o kick him in his balls.

Just the thought of him cheating seemed to make me feel nauseous, hurt my pride, to the point of having dark circles, but I still went on.

I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him for a long time anyway, so I thought it wouldn’t be bad that he was cheating on me.

Then I’ll be able to completely abandon him and make a fresh start.

I comforted myself like that…….

This guy.



Yellow Castle.


Yellow Castle.

Sometimes banquet hall.


Yellow Castle.

Meeting friends sometimes.

I heard there’s no aristocrat who doesn’t get the dust out from shaking it off.….
Even for him, who served as chairman of the memorial service and served instead of the prime minister, there was nothing to be shaken by the wind, let alone dust.

Proof that you’re meeting someone else?

Once again, I was able to realize the integrity of him.

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It was something evident in this eara.

How limited the people I meet are.
Of the few people who were related and knew him in a personal level, there was no reason to meet him privately.

Of course, there was no identity in any relationship.

In addition, I always accompanied the banquet hall and my friends’ meeting.….

This is, well…

It’s not fun, and it’s not something savory as well with no seasoning as well.

How should I express this…….
It’s like meatball spaghetti without meatballs.

Anyway, I couldn’t find any flaws in him.

So next, I decided to explore different kinds of things.

I became curious about him who has been a friend for me all his life and a husband for eight years.

I hired a doctor.

Using the medical examination as an excuse, I secretly paid a the doctor with a lot of money.

‘I want to know my husband’s ability as a man.’

I still remember the face of the doctor who smiled happily at me when I said those words with a burning sweet potato-like face.

‘I’m specialized in this kind of thing.’

What’s your specialty?

“Wives often visit me.
They said that once you eat it, you have to eat it twice.’

What the hell?

“This is a mysterious medicine that makes the dying man stand up quickly…”

If it won’t work, this would be a scam.

Once I had that medical checkup, I decided to buy medicine from the doctor.

Was my body sweet?

Of course, I was still the same.
In fact, before returning, I was a very healthy 30-year-old woman.

But it was my heart that made me nervous more than that.
If he can’t love me forever even though he swore eternal love, then it would be better to let him go.

I also didn’t want to waste my whole life next to him.

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I wanted to try warm, passionate love for the rest of my life.

It was like that…

The doctor told me with a proud face.

“As a wife, you don’t have to worry at all! Everything is perfect…….
He’s perfectly healthy!’

What did the doctor say?

Anyway, I bought the “mysterious medicine” because I didn’t fully trust the doctor.
And I kept putting it in the food he ate…….

It was clear that the doctor sold me fake medicine.

My teeth are grinding even now.

He didn’t react at all!

There was something healthier.
The man, who had already swung his sword day and night, has now begun swinging it even at dawn!

He was really healthy to the point that it was sickening!

I realized that I became hopeless the more methods I choose to take, and I thought it was right for me to finally take the final decision.

So I notified you of my divorce, but now that I’m 8 years old…….

“Promise me!”

Is it engagement or marriage?

It was natural thing that I didn’t want to have such a relationship with him again.
This was an opportunity God gave me.

To escape from the unicorn! This time, I wanted to meet a man who would love me very passionately!

Even though I expressed my intention not to get engaged several times after I turned eight, my parents took my words as a joke.

Even when I burned the proposal.

This workshop has already lasted for three days.
If so, there is only one way left.

I will do anything to break this engagement.

I can feel my parents’ bewildered face when they saw me struggling with tears and runny nose.

My mother gently comforted me.

“Lulu, didn’t you like Zeze? You said that you liked him best!”

That’s an old story! Haven’t you already realized that my marriage with him is as bland as an unsalted Aglio Oglio?

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