Two days before the wedding

In carriage

A guard knocks on the door of the carriage.

”Prince, today we will stop at Holey village. ”

”When will we reach Montena? (capital of the Efrain Empire) ”

”We will reach by tomorrow. ”

”Hmm. ”

In an Inn

”good night Prince ”

”In a few days, we will get rid of this useless prince. ”

”Speak softly, prince can hear us. ”

”What can he do even if he hears us? ”

[ Ignore them, they are not worth your time.]

”I know ”

Prince entered his room.

”switch to dark knight ”

The armour appears on the prince. He jumped out of the window and then ran towards the jungle.

”Must reach level 20 today ”

{. Name- Chris Wilson

Level- 19( Dark Knight )

Age- 16

Skill- pupillary skill, swordmaster, shadow movement, weapon expertise, More.

strength 24, agility 32, stamina 40,

intelligence 24, mana 50….

Status- Half awaken. }

”If I had gotten higher level beasts, I would have reached level 20. ”

[ Because you don go out of the safe zone.]

”I can get far from the guards and I have to come back before sunrise too. ”

[ task ]

”its been a long time. ”


Difficulty level- C

Duration- 2 hours

Reward- Mystery Box

Task Fail- -8 Level }

”What is this macheta? is this a beast? ”

[I don know.]

”mystery box? ”

[ It gives money, skills, weapons and other things randomly. ]

”hmm ”

”-8 levels, no way. I don want to lose my hard work ”

[ You only have 2 hours, we must hurry. We don even know what macheta is. ]

”(walking) As you said the system gives the task according to the situation, so it means whatever the macheta is, it is around, it can also be a tree, it can also be a beast or (Prince heard something) ….. Can be human too. ”

The prince ran towards where the sound had come from. He sees a light from afar, he jumps on the tree and sees four people talking.

”tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. ”

”Hmm, aaa… what was the name of that village?… Yes, holey village. ”

”macheta has said that after looting the village we… ”

”Macheta. so he is human. Emma, do you remember sew beast? ”

[ You mean the one who had a lot of needles on his back. Yes, I remember, after killing him you were taking needles out of his back and putting them in your gauntlet.]

”( looking at gauntlet) I found something interesting. straighten his hand (pointing the hand straight towards those) I can take them out. ”

[ (mocking) Wow. You discovered something amazing. I didn know you could take things out of storage. ]

”hmm ”

Suddenly the needles came out of the gauntlet (at high speed) and hit the light stone. Darkness fell. Those 4 bandits got panicked.

”Isn it awesome? (proud) ”

[ yeah, it is.]


”what was that? ”

”don…don …. pan.. panicked ”

”stay together ”

”yea….yeah. we should…

the prince is watching them from the tree.

” now what should I use ( looking at gauntlet storage) Daggers, Spear, Axe, Death Sword hmmmmm. No, they are not worth for death sword. whip! ”

”Rem, yo. y…you… are a fire ability awakener, right? ”

” yeah, but Ive already used most of my mana on the hunt ”

”Without fire, we can se….aaah (startle)

(fearfully) s..some…s.. something on…. something wrap.. something wrapping my.. my leg. ”

”calm down Ill..Ill..see. ”

”hurry, aah.

”What now? ”

”its trying to…. aaah (fall on the ground) I don wanna di…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(drag) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ”

”what was that thing? ”

”is it some high-level beast ”

” can be. its a safe zone. ”

” then what was. aah… my…my neck. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(drag) ”

”you bastard, use your damn fire, aah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (drag) ”

”(fearfully) Claw? ”

Rem looks in the direction where Claw is dragged.

He saw two red eyes were looking at him.

(Frightened) Rem collected his last drop of mana and threw the fireball towards the red eyes.

” wh..where did he go? ”

”(raspy voice) behind you ”

Startled, terrified, scared, he looked back and fell.

”pl… please don…don k.kill me. I don..don wanna die. ”

” ( raspy voice) If you don want to die, help me. Will you? ”

”yes, i..I. will help you. ”

” take me to macheta ”

[ how did you do that?]

”what? ”

[ you were in front of him at a moment and suddenly at another moment behind him. ]

”Its the shadow moment, its one of the Dark Knights abilities. When he threw the fireball, I saw his shadow and went behind him ”

[ teleportation?]

”No, its not teleportation. its like….. ”

” Sir. ”

” hmm ”

”we reached ”

” how many are there? ”

”25-30 I guess ”

”stay here. ”

” yes. ”

”(smirk) time to have fun ”

[ Level up ]

[ Level up ]

”why is it so noisy outside? Whats going on? ”

A person came out of the tent and saw his men lying on the ground, and in the distance, a knight was holding a mans neck.

”last, now only the boss remain ( neck creak ) ”

[ careful ]

prince jumped and dodged the shockwave.

”What was that? Even my instinct was telling me it was dangerous ”

”How dare you kill my men? ( angry) ”

(another shockwave) prince dodged.

{. Name – Grahan ( macheta)

Level – 55

Skill – shockwave

Status- Angry, murderous intent. }

”Level 55! isn it a level c task? ”

[I think you don understand how these levels work. (Prince dodges another shockwave) These levels show just how powerful the Awakening Power is. These levels rise only by understanding the skills or power and working hard on them. ]

”Okay, I get it. (sigh) I only have 15 minutes now ”

”(shout) who send you here? imperial court? or that princess ”

”What is he talking about? ”

” First Ill kill you then that witch ”

” no more dodging, Death sword (slash) ”

prince slash in the air and dark light in form of slash, cutting through shockwave, towards machete slashing him in two, destroying machete tent and went to the long distance. ”

{ Task Complete }

[ Level up ]

[ Level up ]

[ Level up ]

[ Level up ]

”thats it. (shocked)

this sword is too overpowered… but why I can move? ”

[ you exhausted all your mana in this slash ]

”Shouldn the Dark Knight generate mana himself? I remember, the dark knight never exhausted his mana because his armour can generate mana himself he has an unlimited supply of mana. ”

[ The Dark Knight has some restrictions. You need to be level 25 to unlock the mana generator.]

” and what level I am? ”


”soooo (shout)unlock it, you moron ”

{ Mana Generator Start }

”I want to go back and take a nap. ”

The prince and his escort reached the palace, as soon as the prince arrived they started making preparations for the wedding.

Wedding Day

Emma, what do you think I should do now? ”

[I think you should run. You can lose your life here.]

”(smirk)Emma, I didn come here to run. ”

[so, why have we come here?]

”hahahahhahahahahahahahah ” (evil Laugh)

[ I am really worried about them ]

someone knocks on the door

”come in ”

A maid came into the room

” (courtesy) Prince, Empress demands your presence. ”

”show me the way ”

The maid leads the prince to the door of the empress room.

”you can go now ”

The maid leaves.

[ Today we will find out why she chose you ]

” I have a rough idea why she chose me. but I would like to hear it from her. ”

[Then what are you waiting for, open the door]

”hmm ”

Prince opened the door…

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