I was playing in the garden with my bestfriend when a man holding a knife came towards me. Hey you little if you will not come with me i will kill you. I was afraid but it is just the beginning of knowing what i really am. He spotted at me and Abrham replied at once stop you are not qualified to touch Emma. He had an evil laugh. Oh you will tell me what am i supposed to do. You tiny little brat. Stay away or you will be my meat today. I was too terified but i did not want him to harm Abrham so i quickly grab the pipe besides me and hit in his forehead. Run Abrham where are you taking me we don have time to ask questions to eachother just run and so my journey begins.

How are we supposed to live an Island alone. I see you are afraid. Stop making fun Emma i am serious. I am pretty damn serious but you look cute that way. Seriously Emma is this what you are. I am laughing because you always love to say you are a man and now you are feeling terrible. Ok stop making fuss about it. I am not. Exactly, yup; ohh!! come on. Alright anyways we are stuck here. So try to be a man and stop being crazy. let us figure a way out. You can go if you want to but i am not. Why, just why, i am not in the mood to answer you. so please be patient further more try to be quiet I am trying to figure it out what will happen if we will live on an island. What on an Island, I told you before if you are not interested in the way which i am considering right to stay out of the reach of an evil so you can leave. I can not leave you alone like this than respect my level of thinking.

look Abrham is this a snake run!!!!

ohh no what am i going to do. Climb that tree.

I have never climb a tree before but we have to now wait how am i going to climb a tree think of something else. Emma what are you doing with this rock. Emma: wait, ”whaaaaaaaaat are you do…. ”

Did you just kill a snake with a rock.

I think soo.

if you will live here you will soon become an evil.

Than that will be great why girls don have a right to become an evil or its the only habbit of a man to stab a knife in girls heart, order her, make her his servant and wanted her to please him even he disrespects him. Try to spoil her childhood. Why are you just saying all the stuff like that. I was thinking if i could not able to make a move yesterday that is what was going to happen to either to both of us. Why you said both Emma. You will never understand what i mean.

Emma let us set a fire. Abrham you pick up the woods and set a fire i will look for something to eat and found a place to sleep.

Hey, look is not it beautiful. I soon realized how to find happiness when you don even have shelter, food to eat, or clothes to put on.There were beautiful birds and a lot of animals that made us happy.

Even though i was afraid but i try to act bravely infront of him. We took shelter in a cave at our first night. He was suffering from fever the whole night because of agitation. In the morning he could not make it. We tried to help eachother a lot but he died out of terror.

I was alone on the island now. It was so difficult for me how to overcome this situation.I thought i will not make it. God is the one who gives power to men.

I tried to live alone. I visted the island. Recognise the voices of birds. Try to speak with them. And all the time i had a diary and have a habbit to write everything inside it from the day when i came to island. I made friends out of no where. They were parrots, dogs and a monkey. I like cats but they are not loyal and thats why i don think they are worthy of me. It might be strange to hear that monkey is my friend but there is a lot of things you can learn from him like climbing trees and the tricks he use to tackle anyone.

Coco come here let me show you what i got.

Agoo, agoo and here he comes here now see carefully i am going to catch a fish that from alligators mouth. Just jump like that bring you arrow forward and quicly step back.

Hmm now eat it.

Its been two months now. I want to go back. Agoo, Coco was not willing for me to leave that island but i have completed my mission and i have learnt how to survive under a lonely place and now i am already to be a master.

I Emma is now leaving that Island and entering in the world of devils for which i was preparing myself all that time and now i am born ready. But before leaving let me show you what this island taught me. I learnt how to survive if you don have food and when your mind is out of power, knows how to save yourself from a lion who don know how to climb a tree and a snake or a bear who can follow you anywhere, learnt how to be happy while seeing an astonishing scenery, or catch a prey while you are being a prey.

Now this will help me how to survive on a manly island.

Bye bye, I will miss you guys.

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