have a beautiful body. ”

Kei caresses her breasts and sweet moans come out of her mouth.

Touches, caresses, kisses, cute words. Kei did everything he knew to do before having sex. He researched that issue so as not to fail when the time came to do so.

For 5 minutes, Kei caressed her, kissed her, said nice things … In short, he made her more horny.

The teacher ended up succumbing to pleasure, and wanted to experience the next step.

As Kei didn take off his pants, she ended up despairing. She removed her underwear and showed him her private part, a sight that impressed and frightened Kei, for his skill turned out to be more powerful than he thought, although he had experimented with his skill in the past, but this was the first time he had gone this far with a woman.

”D-do it … P-put your thing in me … Please. ”

”I think thats enough. ”

”Eh? ”

He walks away from her and stretches.

”I have to go to school, Mei will be mad at me if I take longer. ”

”Huh?! Why?! ”

”I must eat with my sister. ”

”I-I see … C-can we do it later? ”

”No, I must investigate the demons … Maybe well never do it. ”

”I-impossible! Why not?! ”

”Investigating the demons will take me a long time … But… I think you can help me. ”

”M-me? H-how? ”

Kei smiles and walks over to her.

”Join me. Give me all the information you have. If you do, you will become my girlfriend. I guarantee you pleasure, a home and love. Do you accept? ”

”I accept! I will be your girlfriend! I will protect you with my life, darling! ”

Kei smiles and pats her head.

”Thank you. ”

A star-shaped mark appears on her forehead, the mark of a magical familiar.

[Curse detected. Do you want to delete it?]

”A curse…? Yes. ”

[Curse removed.]

[Familiar contract finalized.]

”You are my ”familiar ” now. You can hurt me and you will do what I tell you. ”

”Yes, Ill do that! ”

”I will be in your care from today. ”

”Me too, darling! ”

Kei starts kissing her, and she kisses him too, even more passionately than before.

[Seduce women]. Women who fall in love with Kei cannot hurt him and will do anything to make Kei happy.

Second girl: Drin Freipa.

Race: Demon.

Kei, in his normal form, sits with Mei at a table in the school canteen.

Kei is completely red and nervous. Red with grief and helplessness because he did something ”horrible ”, forced a woman to fall in love with him, but he did it for the sake of his mission. And nervous because he found out something really bad, that affects everyone in the world.

”Whats up, bro? ”

”N-nothing … Im just a little tired. ”

”Eat, you must regain your energy. ”

”Yeah, thanks. ”

Kei closes his eyes and takes a breath.

”This is bad… The demons will attack in 5 years … I must get stronger … At least I got a new companion… And she is a demon… I guess thats good. ”- Kei thought.

Meanwhile, Drin is asleep in Keis bed, recovering.

She was naked and sweaty. It was more than obvious what happened.

”Darling… You are amazing… ”

She was talking in her sleep, confirming her falling in love, because she called him ”darling ”, while she was asleep.

[Seduce women]. A skill so dangerous, that the women of that world are lucky that the owner of that skill is a kind boy and without evil in his heart because, if it were otherwise, a serial rapist would be traveling the world and get away with it.

Kei promised himself only to use his skill when necessary, and if he forced a woman to fall in love with him, he would fall in love with her too and not abandon her.

But Kei never imagined that more women would fall in love with him, even without using his skill.

”Kei… So adorable. ”- Said the librarian, who looked at him from afar.

After school, Kei and Drin were walking together through the huge corridors of the dungeon.

The walls and the floor are made of stone.

Drin is wearing light armor and light clothing. She wears a short black skirt and a white blouse. Her skin is pinkish white and her eyes are blue. Her hair is white and short. The horn disappeared … She looks human. She looks different, as Kei told her to change shape, so that they can walk together and not be suspicious.

”The 34th floor is very quiet … A little too quiet… Demasiado tranquilo que es sospechoso. ”

”Don worry darling, Ill protect you! ”- Drin said, smiling sweetly and raising both fists.

