I am just a weak Prince

welcome to the new word

”where am I? Why is it so dark? The last thing I remember is that I had an accident with a truck. And some teenagers were saying, lucky bastard. ”

”I don understand how it could be a matter of luck to have an accident with a truck. ”

[ installation complete]

what! Where is this voice coming from? What kind of installation? Whose installation is complete?

[Good morning, Chris Wilson. ]

”what! who are you? ”

[ my name is Emma. I am your assistant. ]

what kind of assistant, I do not understand anything. Why is it so dark? why am I not feeling anything?

[Here it is dark and the reason for not feeling anything is coma]

”coma? ”

[you have been in a coma for 6 years]

”6 years!

But there is no one to take care of me. I am an orphan. And I don have any friends either. so whos helping me ”

[ your stepmother is taking care of you ]

” stepmother? I don even know my father, where did my stepmother come from. ”

[ I don see any injury marks on your head. But I think you have lost your memory after the last accident. I reset your memory.]

”Wait. What do you mean by reset memory? Are you listening? ”

[memory reset start]


(I am in someone elses body, in some other world. The name of the owner of this body is also Chris Wilson. Chris is the first prince of the Wilson Dynasty.

His mother was murdered when Chris was only four years old. He begged his father to find his mothers killer, repeatedly. but his father ignore him, and a few months after his mothers departure, his father remarried. Since then, Chris has distanced himself from his father.

Chriss stepmother treated him well, but Eric treated her only as a queen. A year after the wedding, the second prince was born. Prince Henry Wilson.

Chris knew that Henry was not to blame for what happened to his mother, so he treated him well. No one ever told Henry that Chris is his half-brother. Thats why he treated Chris like his real brother. The queen also treated Chris like her own son. But Chris was not happy to see her in his mothers place.

Chris had distanced his father and began to train himself. Chris was hardworking. He practised daily, people called him a genius.

When Chris was 7 years old, he was attacked several times. He survives every time. But his father never took any concrete step. This was only creating hatred towards his father in his heart. But whenever Chris was attacked, his stepmother would come to him every time. But Chris always treated her like a queen. Henry would occasionally come to Chriss palace and play with him.

When Chris was ten years old, he was attacked several times, each time he would survive. But he was badly injured in an attack, since then he is in a coma.)

”If I am in this body, it means I am dead in my world. ”

[What do you mean by my world? ]

” Nothing. How long will it take for me to come out of the coma? ”

[You do not need to worry, today we have met for the first time, so this is our first meeting gift.]

” What is this? a screen? ”

{Name – Chris Wilson

level 0 (normal human)

strength 0, agility 0, stamina 0, intelligence 0, mana 0 ….

status – coma, half paralyse….. }

[ I am not only your assistant but also your system.]

”system? what system? ”

[you will know soon]

(i don feel good about this)

[body recovering starting. remaining 59min 58sec ]

”Mother, when I am big and strong, then I will search those who put my brother in this conditio

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