Logan Residence

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I thought the fight would last long, but fortunately, it seemed that it was not too bad.
I sighed.

“When do you think you’ll have time, Jeje?” The duchess asked Gerald.
In the Logan family, there was a custom that children’s opinions must be respected.

That’s why she asked Gerald, who is still young, if his schedule permitted him to do something.

Louella was perfect.
She wanted them to end up together and well.

Being considerate and cherishing each other.

Being affectionate with one another.

Suddenly, she thought of a husband entering the room only after undressing in bed.
Gerald didn’t seem like someone who could show that kind of a passionate love.

The duchess shook her head.

“Today is good, and so is tomorrow.

“It’s late today, and I’ll write to you that you will visit tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Gerald answered politely and looked up at the Duchess with a clear gaze.

No matter how much she thought of it, he definitely looks like his father.

The duchess wanted to have a cute, adorable, and lively daughter like Lulu .
She wanted to have such a daughter-in-law because she already was doomed in this life.

The duchess said out of regret, “You have to be nice to Louella, Gerald.
Louella looks like a delicate glass doll.
Gerald’s little mistake might break it.”

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Gerald nodded.

“You have to show others how much you love them, how much you value and cherish them.”  The duchess said sternly, “You can do it my son, right?

“Yes, mother.
I’ll always keep that in mind.”

The duchess patted Gerald’s head, who seemed to be living his second life.

He’s nice, too.

The duchess hugged Gerald tightly and patted her child.

Mom only believes in Gerald!”

A delicate glass doll.

That vulnerability that might break at any time.

Cute Louella was someone who shouldn’t be treated carelessly by anyone.

Gerald must have thought that nothing was strange about it because she heard it from the duchess every time.

Gerald blinked.
Their gazes met and the transparent look in Gerald’s eyes remained staring at a distance.

“Yes, mother.”

What kind of gift should we prepare tomorrow? What do you think Lulu will like the most?”

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“I think it would be good to take cookies by type.
I think I saw her eat it well not too long ago.”

“That’s a good idea.
I think a cake would be good, too.”

“Cake is a cake with a cherry on top.”

“That’s a good idea.” The duchess replied with a smile.
“Just in time, high-quality cherries came from the southern farm.
Then, mom should go to the kitchen.”

“Yes, mother,” Gerald replied slowly.

The duchess thought, I think I know what Louella wants to meet tomorrow.

* * *


Unicorns remained the same.

Innocent, mysterious, and beautiful like an animal that exists in fantasy.

Gerald Logan.

His eyes were sparkling brightly, and he looked like a Greek God, or even a statue carefully made by God.

Even though he is still eight years old, his handsomeness still didn’t disappear at all.

“I was possessed by that.”

After that, I rubbed my eyes so hard.
There must have been something wrong with me again.

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First of all, I have to focus on something else.


I was confused about how to talk about the Academy and Nisephor.

“Eat slowly, Lulu.”


In fact, my mouth was busier than my head.
In front of me was a beautiful-looking chocolate cake and cherries on top.
Its chocolate sponge cake layers and whipped cream topped with tart cherries give it a distinct sweet-tart flavor.
I was more amazed by how the taste was making me eat more than I should!  The richly chocolaty from the dark cocoa powder used in the cake using tart cherries definitely blended well.

Wow, the cake is really good!

This opportunity was rare because my mom was thoroughly excluding sweet foods, saying it was for my health.

The whipped cream cake with cherries on it is a cake that I will always love.

What a fantastic combination of sour and sweet cherries and rich cream.

Yum, yum.

“It’s not good to eat at once.
 You have to eat slowly.”

Gerald was still the nagging king that he had always been.

“Sit straight and eat, Lulu.
You’ll get indigestion.”

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He was a nagging king, but in this life, he is still.
People really don’t change easily.

“You’ll get indigestion.”

Even his habit of speaking with me is still the same.

Fortunately, I had already moved on.
Seeing him all the time didn’t make me lose my appetite anymore.
I have to focus on what’s in front of me! And that is the feeling of ecstasy of eating such a delicious-looking cake.

Again today, the nutty Alexid, who chased his dad to work like a kangaroo, returned.

“Hey, pig! You’re here!”

Since that day, seeing him cry out of sadness moved me.
But now, seeing him filled with happiness thinking that he did something incredible was a mistake.

Seeing him smile made my blood boil in anger.

The enemies of my life gathered together.

Alexid Leander and Gerald Logan.

What was the relationship between the two enemies before my return?

Boom boom boom!

Alexid is the enemy that is of my blood who came from the same family.
Gerald, the enemy who is now a stranger to me.

Obviously, the relationship between the two of them was very good.
Born into the Logan family, Gerald was interested in swords.

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