“Handsome, upright, and righteous man.”

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People say that such a man is a prince or unicorn in fairy tales.

But they won’t know how hard it is to live as the unicorn’s wife.

Unicorns should just be kept in fantasy.

One day when I returned to the past 22 years ago, I made up my mind.

I will never marry a male friend who became my ex-husband!

* * *

8 years old

This age was an age when one could correct many things.
Of course, knowing the future is an obvious thing to have.

Gerald Logan.

In fact, he was a man who didn’t lack anything.

Born as the eldest son of a craftsman, he was smart, has a good personality, and has a perfect appearance.
There was a reason why people picked him as the No.
1 groom.

And I was one of the people who thought so.

Gerald was a good friend, who was handsome and thoughtful inside.
He listened to my concerns well and used to provide good advices.
In addition, he stood by me whenever I was struggling and sick.

It only costed me a moment to fall for him, who was friendly, handsome and calm.

I thought he loved me.

But it was just an illusion.

He didn’t love me, he just showed his courtesy to me, who was naturally set as a partner.

I was alone throughout my marriage with him.

He was kind to everyone and treated them like a good friend.

Gerald was special to me because I was his first marriage.

He has been a just and thoughtful friend to me throughout my marriage.

Yes, a friend.

But who marries a friend?

This guy would be a snitch.
Or a crab.

I thought it would be less miserable to put more weight on the latter.

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During our eight-year marriage, he had never slept with me.
Until I announce my divorce! He’s really a unicorn.

He must only need air to live and survive!

It was all because of him that made me suffer!

On my 8th birthday, I received a proposal from Duke Logan.

I couldn’t sleep at the thought of getting engaged to a handsome man like him because I was young, and I tossed and turned all night.
I even fell asleep hugging the proposal.

Everyone around my age envied me.

The aristocrats’ children were supposed to decide on their own by this age, so it was natural for the children to envy me with the best boy as my fiance.

But they wouldn’t have known either.
I didn’t know I would have an unknown battle for eight years after I got married.

I stood in front of the fireplace with an invitation in my hand.


My mom called me with a surprised face.
She knew that I’d like it.
I lived at home with only stories about him.

But not anymore.

I threw the proposal into the fireplace.

“Mom and dad.
I don’t like Gerald! I’d rather live with you forever than get engaged with him!”

My brother and I were enemies who fought whenever we met.

When I stepped on his feet, he pulled my hair.

Perhaps because the two of us were only two-year-old siblings, we ignored our mother’s words and fought like no other.
I said I would live with my family forever.
It was something that Mom and Dad could jump up and down in surprise.

“Hey, ugly.
Are you crazy? Why would I stay with you for the rest of my life? Oh my god!”

My older brother, who was spitting out an unpleasant words at me, kicked my father in the buttocks.

I boldly cut off the relationship between me and him on my 8th birthday.

You’re out now!

* * *

Gerald Logan.

He made me know that if you were too miserable, you might want to die.

Others thought we were a good couple.
Gerald didn’t look at other women and didn’t even talk to them.

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I had a reasonable doubt.
It was possible that  had been engaged with someone else unknowingly for eight years.
Easy for him to set up another house.

Of course, I went through that process, too.

I asked my mom to put someone on him secretly.

‘Lulu, this is really undesirable.
Gerald wouldn’t like it if he knew.’

My mom didn’t want to, but she listened to my request and did it.
It was enough to listen to Gerald’s paradox in front of me, where my mother was upset, so it was proved that his worthlessness penetrated the sky and penetrated the ground.

Anyway, I stubbornly hired men to stalk him.….

If he was really a crab for cheating on me, I was going to let him go clean.

Of course, I would have t

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