, whom they had treated like their biological younger sister, actually turned against them and became friends with the enemy. She even made Eldest Brother accept the woman who was the ultimate cause of making the Qin family bankrupt.

On the other hand, Geer, who had never received love from them, took on the burden to take care of them without any complaints. That made them regret their actions terribly.

Returning back to reality, Qin Lang sucked in a deep breath. “Why are you here?”

Qin Youjiao bit her lip. “Third Brother, the Director of this hospital is my biological father after all. I heard that Pei Yunge injured my father.”

With that said, Qin Youjiao thought that Qin Lang would definitely comfort her like in the past and get Eldest Brother to throw Pei Yunge further away.

However, right then and there, Qin Lang, who had been reborn, did not want to waste time talking to Qin Youjiao at all. All he was concerned about was that his Geer was about to run away with another man.

Instead he snapped impatiently, “Then you can go and take care of him!”

What…? The brusqueness of his response made Qin Youjiao stiffen. She never thought that Qin Lang would speak to her like this.

“Third Brother…”

Qin Youjiao was just about to speak but Qin Lang was already running towards the direction Pei Yunge had left in. However, he never thought that she had already gone!

In the car.

“Alas[1.Lets call him Alas, short for Alaskan Malamute!]!”

The moment Pei Yunge got into the car, her eyes were drawn to an adorable little thing, dressed in a vest and a shirt, who happened to be sitting beside her. The little ones exquisite eyes and eyebrows were 30% similar to the man sitting opposite of her.

“You can see him for the last time.”

Huo Shidu rubbed against the back of his hand casually.

“W-What? Why? Wu… Alas, what happened?!” The adorable little things immediate sobs were filled with softness and cuteness as he hugged the drenched Alas and cried in despair.

“Little Young Master, Alas is this ladys pet.”

Seeing the little young masters eyes turn red from crying, Assistant Ceng couldnt help but pipe up. Hearing this, the adorable little thing looked up and stared unblinkingly at Pei Yunge.

Just as Pei Yunge was guessing if this adorable little thing was this mans son, he said something shocking once again.

“Sister, Ill give Older Brother to you, so dont take Alas away, alright?” the adorable little thing sniffed as he said so.

Pei Yunge did not know what to say.

Were dogs worth so much nowadays?

The atmosphere was still frozen. Even Assistant Ceng could not help but fear if Master Du would throw Little Young Master out of the car directly.

The great President of the Huo Corporation was being used in exchange for a pet?!

“Say it once more if you dare.” Huo Shidu narrowed his eyes at the little one lazily.

If the Old Madam was not pestering him constantly to find a match, he would not have personally come out to look for a dog.

The moment the adorable little thing heard his words, he hugged Alas tightly, looking so downtrodden and pitiful that his eyes turned red.

Older Brother really doesnt love him at all!

After a while, the adorable little thing saw Pei Yunge from the corner of his eyes and looked up with his small head. “Sister, Ill leave with you then.”

If he did, then he would be where Alas was!

At this moment, before Pei Yunge could speak, they heard the man say calmly, “Ceng Xu, stop the car. Carry him back to the Old Manor.”

The adorable little thing was in great disbelief and his cheeks almost puffed up in shock. “Older Brother, youre abandoning your benefactor after youve achieved your goal!”

The man laughed before he said slowly, “Well add two more lessons of Language classes every week.”

Perhaps it was because the adorable little thing looked too pitiful, Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow and rubbed Alass head.

“Accompany the little kid a little more. Ill come and get you in a few days.”

Alas nuzzled its head against Pei Yunges hand sadly, unwilling to part. It then looked at the pitiful adorable little thing, before it followed after the boy.

Not too long later, only two people were left in the car.

Pei Yunge heard the man asked slowly, “You really want to leave with me?”

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