Kei is a shy and chivalrous boy. He really doesn want to do that, but he has no choice. If doing that allows him to see his aunt and cousin again, he will do so without much thought.

”Yes, its fine… Thats all… One last question. I asked a merchant about heroes. He told me that heroes can use all magic attributes. Is it true? ”

”Yes, its true. ”

”And do I have those attributes? ”

”Yes, but you cannot activate those attributes. When your strength and life points increase, you will be able to use your magic power. ”

”I see… Thats why I don have magic power … Is disabled… Thats all… Thank you very much. ”

Zius strokes his head and smiles.

”Your new life will begin … Good luck, Kei. ”

Kei disappears, turning to dust, and Zius begins to disintegrate but, unlike Kei, his soul is being destroyed.

”I used all my divine power … Kei, I believe in you … Thank you. Muchas gracias, Kei. ”

Zius disappears completely. He sacrificed his own life to give power to Kei, leaving his last hopes in him.

(12 years later.)

”Wheres my brother? Its getting late. ”

A young girl is waiting for a certain boy next to a carriage, while that boy finished putting on his uniform.

”Fufu. At last this day has come. ”

He opened the window.

”My first day of school! ”

Jumping from the fourth floor of the ”Molfer ” mansion, Kei Molfer, the fifth son of ”Sei Molfer ”, was really happy and excited about his first day of school. He looked forward to this day to meet powerful people and learn new things, and it was also an opportunity to enjoy his new life, considering that his mother is crazy and did not allow him to enjoy it as much as he expected.

”That idiot! ”

He landed perfectly in front of his pretty sister and started jumping.

”I hope I have a lot of friends! I wonder if there are other people our age who are just as powerful as we are! Mei, are you ready?! ”

Mei Molfer, his twin sister, pulls him by the ear.

Shes a pretty young girl. Her hair is as black as ink and is short, and her eyes are as red as blood.

”I told you not to do that, you could get hurt! ”

”My strength and vitality are very high, nothing will happen to me, Mei. And its not like we
e not used to pain, sis. ”

”Just because we
e used to it doesn mean we enjoy it! ”

”No pain, no progress! ”

Zius managed to get Kei to have the same name, or so Kei thinks, as he hasn heard from him since he reincarnated.

A maid approaches them.

”The carriage is ready. You can go up now. ”

”I don need it, Mia. ”

He runs away from them.

”That idiot will do it again! Don leave me alone, Kei! ”

”Fairy magic: wings! ”

Two pairs of red wings shoot out from his back and he flies away. His wings don move at all, but those wings control Keis weight and the wind around him, allowing Kei to fly.

”I will accuse you to our father !! ”- Mei yelled.

She crosses her arms and pouts.

”I wanted to travel with him. ”

Its been 12 years since Kei reincarnated. Since he was little, he began to train and study. He is a prodigy and his fathers favorite son. Well, the prodigy thing is only thanks to his skill [Double Points]. And that being his fathers favorite son, its only thanks to the quality actions that Kei does, because Mei, his sister, is a little… weird.

His older brothers hate him, but his twin sister loves him very much… Maybe too much.

He is still shy, but struggles to change, as he knows that his situation does not allow him to remain shy.

In the parties that his father organizes, he uses fire magic to warm his body and feign fever, so as not to go to the party. He avoids these parties, for he is afraid that some noblewoman who was at the summoning ceremony might recognize him. He has managed to avoid parties altogether, but now that he is 12 years old, it will be impossible to avoid those parties any longer.

He avoided 4 arranged marriages, with the excuse that he is not noble. In part, it is true, since he has no right to take control of the Molfer family.

His wives would be the daughters of powerful families, but he didn care.

He told his father: ”I am not interested in being noble. I will be an adventurer. ” His father accepted his decision.

The reason he avoids marriages is because he just wants to have powerful wives, so they can be able to protect themselves, because Kei knows perfectly well that she won always be available to protect them.

His 3 older brothers are envious of him, as Kei is powerful and attractive. They are ugly and weak.

When they tried to hit Kei, he easily defeated them and humiliated them in front of everyone. Since then, his brothers are known as: ”The losing trio ”.

Sei Molfer, his mother, loves him very much. Despite being a man, she offered to be the next leader of the Molfer family, but he turned her down as well.

Kei is not interested in being rich, he is only interested in being stronger. Besides, being the leader of a family is a lot of work, and he wants to avoid that. He does not want to waste time managing a territory, that would only take time that he can use to train and continue improving.

His mother considers her children useless and stupid, except Mei and Kei, who considers them prodigies and true Molfer.

Keis 12 years of life can be summed up in simple words: ”Training and Pain. ” He was even raped once, but he pretends none of it happened.

Kei has tried hard enough to be strong, and his results have been pretty good.

”What class will I be in ?! Will my classmates be powerful?! ”

As he flew, he remembered his mission. He was already 12 years old, the perfect age to begin his mission. The beginning of adolescence.

”Its true… Its my opportunity… Girls with powerful magic will attend school … I must begin my mission… 15 wives… I must do it… You can, Kei … You can. ”

(Pov- Kei.)

My mission will officially begin today. Ive become powerful, I just need to get wives. Thats the hard part. I must do my best!

Ive met a lot of S-class adventurers in my life. Rinia and Chersy are the most powerful, but Rinia is married and Chersy is crazy. Shes a pain addict and shes obsessed with my father. I must avoid Chersy altogether.

Many S-class adventurers are related to the Queen, so I must avoid them as well. If my identity is revealed, Im a dead man.

I must get powerful companions, but not so much. Thanks to my skill [Double Points], I will be able to make them powerful with a lot of training.

Today I will sacrifice my own dignity… I hate the harem, but Ill have to have it if I want to go back to my world.

Parents, aunt, Nia, Ill become what I hate the most, but its for the greater good.

”Ah, I just hope to get kind wives. ”

How long will it take me to get my first wife? I don know, but I have to hurry, time doesn stop, it keeps moving. The faster I begin to make them powerful, the more powerful they will be when the day of the final battle arrives.

But theres another problem as well. The Demon King. The Demon King is a danger to me too.

The Demon King and Fravi… Oh, and heroes. If they catch me, theyll kill me.

I must act with caution.

”Okay, Kei, I know you can do it. Just have faith! ”

Yes… Considering my situation, having faith is what helps me move forward.

I hope everything goes well. The tutorial is over, today begins the difficult… Come on, Kei!

”You can. ”

(Pov- ?)

Wow, wow. I was assigned to Kei and Mei Molfers class, huh?

Mei Molfer, the famous daughter of Sei Molfer. She inherited not only her mothers appearance, she also inherited her grandmothers magical power.

And Kei Molfer, a boy who, despite being a man, is very powerful, even more so than Mei.

”If I can convince him, Akane could experiment with his body. ”

A magical power capable of making even a man powerful. His body and magical power must be special.

”I want to meet him. ”

And watch him suffer.

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