Difficulty level- A (Hard)

Duration- 2 hours

Reward- Pupillary skill

task fail- Death. }

” Wow, I have just started and you have given me this task. difficulty A. ”

[I do not give the tasks, it comes automatically according to the situation, my job is only to help you and give you information. And I also don understand why you are getting such a difficult task in the beginning. ]

”According to the situation, isn it? ”


”If its according to the situation, well, it means those people have started. ”

[ This is a level A task, don take it as a joke. You have to kill an assassin, an assassin.]

”(smirk) Today Ill show you a classic way to fight a man stronger than me. ”

[Chris wanders through the market without worry and stops at a place in a forest outside the city.]

”I know youve been following me for a long time. come out. ”

[A man came out from behind a tree]

”So our prince knows someone is watching him. ”

”I also know why you came after me ”

”then my job will be easy. Get ready prince. ”

”wait ”

”what ”

” I want to know who hired you ”

”I have some principles, Prince, I can tell you the name of my contractor. ”

”(kneel) Before I die, at least tell me the name of the man who hired you to kill me. ”

”I can tell prince. ”

”I will give double the money you got, just don kill me. ”

”As I said, I have some principles, so all these things will not affect me. ”

”( shout) but I want to live. (kowtow) (crying voice) I..I want to live. I want to live. ”

[Assassin went in front of Chris. Chris is completely bent on the ground.]

”Im sorry Prince, theres no animosity between you and me, Im just doing my job. ”

” That means nothing can happen? ”

”nothing. ”

”so you should be ready ”

”what do you mean? ”

[Chris immediately threw mud in the killers eyes. He got the opening. He immediately took out the knife from his shoe and slashed the killers throat. Assassin died after a few moments of agony.]

{ Task complete

Reward- pupillary skill

155 exp gain

[ Level up]

[ Level up]

[ Level up]

[ Level up]

Level 5 ( 5/300). }

” I feel a little stronger ”

[thats it! a level A task…. complete.]

”Here I was about to die and you are saying, thats it. you know how scared I was. ”

e scared, kidding, you killed a man without hesitation, that too in Level A Difficult. And how do you know someone is following you? ]

”I didn know that someone was following me, I came here and just said those sentences. And he came out. ”

[So it was all part of your plan]

”hmm ”

[What if there was more than one Assassin]

”Didn you say that the system gives tasks according to the situation and its written kill the assassin, not the assassins. ”

[You weren that smart before. And Im surprised to see you calm after killing a human. You have killed a person for the first time and it doesn affect you. Usually, when a person kills another person for the first time, they can not handle themselves for some time.]

”( Maybe the real owner of this body can handle this situation but for me killing a human is like chopping vegetables) Lets see this skill ”

{ pupillary skill }

[It will show the details of the person in front of you]

”interesting. now start ”

[ pupillary skill active]

”my eyes, its….its burning. ”

[Chris looked at Assassin]

{ Name- Luise Hens

Level- 7

Age- 22

Skill- Stealth,

Status- Dead. }

”I like it ”

[ Chris checking the assassins body]

[You must be thinking that this guy is only level 7, so how did this task become level A. let me explain, the system gives task acco….]

” The system gives tasks according to the situation, and it is nearly impossible for a level 1 normal human to kill a level 7 awakener. ”

[its my work to explain. jeez, why are you so smart. what is your plan now]

e already in the woods so Im thinking of going a little deeper. ”


”(at a run) to hunt to raise my level. ”

[Today is going to be a month from the day of assassin task, I am in this world for almost two months, I spend time with mother and henry in the morning whenever the mother is with me and henry, her status shows Happy Henry status shows Hell awake in a month when Henry and mother go back to their respective work, I go out of the castle, the people in the castle look down on me because Im normal, I ignore them and go to the woods. Animals level is too low so its taking time to level up. Surprisingly, there was no attack on me, something must have happened because of which they did not attack me. If they don attack me how will I know anything about them, I didn even get anything from that assassin.]

{ 540 exp gain

[ Level up] }

{. Name- Chris Wilson

Level- 10(normal human)

Age- 16

Skill- pupillary skill

strength 12, agility 11, stamina 10,

intelligence 12, mana 5…. }

[My levels are increasing but my static has stopped increasing at level 5 because I have reached peak human strength.]

[You have reached level 10. A new function is open. Update required to use it. time 16 hours.]

”start update ”

{ remaining time 15 hour 56 sec}

”time to go to the palace. ”

Next Morning

[ The Royal Guard went to Chris]

”His Majesty the King wants your presence ”

”( hmph) that man know Im alive ”

At Royal Court

”( This man who sits on the throne in front of me, my father, King Albert Wilson, who doesn care whether his eldest son dies or not. And his ministers have all been looking at me with a cold gaze.) ”

”We have fixed your marriage with the first princess of the Holy Empire, The Efrain Empire. ”

” what! ”( whats going on? my marriage?)

”You have to leave for Efrain Empire in an hour. Go ahead and prepare. ”

” hah. hahahahaha. now you want to control my life ”

”what? ”

”(shout) now you want to control my life, my future. you want to decide for me. (teary eyes)What did I do to make you play with my life? is my existence make you do this. Is my existence an embarrassment to you?. ”


( silence )

”send the prince from here in an hour ”

[Two Royal Guards came forward and began escorting the prince out of the royal court. ]

” No no. you… you can do this to me, you can do this, leave me, leave me alone. ”

[The tears coming down from Chriss eyes are not because he is sad, they are coming because of his helplessness. because now he cant full fill the promise he made to himself.

a promise of finding the culprit behind the murder of his mother.

a promise to give her stepmother a happy life.]

[ update complete]

(After hearing the news of Chris moving to the Efrain kingdom, Chris mother hugged him and wept loudly, Henry crying too. Only these two people give him the warmth of happiness. Chris got a slight glimpse of his father. her father was watching him leave from behind the window.)

In Carriage

[All this happened in my absence.]

”hmm ”

[According to my data, the Efrain empire is the biggest and most powerful empire on this continent. Why did the Royal Family of such a big empire choose you for their princess?]

”I will find out about that later, but right now this status is bothering me the most. ”

{ Name- Albert Wilson


Age- 40

Skill- ???( your level is two low)

status- sad, heartbroken, guilt, weak,

helpless, depressed…. }

In the palace, Kings room

[Everything is scattered, the king is lying in one corner of the room.]

”Forgive me, my son, forgive your helpless father. I am sending you from tiger den to lions den, at least you won lose your life for few years ”

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