I am just a weak Prince


Prince opened the door.

The prince sees a beautiful woman sitting on the sofa. A young butler stands behind him.

” (courtesy) its my honour to be present in front of the great empress of The Efrain. ”

Empress looked at him with a smile and said ”you are quite handsome. if you aren for my daughter I would have taken you to myself. ”

prince looked at her and said ”its my honour that my appearance is of your liking ” ( my daughter hmph. she especially said those words to saw how much she care about the princess. )

”you are flattering me. come and sit. ”

prince sits on the chair. Empress said, ” have you met princess before? ”

prince reply ” No, it will be my first time to meet her ”

”then, why did she choose you to be her husband? ”

”( what! aren you the one who choose me? ) what do you mean Empress? ”

” I made a list of nobles and royals all around the country and some neighbouring countries. out of all, she chooses you. why? ”

” I don know. ”

Butler takes out the list and gives it to the prince.

the prince read the list.

Empress standup and went near the prince held his hand with affection and said ” I respect her choice. I just want her to be happy. she lost her mother at an early age. she doesn have anyone whom she can depend on. I want you to take care of her, give her the love she deserves. ”

prince looked in her eyes and said ”I will. I will take care of her but, as you already know I am just a weak prince. I am not an awakener, people will look down on me, it will affect princess and royal family reputation. ”

Empress said ” No one will look down on you, you will become part of the Efrain royal family. looking down on you mean looking down on the royal family. you just need to be with the princess and take care of her. if anyone tries to harm you or look down on you I will punish him myself. ”

” ( smile) then I will do my best to support princess. ”

”(smile) just support her and please (holding prince hand tightly) tell me everything what she is doing, how she is, then I can ease my heart without worrying about her. ”

”I can see how much you care about the princess, empress. ill tell you everything how the princess is doing. ”

”you should go now its your wedding time ”

”then Ill take my leave ”

Prince went out of the room.

Empress ask Butler ”have you find anything. special about him ”

”No, I don find anything special. ”

”what about the one who wrote his name on the list? ”.

” I wasn able to find anyone ”

”as long as he gives us information of princess movement, I don care about the one who put his name on the list, but if its a conspiracy against us then…. kill him. ”

prince on a way to his room.

” classic plan ”

[ what plan ]

”she wants to use me as a spy on the princess. ”

[ did you had the idea that she will use you as a spy ]

”yeah I had the idea, she will try to use me against the princess, but I am kind of disappoint with her. ”


”I was hoping for something else because its a classic plan you can see this plan in many movies and tv programs. ”

[what movie? what tv pro.. something?]

”forget it ”

At Wedding.

only a few people are present. two people from the temple, Empress and her Butler, royal guards who escort prince from his country, some maids and servants, and Few Efrain royal guard.

prince is on the front waiting for the princess.

[ what is your plan?]

” nothing special, using the power of Efrain empire, earn a big sum of money, making big contacts, building my power, politically and physically, divorce, going back to my country and then further. ”

princess enters the hall.

[ she is here, aren you going to look.]

” Ill see her anyway, whats the point if I see her now or a little later. ”

[ she is behind you]

prince looked back and move his hand forward. a hand come and held his hand gently. both of them looking each others eyes, both aren moving as if time stops for them. suddenly a word comes about from the princes mouth in a very low voice ”Char ”. princess heard, she smile, look down and reply ”hmm ”





wedding ceremony complete.

[what happened? you don look like your usual self. ]

”what do you mean? ”

[ you were smiling in the whole ceremony, and not just you, that girl were smiling too. ]

” be respectful she is my wife now ”

[ hey, what happened to you? you are going to divorce her in future anyway. why take it seriously? ]

”divorce? whats that? that word doesn exist in my dictionary ”

[but, you were the one that said divorce. ]

” I throw my old dictionary, I have new now. ”

[what about the plan?]

”Ill think about it. ”

everyone present at the hall is congratulating me and the princess. I can see the fake happiness on their face. The only people who are genially happy were my escort guards. not because of my wedding, they are happy because now they can go back to their family. At least I can see the real happiness.

Prince and princess get in the carriage. carriage star moving. in carriage Prince and princess sit beside each other. both are silent thinking about how to start the conversation.

prince said.

”where are we going ”

”to meat father ”

”father, emperor? ”

” hmm ”

”Why didn he come to the wedding ”

”I don know. he said after the wedding comes straight to meat me. ”

prince and princess reached the royal palace. Emperor is waiting for them in the royal garden.

At the centre of the garden a round table is set up. emperor sitting on the chair looking at the entry point of the garden.

prince and princess enter.

”father ”

”my sweetheart (happily rushing to hug her) ”

”(princess dodged) behave yourself, father (serious face) ”

”(childish) so its true when girls get married they forget their father ”

”(serious) father, Chris is here too. ”

”(Emperor looked at Chris aggressively) so you are the reason that she doesn want me anymore. I won ..aaaaa ”

”(princess grabbed emperors ear.) father, he is your son in low, behave yourself. ”

”don worry, I am just playing around ”

”you are not a kid, and don even think of doing anything to him ”

”ok, I won . leave him to me and go meet your uncle. ”

”No, I am not leaving him to you. ”

” please ”

” No ”

” (little voice) Or Ill tell him how you were dreaming about marrying him. ”

”you.. ”

” I promise I won do anything to him ”

princess went to the prince and said ” I am going to meet my uncle. if he does anything to you just tell me ” prince reply ”ok ”

princess leave the garden.

Emperor looking at the prince.

”(courtesy) its my Honor to be in presence of the emperor (little bow) ( suddenly prince felt something I felt something. Emma said [ I felt too ] ) ”

prince take a little glance at the emperor. emperor smirking and said ” emperor? call me father ”

”yes, father. ”

” thats my boy. come with me. ”

emperor take him to the table both sit on a chair facing each other.

” have some tea ”

”thank you ”

”hows that old man? ”

prince remembered his father status.

{status- sad, heartbroken, guilt, weak,

helpless, depressed…. }

” he is good. ”

”its been a long time since I last see you. you become tall and more handsome ”

”yeah, its been a long time. ”

” I still remembered that time when you two were holding each hand looking at each other, promising to become stronger and protect each other ”

”(indifferent) yeah we did promise ”

” (looking indifferent expression of Chris) who would have known you both will get married so soon. now I am just hoping for cute little grandchil… ”

”what are you planning? ”

”what! ”

”Empress gave me the list of marriage candidates. I noticed something, some of the candidates are close to the empress and the remaining are from weak noble families.

Empress and I don have any connection directly or indirectly.

the ink that is used in writing my name is different. not just ink, the handwriting was different too.

it means someone else wrote my name on the list and there are only two people who know and had a connection with me. so the one who writes my name on the list is either Charlotte or YOU.


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