It was a beautiful morning.The city was still the same. There were trafic on the roads. Everyone was in a rush. She heard a voice Emma is it you. It was her Mom. Where were you Emma a sound of cry and joy at the same time.Mom she cried and ran fast towards her hugged her tight tears were dropping out of her eyes. Do you know Emma how madly i search for you. You will never get it how i slept in all these days. In which condition was i. I kept thinking about you everysingle second.Mom i am sorry. I just run away to save my life.It was difficult for me as well. She looked at Emma and said. You run from home to save your life is this what you just told me. How i mean….. im confused.

Mom do you want me to answer all the questions right now? Don you want to take me home? Should not i tell you the whole story calmly?What you think mom that what happen with me and why i ran is this that i just did it on purpose and tried to make you suffer?

Her mom smile ” let us just go home honey, i will cook some noodles for you and your favourite dish ”.

Ok mom.

She was watching tv when her mom looking at her deep in her thoughts. ”Is there something on my face mom ”. No, why? You are looking at me consistently.May be i. Is everything alright.Yes its good, its preety good. Everything is fine. She sat close to her mom kissed at her forehead and said i know you are worried. I know you are confused and i know you are my best buddy. Mom i know what you are thinking right now. let me tell you the story why i left home and where was i 2 months. The day before me and Abrahm left. A terrible incident happened. I was so afraid that i could die but thanks God for giving me a mind even in unbeliveable situations. You know what really happen was there was a guy who happen to following me for about 2 days but i could not get a chance to tell you i was scared but at that day he tried to make a move and scare me… she told the whole story to her mom. Her mom how was listening to her was in tears. ”I am sorry honey, i am sorry i could not be able to save you ”. ” Its okay! mom, see i am totaly fine. Now i am glad that i kno how to deal with problems and tell the problems that they are messing with a wrong person. A problem messing with another problem. She laughed i like your sense of humor. You know what i am proud to have a daughter like you. A daughter like me while taking the sip of tea she laughed. Why you laugh its a compliment. I know but i just wanted too. You really are insane. I know and she laughed again. Hey whats funny. Nothing mom. So why i just thought why don i laugh. you are crazy.You totally are. Ok, listen you are going to college right from tomorrow. Mom let me spend a day with you. I will go to college a day after tomorrow.Alright. Emma laugh again. No, why do you laugh now i don know. You don know what. How you just get changed that much and you keep saying yes to whatever i say. My daughter you know you are the most precious gem i have in this world and i don want to lose you again.Mom let us just forget about it. She asked her mom but deep down there were something srange story plotting in her mind. No one knows what she was upto. She gave test in a lot of colleges and get a scholarship in one of the best college in that city. She met a girl who was her roommate and a cool friend.A solution to deal with stress. Her name was Riana but Emma used to call her Ram. Ram wake up we you gonna missed up maths class again.What Match class. You already know that team always win the match because of that couple. Ram what the hell are you talking i said maths class not match class i wonder what you are dreaming today get up quickly or else i will be

or else you will look like an angry bull. Right, what you just said. Nothing say it again. Ohh no come on. I said you will look like an angry red bull. They started pillow fight and end up laughing. We are late. Ohh nooooo…, hurry i am ready you better get up early tomorrow if you will not, i will leave you.They went to class after the break while she was doing an assignment Ranz came to her ”Can i borrow your book Emma ” amm ok.

Riana smiled.

Emma ”i hate your smile at that moment ”.

Ram ”what? why? she laughed

Emma ” oh gosh, seriously dude, i mean you better stop your evil thinking.

Ram ” i did not even said anything yet.

Emma ” and i know what are you thinking, just stop it or you better want to die ”.

Ram ” well i will die after knowing this drama it looks super…

Emma ” super what don say anything else..

Ram ”ok boss ”

While Ram was going she accidently droped Mikes notebook.

Can you be little careful.

I am sorry, I did not mean to.

You did not mean to haha…!!

Is not this another way of getting attention. I said i am sorry. It was an accident.

Emma was noticing.

Emma ” Mikes she is sorry for that and it was an accident, its not a big deal ”.

Mike ” you should stay away from my buissness, don you?

Emma ” yes, i should if you were not this evil ”.

Mike ” you are a tough girl.. ”

Emma ” let us go Ram ..

Mike grabed Rams hand and said she can not go now.

Ram ” leave my hand ”

Emma ” leave her hand ”

Mike ”you better stay away from my buisness ”

Emma slaped Mike..

Emma ” you want more, i will give it to you ” ”just leave her hand ” she screamed

Ram was in tears.

Mike was looking like a wild dog.

Mike ” i told you to stay away from things regarding to me, now you have to pay the price Emma ”.

Emma ” pay the price ” she laughed

Emma kicked him hard, punched him,

they had a fight and Emma beat him badly.

Emma ” if you ever do this again you will pay the price for messing with the wrong person, girls are not as fragile as you see and you better not think of me as a girl ”

She grabed Ram ”s hand and walked out of class.

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