“I’m sorry!”

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I put my hands together and prayed.
I never imagined that I would face the thinking chair again.
I think I have already graduated from staying there at the age of thirteen! I’ve already turned thirty!

This isn’t right! It’s super humiliating!

I don’t think Lulu means it at all.”

That’s it .
It’s because I have an enemy who shares the same family name! Can’t I just erase this enemy into my family register?

“Mom .

But my mom left me and Aleid in the room of thought.
The thinking room, the thinking chair.
Whatever it is.

If you don’t sit calmly until an hour has passed, you’ll really get in big trouble.

Whoo .

I’m doing everything I can at this age because there’s nothing else I could do!

I’m going to dig up my family register or something like that.

I have to hurry back to my room and open a letter from Nippler.
I was wondering what kind of answer “he” would have given me.

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If this doesn’t work, I should search for the development of Nisephor’s treatment.
However, there hasn’t been any treatment developed until then.

So this is my biggest hope.

I wanted to change my future this time.

Alexid sat in a chair with his arms folded and his head turned around.
I didn’t intend to talk to that peanut kid today.
How dare you glare at a thirty year old like me?

I felt Alexid sitting next to me, too.
The distance between me and Alexid was close because the two thinking chairs were closely attached.
He didn’t seem to like it either.
And I didn’t even like it at all!

“Don’t come over here.
If you come over, I’ll kill you! This space is mine!”

He pointed to a gap between the chairs.

“Don’t go over it! If you come over, it’s all mine!”

I don’t want to be this childish, but it hurts my pride not to return the childishness I had as much as I received it.

At my cry, Alexid pouted his lips and turned his head away.
Of course, I did the same thing.

Hmph! So annoying!

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My feet trembled with nervousness.

I have to go back to my room soon.

As I was spacing out, what happened today played back in my head.
Gerald asked me to grant his wish and asked me to get engaged with him, and I firmly refused.

I thought it would be nice.
It was Gerald who had rejected me and turned a blind eye to me so far back then when we were married.

But when I saw Gerald’s face turning pale, I realized one thing.

It was not a very pleasant feeling at all.

What’s wrong with you, Gerald?

I think it was because I have never asked him the question.

I forgot my shame and cried and asked Gerald.
Was it just before the news of the outbreak was revealed? The seven years of hunting reasons why he was acting that way made me feel exhausted.

Why couldn’t I ask in the meantime?

Because Gerald was still in my heart at that time.
I couldn’t ask because I knew it myself that if he rejected me, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Do you hate me?

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Do you not see me as a woman?

I liked Gerald so much to ask such a miserable question.

And on the seventh wedding anniversary, thanks to the person who gave me roses affectionately, I couldn’t hold it in.

Why on earth are you turning a blind eye to me and acting as if I’m not your wife when you take care of all the wedding anniversaries that other husbands forget?

“You don’t like me? Am I that terrible?” I had trailed off.
“I .

In the end, I couldn’t even say what I had to say and burst into tears like a fool.

“I .
You can’t see me as a woman?”

“It’s not like that, Lulu.”

With a surprised look on his face, Gerald hugged me in his arms and patted me.
The roses in my arms were sandwiched between the two of us and turned into a mess.
The thick rose scent was dizzyingly sweet.

“It’s really not like that.”

There was definitely affection in the friendly voice.
Unless it’s my illusion.

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I thought Gerald might kiss me then.
It might have been my last expectation.
However, his lips only touched my forehead.

It was a very reverent and pure kiss.

But now, why?

What made Gerald want to be engaged to me?

Maybe it’s a promise between the two families, so I’ll think I’m making a light whim again.
Gerald probably doesn’t know about the future.

But you and I should never do it again in this life.

A new start?

That can’t be possible.
The fact that he’s still him and I’m still me doesn’t make any difference.

But after making a very big mistake, I didn’t notice that my finger crossed the gap because I was thinking hard.

“Oi, this is my space! You know that! You can cut it for me right now!” Alexid said meanly to me.

The first person to break up with me was not Gerald, who is a unicorn, but this enemy who shares the same surname as I am.

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