he need for a magic formula, which spends time and effort. Kei continues to use magic formulas simply to train his mind, but he doesn need it much.

Kei and Mei raise their hands … In fact, they are the only ones who do. Both have been trained in the same way, so both Mei and Kei can use their magic power freely.

”Come forward, please. ”

Kei and Mei get up and walk over to her. They stand beside her and Mei crosses her arms, while a smile appears on her face. Meanwhile, Kei puts his hands in his pockets, to hide how nervous he is about being seen by so many people.

”What attributes can you use? ”

”All attributes. ”- They both said, as if what they said was the most normal thing in the world, but its the opposite.

”All?!! ”- said all the students frightened and surprised.

It is very rare that someone can use all the magic attributes. Mei can use all attributes because Keis magic was combined with her magic when they were together before they were born.

”I-I see … The rumors were true … You really are Sei Molfers children… Could you give us a demonstration of your magic? ”

”Of course. ”

”With pleasure. ”

Fire completely surrounds Meis body. Mei is an expert in the control of fire magic.

The left half of Keis body is surrounded by ice and his right half is surrounded by fire.

”I can better use my fire magic. ”- Mei said.

”I prefer fire and ice. ”

The teacher was surprised. High-ranking adventurers and nobles in general manage to perfectly control their magical energy, but they do so with years of training, more than 30 on average, but Mei and Kei control it perfectly despite their young age, something impossible to imagine, but it is a reality. There are other similar cases, but Kei and Mei are the only ones registered in that country.

”A-amazing … Kei, your control is perfect … Mei, your control is almost perfect … They are both amazing. ”

They return to normal and Mei puffs up her chest with pride.

”Thanks teacher. ”

”Our mother trained us since we were little. ”

In fact, Kei is a little scared of his mother. From the time they were young kids, she taught them how to use their magic and fight. On several occasions, their mother almost killed them, but fortunately, she is an expert at using healing magic, which saved them from death on more than one occasion.

Kei feels chills remembering that hard training she gave them.

Running for hours, dodging her magic attacks, being used as punching bags, being dumped in dungeons and being forced to clear it. Sei Molfer is known for her hellish training, and since her older children are useless, she didn want Kei and Mei to be useless as well. That is why she devised an even more painful training method. Of course, Kei and Mei were on the verge of dying several times, but thanks to that, they became experts in the use of magic and their physical abilities are very high.

Mei and Kei, remembering their horrible childhood, began to tremble and Mei took him by the hand.

”Brother, I think my fear returned. ”

”Mine too… Our mother really is sadistic. ”

After a long day at school, Kei lies on his bed, ready to enjoy a good nights sleep.

He is too tired, as he has not slept at all. He spent more than 16 hours in the dungeon, and when he finished clearing it, he went to school. In addition, after school, he trained with Mei, which left him even more exhausted than he already was.

”Drin, massage my back, please… Ill do the same for you tomorrow… And please let me use your lap as a pillow. ”

Drin is in her human form, sitting in bed, stroking Keis head.

”Of course, darling. ”

Kei settles onto Drins lap and closes his eyes.

Drin is wearing only underwear, but Kei is too tired to feel shy.

”Your thighs are soft … Very… soft… Tan… suaves… ”

Kei falls asleep and Drin caresses his cheek.

”Hes very cute when he sleeps. ”

”Brother!!! ”

Mei starts knocking loudly on the door of Keis room.

”Brother, the queen invited us to a party tomorrow! Hero Charlotte will be at the party! ”

Kei wakes up frightened immediately upon hearing the latter and gets out of bed nervous.

”Charlotte?! A hero?! ”

”Darling, this is bad. Theyll probably try to take your ring off. ”- Drin said in a low voice.

”Brother, are you awake?! ”

”Drin, Charlotte knows me. Im dead! ”- He said in a low voice.

Kei took a breath and tried to calm down.

”Okay… Kei, no es para tanto… I-I need to calm down and think of something. ”

”Brother, our mother wants to talk to you about the party! ”

”I will not go to the party! ”

”Huh?! What are you talking about?! ”

”I won go! She won force me! ”

”Its a queens party! We must go! ”

”I don want to and no one will force me! ”

”Mother, Kei says he doesn want to go to the party !! ”

”What?!! ”- Sei Molfer yelled angrily, a yell that shook the furniture in the house and shattered the windows.

His mothers yell made him more nervous than he was.

”Drin, return to your animal form. ”

Drin transforms into a cat and Sei Molfer destroys his room door with a kick.

”You don want to go?! ”

Shes furious, and the fire surrounding her body makes her look scarier.

Kei is shaking in fear. He knows its dangerous to go, he doesn want to risk it. Hes terribly afraid of his mother, but hes more afraid of being found out.

”I-I don want to! ”

”The queen told me her daughter wants to talk to you! You will go! ”

”Im sorry, but for secret and personal reasons, Ive decided not to go! Theres nothing you can do! ”

”Ill tell your sister about your secret! ”

”Eh? ”

”Secret? What secret, mother ?! Tell me! ”- Mei said excitedly.

One day, when Kei was training with his mother, they once faced a pack of demonic wolves. One of the wolves, jumping on Kei, the wolf urinated on him. And since his mouth was open, urine entered his mouth.

That was one of Keis grossest experiences.

”Thats playing dirty, mother! ”

”You will go?! ”

Kei really doesn want his sister to find out his dirty secret, besides, he trained a little bit his new ability, ability that he wants to test.

”A-Alright… I will go… Please get out of my room, I need to think of something. ”

”Tomorrow will be the party. Get new clothes. ”

”Yes. ”

Sei leaves his room and Mei walks over to him.

”Tell me your secret, brother! ”

”I won tell you, its a painful secret … Please come out. If you go, Ill go to school with you. ”

”Its a deal, brother! ”

Mei leaves his room and Kei sighs.

”Drin, can you transform into me? ”

”Yes, darling. ”

”Okay, listen, I have a plan. ”

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