”Remember, Ill fight, I need the points. ”

”Yes, I know… ”

A basket of food appears in her hands.

”Weve been here for 12 hours. Do you want to eat something? I did it with love. ”

Hearing that last word, he remembers Nias words.

( ”The food is delicious as always, Nia. ”

”T-thank you! I did it with love. ”)

”With Love… ”

Kei smiles and sits down on the floor.

”Sure, lets eat something. ”

”Lets eat together, darling! ”

She sits down next to him and takes the food out of the basket.

”By the way, darling, can I ask you something? ”

”Of course. ”

”How did you get so much power? ”

Thats a doubt Drin has had ever since she heard of Kei Molfers existence. Why did a man become powerful? She wonders that, as Kei is a rare existence. Keis father is also powerful, but Keis case is even stranger, due to Keis young age.

If she were another woman, Kei would have replied that he only became powerful thanks to his mothers training, but he decided to tell the whole truth to the companions he got. Trust is only born with the truth. If Kei hides his true purpose and past from her, and if Drin finds out, her trust towards him would disappear. Kei prefers to avoid keeping secrets from people important to him. If he wants Drins trust, he must tell her the truth. Theyve both been talking a lot during the time theyve been in the dungeon, getting to know each other better. Kei realized that Drin was a very kind and polite girl, he feels a great trust for her even though they barely know each other, so he wants to always be honest with her.

”Do you promise not to tell anyone? ”

”I promise! It will be a secret that I will take to my grave! ”

”Thank you… Its okay… I am a summoned hero. As a man, I did not receive any divine power… The Queen of the country called ”Desmol ” sold me for being a man… They tried to **** me, but two of my fellow heroes saved me and I managed to escape … I suffered a reincarnation … I can tell you why, but a God reincarnated me in this body … Thanks to that God, I became strong. I received the power called: ”Double Points ”. I get double the points … Thanks to that, I can improve quickly. I suppose that would be a brief summary of my situation. Ill tell you the whole story later, maybe tomorrow. Its just a precaution, I hope you understand. ”

”A-amazing … My darling is a hero! You are amazing, darling! ”

”Thank you… But it is a secret. ”

”I won tell anyone, darling … I will tell you a secret of mine. ”

”Thats not necessary, don worry, Drin. ”

”No, I want to do it. You told me something very personal … Its my turn. ”

Drin takes a breath.

”I… I… I was a virgin! You were my first time! And Im 2,620 years old! ”

”Eh…? Its true… You can lie to me… G-great! And despite being so old, you
e so young and beautiful! Incredible! ”

”Hehe… Beautiful… Hearing that makes me happy. ”- She said with a sweet smile.

Kei blushes and smiles. For him, she is the most beautiful girl in the world right now … In short, he fell in love. Its a natural crush. That was too fast, but Kei didn think much of it.

”You don look like a demon … You are very adorable… Well, lets eat. ”

”Hope you like it! ”

An arrow was about to pierce Drins head, but Kei realized the attack in time and jumped on Drin, protecting her with his body, although it was not necessary, Drin was about to destroy it with a magical fire attack, but because Kei jumped to protect her, she unconsciously deactivated her magic to let Kei protect her.

The arrow, when it hit Keis body, was destroyed and fell to the ground in pieces.

Drin could only see with admiration a Kei whose body was being surrounded by red rays and his eyes had turned red.

”Darling… ”

”Wed better eat in a safe area, I forgot we
e still in the dungeon. ”

The rays stopped leaving his body and his eyes returned to natural color.

”Oh, that was close, huh? ”

Drin hugged him tightly and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

e my hero, darling! ”

”I-it was nothing, d-don worry. Youd have done the same for me. ”

”Of course I do, darling. ”

Keis shyness returned to his body. Acting too cool or pretending not to be shy has its limits, a limit that has been exceeded for a long time and Kei can no longer hide his shyness.

”W-we d better go to a safe area and enjoy the delicious food. ”

”Lets go! ”

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