away in it. And when Geer finally left the hospital, she had already been tortured till the point that she was no longer in shape and had a strange personality.

At this thought, Qin Lang remembered all too clearly how Geer had declaredI dont want to be siblings with all of you anymore in my next life. Those anguished words from before he was reborn… his hands started to shake violently.

The cigarette ash burning him got him flustered and he looked up instinctively. He never thought his eyes would meet with Pei Yunges as she walked in.

Compared to the weird dressing and makeup she had in the past, todays Pei Yunges red dress, black hair and fair skin made her look incredibly beautiful.

Especially her eyes. They were slightly red, as if she was up all night. Yet, they were still terribly attractive.

Qin Lang clenched his fists tightly as his eyes watered. He almost forgot how beautiful his Geer was.

Before his bankruptcy, he knew nothing about Geer. After he was bankrupt, he knew that Geer was beautiful, but he couldnt even afford to buy a single lipstick for her. He could only watch her work three jobs a day as she wore battered rags.


“Brother! My piano room is too sunny. Dont you remember that you agreed to let Pei Yunge change her bedroom with mine? Its the same anyway right?”

Qin Youjiaos expression was spoiled and arrogant as she interrupted Qin Langs words with a bright smile and whined coyly while hugging his arm.

Instantly, Qin Langs handsome face froze.

Sh*t! He actually did agree to do such an animalistic thing!

However, before he could speak, he saw Pei Yunges red lips curl up.

“Sure, do whatever you want. Im preparing to stay in school anyway.”

With that said, Qin Youjiao finally took in the sight of the other person beside them. However, when she caught a clear glimpse of Pei Yunges appearance, her eyes widened with a glare!

This woman was Pei Yunge?!

Impossible! How could she look like this?!

“Can you get used to staying in school?”

Qin Langs throat was dry as he asked slightly awkwardly.

Hearing this, even Qin Youjiao froze. Didnt Third Brother hate Pei Yunge the most and found her annoying?

Or did Third Brother think that it would be more annoying if Pei Yunge moved back and forth because she cant get used to staying in school?

At this thought, Qin Youjiaos expression became slightly better.

“Third Brother, Pei Yunge isnt that delicate.”

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