a try to walk away but he held her arm.

Emma: Are you letting me go or want a fight.

Mike: look what us she saying. First break my glasses and now want me to let you go.You think its easy. You think its funny.

Emma: i think its neither funny nor easy but i know if you will not let me go you will bear the consequences.

Mike: oh really.

Emma bursted in anger and kick him grab his glasses from the floor and threw them from the window.

Mike: hey, how dare you? Don you know what will happen if anyone entagled with me.

Emma: No, I don know because i am not anyone. I am Emma. It will be hard for you if you enmesh with me in between i will surrender you to death.

Mike: let us see who will win.

She left the party.

Next day she was in the class. Mike came can you teach me the 5th chapter Emma. Emma looking surprise. She asked is this really you?

Mike said why are there any horns on my head or i look funny?

Emma: No, I mean how is this possible a guy like you being nice and even asking for favour.

Mike: So, do you mind?

Emma: No, not at all. I will teach you in free lesson in library.

Mike: Ok.

Emma started to be surprised by his sudden change and start thinking now this is the best way if he started to live near me. May be he will change his attitude.I shall have to remain calm instead of being impulsive that is the best i can do so others will not get affected by his nature.

In the free period she was sitting in the library Mike came and asked her to help him in some topics. While they were reading jasmine came and asked him to go out with him. He refused. Jasmine had a high crush on him. She likes Emma but can not endure if anyone get attached to Mike. She was getting jealous.

Emma asked him to go with her we can continue later but Mike didn wanted to go out and asked Jasmine that they can go some other day.Jasmines anger was on peak. She left without saying a word.Emma observerd that.

Emma: Mike, You should not do that with her. She was not in a good mood.

Mike: Why don she get it i am trying to be nice. I didn like her and she is overacting. Emma: Than may be you can give yourself some time and think about her. She is so serious about you.Can you see.

Mike: Oh man; you still don get it.

Emma: you can share it if you want to

Mike: But first we need to become friends.

Emma: friends (she smiled)

Mike:I am being serious

Emma: i don think so

Mike: yes!

Emma: You should take permission instead of making an order.

Mike: I was not ordering you. Ok, Miss Emma Can we be friends.

Emma: That what gentleman should do. Yes, but at one condition.

Mike: Condition; What is that?

Emma: You will not be to clingy and have to change your habbits if not at least you can try.

Mike: ok i will i promise.

Friends they both shake hands and smile.

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