Where would noble boys of their age be common?

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Together with their family.

As Alexid trained with Gerald, he begged me every day.

“Pig! You have to marry Gerald.”

“Be a family with Gerald.”’

As if he was born in this world to brainwash me.

But it wasn’t the time yet, and traces of Gerald’s visit remained intact in my house, in my heart, and in my mind.

Alexid was dreaming of conspiring with our dad to stop Gerald from coming to the Knights

Young Alexid was full of cuteness and talent.

“Dad, cheer up! There’s a seed! Dad, cheer up!” Alexid sang with a cute dance.

This is really .
It’s a terrible thing.

“Lulu, aren’t you going to do it roo?”

My mom poked me in the back when she came to meet my dad.

I don’t think I can, mom.

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I’m sorry.

I shook my head quickly and awkwardly laughed, “I can’t do that mom.”

“Why? Lulu is good at it, too.” Mom smiled brightly.

I did something like that? That can’t be .

I really did it.
Really shamelessly, I was a child who could do whatever it is for our selfishness.

My mom pushed me on the back and eventually, I had to go on a shameful stage.
I couldn’t let go of my father’s anticipated eyes.

“Oh, dad .
Cheer up! Lulu .
Is here for you.”

I choked on my saliva.
What am I doing after turning thirty?

* * *

My house was more harmonious than other noble families.

Even though they were nobility, my parents did not demand strict etiquette from me and Alexid.

My mother was the royal daughter of the Turantot Kingdom.
Turantot’s etiquette was freer than the empire, and my mother wanted us to experience many things more freely.

Is it because of that that we were more cute, lovely, and friendly among others?

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Alexid and I were especially cute and active among peers.

I’m just saying that this isn’t unusual.

I am eight years old.

An eight-year-old kid.

So, something embarrassing .


I struggled and kicked the blanket into the air.
How can you say “Dad, cheer up” after turning 30? This was as humiliating as a kiss on the cheek! Do you know?

The actions I did earlier were repeating in my head to the point where I couldn’t sleep.
If I were an adult, I would drink a lot of red wine or white wine to erase my memory of doing that.

But I can’t.

“Crying .

Of course, it was good to see my dad happy, kissing me and Alexid.
The last thing I remember about my dad was.

Let’s not think about it.

Anyway, my dad’s bright smile today made me feel better.

Although Alexid begged our dad to cancel Gerald’s acceptance in the imperial order.

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Dad said it was impossible because public and private matters must be thorough.

Gerald has the talent to be trained in the Order.


Morning, evening, and dawn.
Considering how he carried a sword and swung it several times a day, Gerald could never be without talent.
He was hardworking and passionate.

Usually, one would reach the level of Sword Master in their late thirties, but Gerald reached the level of Sword Master at the age of twenty-five.

That’s how amazing he was.

In fact, I don’t understand why he worked so hard even though he was not a knight.

That unicorn is still even perfect in physical strength and swordsmanship.

Except for night time activities.

It was clear that he was completely exhausted from sexual desire.
It was as if he never had that at all.
If he had spent that energy on our marriage, wouldn’t we already have had a pretty baby and had a strong marital relationship? As expected, there is no way I’m marrying a childhood friend.

Anyway, Gerald and Alexid were training together.

Alexid boasted to me that I should trust him, that he’s confident in keeping an eye on our dad.

Still, if I had today’s income, it was the fact that I sent a letter to “him” who was attending the Nippler Academy.

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Gerald said he would stop by the Nippler Academy to deliver a letter to him on the pretext of seeing his grandfather today.

My heart beat so fast.
I’m so excited.

I have to save my dad this time.”

I blinked while drooping and closed my eyes tightly.

I think I was a little sad when Alexid’s back, which was wide enough to carry me on his back, became smaller and shorter than my dad’s height.

Because I had to admit that my dad, who was the biggest and greatest in the world, was actually an ordinary human being.

I also had to learn that my dad could cry and get sick.

Was it when I was in puberty?

That wasn’t the case, but I once said something I shouldn’t have told my dad.

“What does dad know? If you hate me that much, you don’t have to look at me.
Why do you keep interrupting me?’”

I don’t even remember why.
At that time, “I” was more important than anything else.

That day, I saw my father hurt for the first time.

“Oh .

Gerald scolded me a lot then.

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