know you’d be better off than anyone else, brother.

I jumped on my brother’s back with sudden soaring affection.

“Argh! The pig is trying to kill a person!”

Of course, he was still that annoying peanut kind of a brother.

It was a moment when affection turned into hatred.

Die, older brother!

* * *

It was not until I had a long physical fight with my brother that I could return home.
My mom sighed when she saw us in a mess.

However, she no longer forced me to tell him “I love you” or to kiss him on the cheek.

I had a pretty long day, so I was lying in bed rubbing my stomach after dinner.

The door opened slightly.


It was my older brother’s small head that rose through the open door.
Alexid had muffled hair because I pulled his hair so much earlier.

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“Hey, ugly.
Are you sleeping?”

“I’m sleeping.”

“How can you sleep while talking?”

My brother quickly came inside and jumped up to my bed.

“What is it?”

I opened my eyes and looked at my brother.
I was still contemplating whether to tell my mom that I want to meet Gerald tomorrow.
So why was Alexid here?

Still, I thought it would be better to persuade Gerald than to deceive someone.

Gerald was a right and honest man.

If it didn’t violate justice, he’ll do me a favor.

Come to think of it, it’s better to be friends with him.

“Hey, ugly.”

What’s wrong with this peanut brother?


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About what you said earlier.”

My brother waved my arm.

“What are you talking about”?

“Talking about our dad! Is he sick? Really?

You’re such an innocent and cute guy. It seemed that he came here like this because he was anxious about it.


Dad was a hero to me and Alexid.
He lost to our mother every day, but he was always there for us and lifted us, gave us a ride on his shoulders, and sat in a seat leading the Imperial Order.
The way he inspired others to do great things was amazing.
An upright knight.
He was a cool and amazing father and a righteous knight to the country.
We were proud of him.

Just as our family served as the head of the knight for generations, my father did too.

He was the strongest person we’ve known.

He was like that to us.

I can’t believe our amazing dad died of a certain disease.
Perhaps it was quite a shock to young Alexid.

Because he had always told everyone several times a day that he would become a cool man like our father.
He had never been tired to tell everyone that he would.

He swallowed a sigh and tapped the seat next to him.

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