Chapter 7: Older Brothers Now Sure Are Good

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It was only when the bathroom door opened that the man finally noticed and moved to extinguish the cigarette in his hand, before he opened his eyes slightly.

However, he never thought to see the girl inside walking out of the bathroom looking like a different person.

Dressed in the bathrobe, her waist was tiny while her slender and fair legs were somewhat distracting. Her beautiful eyebrows and eyes seemed to exude a natural wildness and arrogance, yet, those same eyes were naturally beautiful and clear.

It made Huo Shidu think that as long as she acted obedient, no one could bring themselves to scold her if she did anything bad.

“Are you going to wash up?”

As she said this, Pei Yunge had been drying her hair. She was rather satisfied with her appearance. When she turned around, she noticed that the mans pants were wet from the rain as well.


Huo Shidu looked away and hummed lowly in reply. “Dont let anyone in. A female staff member will come over in a while.”

Pei Yunge glanced at him once more. “Alright. Thank you.”

Before she had been reborn, there were several great family heirs that didnt lust after women around her as well. However, none rejected a woman as straightforwardly as Huo Shidu did.

Perhaps he had suffered from a heartbreak before?


Almost immediately, Pei Yunge dismissed this thought.

Even a person like her whom others have said was picky thought that this man was right up her alley. His appearance matched her sense of beauty perfectly.

After that, before Pei Yunge had time to think about it, a knock suddenly came from the door.

When she turned around, she saw a female staff member walking in. Behind her was a woman wearing thin stilettos and was dressed prettily in a hip-hugging skirt.

“Miss, Ill head out first then…”

The staff avoided all eye contact and placed the clothes randomly on the table before she walked out.

Right after the door closed, Pei Yunge heard the womans unfriendly words. “Who are you?”


Pei Yunges side profile and pretty features appeared in the womans sight. She was even exuding a lack of care that came after a certain scenario.

The woman clenched her fists tightly.

Didnt they say that Master Du avoided women?!

Then what was with this woman?!

To think that she was still extremely elated when Old Madam Huo picked her from the group of young ladies!

A fire burned within her as she felt affronted that this Pei Yunge had snatched her win!

“Do you know who I am?”

The woman suppressed her anger. If she wasnt afraid that Huo Shidu might appear anytime, she would definitely slap this woman several times!

“I dont.” Pei Yunge closed her eyes lazily, not wanting to speak more. However, her expression appeared to be a silent flaunting to the other woman. Especially when they were in this kind of situation.

Meanwhile, the girl was leaning against the sofa. Her face was still a little pale, making her look a little sick, as if she had been bullied terribly.


The woman gritted her teeth. After calming herself down, she smiled superficially. “Little girl, do you know how old you are? That is Sisters boyfriend. Your behavior of sleeping with someone elses boyfriend…”

Before she could finish speaking, Pei Yunge opened her eyes and stared at her. If she didnt hear clearly earlier, she might really have believed this woman.


“Do you know what type men like? Theres a huge difference between a woman and a girl.”

As she said this, she took out a few hundred dollar bills and smiled, “Du… Hes only hankering after something new. Little girl, you…”

Before the woman finished speaking, she saw the person sitting on the sofa stand up.

Instead of bothering to respond, Pei Yunge didnt look at her and started to undo her bathrobe. Within seconds, the bathrobe fell on the floor. Her voluminous figure seemed to make the womans face burn fiercely as if she had been slapped!

She tightly clenched onto the money she wanted to use to humiliate Pei Yunge with.

A soft smile appeared on Pei Yunges face as her pretty eyes curled up as she said slowly, “Older brothers now sure are good.”


The woman glared at her with red eyes as she stared as Pei Yunge changed her clothes calmly. The color of her face changed inexplicably!

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