Chapter 6: Older Brothers Relationships Must Be Very Quick, Right?

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Indeed, when he first saw her and her guarded expression, he had more interest in teasing this little girl. However, somehow, he really brought her out when he saw her look away coldly and ignore her so-called family.

This was an unexpected rashness he rarely had.

“If Older Brother is busy, you can leave me by the road.”

As she said this, Pei Yunges eyes were bright and clear. However, she had a feeling that he was a wild and arrogant person. To her, she already owed this man a favor for bringing her out, so she had no hopes for him to accept the trouble that was her.

The mans low and lazy voice was even colder than the trigger sound of the silver lighter in his hand right now. “I still have to take responsibility when a little girl is running away from home.”

Hearing this, Pei Yunges heart skipped a beat somehow.

A man like this wasnt even the male protagonist?

Then why could that person called Cheng Zihuai be the male protagonist? Was it because he was crazy enough?

At this thought, before Pei Yunge could regain her senses, her body was suddenly lifted off the ground. She was being carried again!

Instinctively, Pei Yunge wrapped her arms around the mans neck again as her expression remained unhappy. Especially after she saw the pleased curl on the mans lips.

In response, she gave a bright generous smile. “Older Brothers relationships must be very quick, right?”

It was clear that she was implying that Huo Shidu must have been dumped very quickly during his relationships.

However, the mans next words made ones heart thump and blush as his unconcerned and lazy demeanor appeared even more sexy.

“Other men might be very quick, but Older Brother is only swift and strong.”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

A Presidential Suite in a hotel.

Pei Yunge was placed on the sofa by the man.

However, when Pei Yunge was looking around her, she saw a bed not too far away and a heart shape made from rose petals.

“Change into this first.”

Huo Shidu walked over and threw the clothing at Pei Yunge casually before he took a seat at the side.

However, when he turned around, he found Pei Yunge staring at the bathrobe in her hands. After a few seconds, she stared at him with a complicated expression.

Seeing this, the man couldnt help but chuckle lowly, before he slowly approached her.

His low and magnetic voice seemed to have a temperature that could scorch someone. “Little one, if I was a bad person, you wouldnt be sitting on the sofa but on Older Brothers lap instead.”

With that said, he was about to make a call to the hotel concierge to handle the situation. However, a knock suddenly sounded from the door.

“Master Du? Old Madam Huo said that you havent had dinner yet and got me to bring some food to you.”

Hearing this, even Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow.

Was it possible for a hotel of such high caliber to not provide dinner services?

It was obvious there was a hidden agenda.

“Do you need me to go to the washroom?” Pei Yunge was very tactful. After all, it was the heart and concern of an elder.

However, Huo Shidu turned towards her instead with a half-smirk.

“If you were a little younger, perhaps, you can be Older Brothers daughter.”

What? Pei Yunges eyelids twitched.

This man was only five years older than her at most!

From the corner of his eye, Huo Shidu noticed that her clothes were drenched. “You dont want to go and shower?”

Seeing that she was a little dirty, Pei Yunge assumed that Huo Shidu thought she was dirty.

“Alright.” She nodded and slowly walked into the bathroom.

“Master Du, are you there?”

Hearing the persistent knocking from the door, the man took out a cigarette from the cigarette box instead.

Within moments, white smoke surrounded him. His thin lips were pressed on the cigarette as he leaned against the sofa indolently. His eyes looked slightly aloof and void of any emotions.

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