Was it around this time that Alexid began training in the Imperial Order? I can’t remember it very well.

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The Knights’ Corps collects children who want to properly practice swordsmanship and officially conduct classes.

I remember Alexid used to be an honor student there.

Of course, it was natural for children of the Leander family.

I wasn’t trained because I wasn’t interested in swords at all in the first place, but Alexid liked them since he was young.
Wiggling a wooden sword.

“Again, saliva! Hahahaha!”

It feels like yesterday when I saw him smile so brightly.
You’ve grown up a lot, Alexid.

I used to take the wooden sword away and use it to beat Alexid.
He would use another wooden sword to fight me with.
It’s a very fun memory.

Anyway, you’re getting trained now, peanut kind of a brother?

It could be a good thing.
I’ll be able to keep Alexid next to my dad and monitor him as well.

“I’m the youngest.”

It was when Alexid raised his head.
Gerald raised his hand honestly with his red cheeks, “Me too.”

“What?” Alexid furrowed his brows.

“I’m getting trained too, Alexid.
I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


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I could see a stone rolling over Alexid’s head.

Alexid wrapped the ball with his mouth open.

He looked like he wanted to deny that Gerald, who was younger than him, had already been trained.
Gerald was around this time, too.

Anyway, Alexid seemed to be shocked that he was not the “youngest” one to train in the Imperial Order.

“No way .

“I asked my dad for a favor and that I wanted to come into the imperial order as well, and he did.”

Gerald lowered his hand properly.

It looked pure when he lowered his head like that.

“It is because there is actually a higher limit of training in the Logan family.”

Upon hearing Gerald’s luxurious and mature response, Alexid’s ears turned red.
“Oh, I’m going to ask my dad”.

Alexid left again in just a matter of time.

Anyway, he’s not that loud.
Still, the situation went well in many ways.
Alexid will be trained with the Knights, so it will be easy to notice if there is something wrong with our dad.

It’s been a while since you’ve done something commendable, my peanut brother.

“Alexid seems to be in a bad mood because of me,” Gerald said as though he was in trouble.
Not that he really cared anyway.

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“It’s okay.
He can be worse,” I replied.

After shrugging his shoulders, he put the last piece of the cake in his mouth with the fork he put down earlier.

Oh, it’s melting.

“Why did you call me?”

Gerald’s smooth face was shining under the light.
He was still the unicorn I knew that existed in fantasies.
I should get myself back together.

“That’s what I wanted to say.”

Should I just say that Alexid lost his mind and couldn’t decide how to start talking so I started to call for his help?

What else could I say?

Let me be with you.

This isn’t right.
Why would I want myself to be him?

There’s someone I want to be close to.

It’s not a bad start.

Well, we can just say that it’s true.

“Well, Gerald, I have a favor to ask of you.”

Suddenly, I regret eating the delicious cake with whipped cream by myself so far.

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I should have recommended Gerald to take a bite.

After all, I can’t spit on a smiling, handsome face.

“Say anything, Lulu,” he answered.

“There’s someone I want to be close to at the academy.
Can you send that someone a letter on behalf of me?”

He will accept it .

Gerald in his childhood had never refused my request.
Therefore, it was a question that I was confident in.

“Hmm .
.” he trailed off, tilting his head and raising his brow.
“Then what are you going to do for me?”

What? What does this mean?

Is that what the unicorn said right now?


“My mother told me that I should do whatever my wife asks me to do, whatever it is.
But Lulu is no longer my wife.”

Well, that’s true.

“If you do me a favor, I’ll do you a favor, too.” I insisted.
I should not let myself lose in front of a kid.

His round blinking eyes are so pretty.
He was still pretty handsome even at this annoying moment.

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Is it because I’m young that I’m still seduced by his coolness and handsomeness? Or is it because I’m almost out of my mind?

Eventually, he nodded as if he was possessed by a spirit.
He appeared to look like he won’t accept it but he did anyway.

It’s not that great to ask for a favor from a child as young as him.

He’s still 8 years old.

“What is it?” He smiled softly.
“I’m curious.”

“I’ll tell you later.”

Later? There’s no such thing.

Wipe your mouth first.

* * *

Gerald said he would visit my house again as soon as he received a reply.

Still, in return for accepting my request, I was going to have dinner with him, but Gerald went back without having dinner because it was not polite to do so for my family.

As expected of a unicorn.

I’ve never seen him out of his league.
He had always been so consistent that it was sickening.

Thanks to that, he couldn’t take off my clothes once.
Or have a passionate night with me.

Whatever it was, I didn’t really want a crack of the relationship between Gerald and Alexid because of me.

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