n Queen besides being an informant? ”

”I was only an informant, although I worked for a while in a laboratory with Commander Akane, but I was a principal informant. ”

”You were very important… They
e not looking for you? ”

”They can afford to look for weak demons like me, they don want to risk so much. Don worry, darling, well be fine. ”

Drin kissed me on the cheek and smiled at me.

”Yes… We will be. ”

I hope I can protect her.

After showering and changing clothes, Kei left his house.

”I finished my homework and I did my morning exercises… I can go now. ”

Drin, in her cat form, is in his head.

Today is Keis first day off. Students in class S study 3 days and rest 4.

The classes are very complicated and their assignments are difficult too. For obvious reasons, they are left with a lot of homework.

But Kei has no problem with that. Since he was little, he studied all the history, math and magic books that were in the large library at home. Classes that are difficult for others are easy for him. And the homework was finished in an hour.

When he studies, his intelligence increases, and since he has the skill ”Double Points ”, his intelligence increases double.

”It is not fair! ”

Mei hugs Kei by the back.

She is crying, because she wants to go with him, but he said no.

”I want to go with you, brother! I want to go out with you! ”

”I told you, you won go out with me until your homework is done. ”

”I do not understand anything! Help me! Or hand me the homework! Please, brother! Don be mean to your cute and beautiful sister! ”

”If I hand it to you, you won learn anything. And I don have time to help you, my order has already arrived. ”

”Don be mean, brother! I want to go with you! ”

Kei is shocked by those words, as those are the same words that Nia, his cousin, once said to him, and the tone with which Mei and Nia said it, was very similar. So similar that, for a few seconds, Kei saw Mei as Nia.

”N-Nia? ”- Kei thought.

(Some time ago.)

”Don be mean, brother! I want to go with you! ”

Nia was hugging Kei tightly as she cried.

”Nia, the swimming competition will be far away and you have to go to school. You can miss school. ”

”I don care, I want to see you win! ”

”Im sorry, Nia, but you mustn neglect your studies … I know. Nia, if I win, I will dedicate my victory to you and buy you a gift. ”

Nias eyes turn bright upon hearing that tempting offer.

”Really?! ”

”Yes, it is a promise. ”- He said smiling, as he lifted his little finger.

”Thanks, brother! ”Nia said, as her little finger hugged Keis finger.

Kei remembered that scene and was about to shed a tear, but he resisted and avoided it, so as not to worry his sister.

”Mei looks too much like Nia … Zius, I don know if you did this for me, but thank you. ”- He thought smiling.

For Kei, Nia was his best friend. She never judged him when he was fat. Yes, fat. Kei lost his parents in an accident when he was 10 years old. He became depressed and began to eat too much.

The girls considered him ugly and the boys made fun of him.

But Nia never made fun of him. She supported him and was always by his side.

And when two girls made him cry, she helped him train and lose weight.

(Some time ago.)

Kei, 14 years old, was reading a letter.

”You really are very ugly, fat … ”

Kei read a letter that was left on his table.

It was a pink letter with a heart.

He thought it was a love letter, but his heart broke when he read the letter.

”Did you really think it was a love letter ?! ”

”How pathetic you are! ”

Two girls were standing in front of him, laughing, but he just smiled and looked at them.

”Love Letter? I never thought it was. It was obviously a joke letter. By the way … who are you? ”

”Eh? ”

”Im sorry, but I don recognize you … Did you do this? I recommend that you use perfume on the letters, it will be more convincing. ”

”A-are you kidding me? ”

”Eh? kidding? Sorry, I have no talent for jokes … Well, Im leaving. ”

He got up from his seat and walked away from them.

They were the most beautiful and popular girls in his class.

Kei said that so as not to give them the pleasure of seeing him angry or sad.

After getting home, he started crying.

That joke affected him too much … So he decided to lose weight.

For 6 months, Kei dedicated himself to training his body.

With Nias help, he lost weight.

He became attractive, but he didn think so. He still considered himself ugly, but he didn care about that. He just wanted to be slim, he never thought he wanted to be handsome.

And when he entered high school, one of the girls who teased him declared her feelings for him. He thought it was another joke and rejected her immediately, breaking her heart.

And after that, he was declared 4 more times and he also rejected them, thinking that they were also joking with him.

”Well, Mei, I have a deal for you. If you finish the homework, I will do whatever you want. Does that sound like a fair deal? ”

”Whatever I want…? Its a deal, brother! ”

”Im sure shell ask me for a magical dessert or do her homework next time. ”- Kei thought.

But Mei hadn planned to ask for that, she had planned to ask for something else.

”Its my chance to get a kiss from Kei! ”- Mei thought excitedly.

It was a pretty bold request, but if she asked him, Kei would say. ”A kiss? Sure, no problem. ” And he would give her a kiss on the cheek.

Kei would kiss Nia on the cheek when she asked him to, but he thought it was normal to do so, since they were family.

”Well, Im leaving… I will go running, it will be a good exercise. Bye, Mei, when I get back, Ill review your homework. I hope you do well. ”

”I won make a mistake, I promise you! ”- She said proudly.

”Goodbye. ”

Kei runs away quickly and sighs.

Drin, who was on his head, is holding onto Keis hair tightly, while smelling it. The smell of Keis hair is very nice and pretty, so much so that Drin does not tire of smelling it.

”Okay… Drin, we will have our date and then pick up my order. ”

”A date with my darling! I was looking forward to it! ”

”When we get far enough away, you will return to your human form… And put on the glasses I gave you. You look more beautiful with glasses. ”

”B-beautiful ?! Y-yeah, Ill wear the glasses! Ill wear glasses my whole life! ”

”By the way … What did the princess say? ”

”Nothing. After that demons attack, the party was canceled. I couldn talk to her … But Im sure she will try to talk to you again. ”

”I see… And Charlotte? ”

”She left the party after the attack. She no longer suspects you. ”

”Perfect. Todo salió a la perfección. (Everything went perfectly.) ”

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