“What? How can I cut my finger? You idiot!”

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“Why can’t you cut it? This finger is mine now! Just move as I tell you to!”

Calm down.

He’s ten years old.
He’s only ten years old! I’m eight years old, don’t forget that!

Besides, isn’t it simple, ignorant Alexid?


Alexid pretended to cut my finger.

“From here to here, it’s .
.” he said, trailing off.

You want to try it?

Alexid, who came over while pretending to be cutting my hand, pulled my whole arm.
Then, he pretended to cut it off my forearm as well.

“That’s all for me! It’s over! Oh, oh! Your whole body is mine, too!”

“What? That’s cheating!”

He pulled me and that was when all hell broke loose.

Eventually, after a few moments of deep breathing, I could not hold it any longer and it turned into a physical fight, we rolled off the thinking chair.

I set fire to my mother’s anger, who was waiting for us with her arms folded outside.

“Louella! Alexid!” Her voice sounded stern.
“You really can’t do this! Sit up straight and raise your hand!”

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What? What?

Uh, mom .

“Are you really not going to raise your hand? Every time you put your hand down, you’ll have to raise your hand for another hour!”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .
Mom .

My mom firmly put her hand on her waist as she saw Alexid, who was losing the tissue that was blocking his nose after being beaten by me.
She stared at me with messy hair.

She was really angry.

I quickly sat in a chair and raised my hand.

I took a deep sigh.

I’d rather forget everything.
I can’t get out of the thinking room as soon as I want to.

Alexid sat next to me and raised his hand.

“Mom will keep checking if you put your hands down!”

Is this what you call a punishment?

I closed my eyes.

“Oh my, my arm hurts .
.” Alexid coughed and whined.
“This is because of you!”

Anyway, this peanut of an enemy!

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* * *

The duchess Leander opened the door slightly.


The duchess and the duke burst into laughter at the same time.
This is because Alexid and Louella were asleep leaning on each other.

Alexid’s face had blood and tear marks on his face, but he still looked cute and adorable.

“Ha,” the duchess sighed.
“Why are you guys fighting like this?”

“It’s because the kids are young, honey,” the duke responded with a smile.
“Don’t worry too much.
It’s normal for children to do that.”

The duke patted the duchess on the shoulder.

The duchess gently wiped Alexid’s face with an upset face.

“Whew .

When Alexid, who opened his dim eyes, moved, Louella also woke up.


Blinking her big eyes, Louella smiled.
“Mom .

She was very half-asleep.

The duchess hugged Louella tightly.
Alexid, who was too big to hold the duchess anymore, became the duchess’ position.
His curly hair tickled the duchess’ cheeks.

There’s no day that is spent quietly.” The duchess spoke gently, “You both look like angels when you sleep.”

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“I think it’ll be weird if it’s quiet.
I think I’ll be disappointed,” the duke responded.

“That’s it, but .
But is it really okay for Alexid to train with the Knights?”

He’ll be training with my peers, so it’ll be okay.”

“It felt like yesterday when I saw him walking around like a kid .
When did he grow up like this?” The duchess spoke, “I’m worried that Alexid will cry a lot.”

“It won’t be like that outside.
He pretends to be so mature.”

“Then I’m glad .
Lulu doesn’t cry a lot, but she’s very playful.
What’s going on with Gerald? Suddenly, she’s asking not to get engaged with him? What made her change her mind? Back then, she was so excited to see the ring!”

“Don’t worry too much, honey.
Let’s trust Lulu.”

I hope both of them don’t grow too fast.
I wish I could hug them like this every day.”

The duchess spoke with a disappointed face and kissed Alexid on the cheek.

“Mom .

“Good night, my angels.
Sweet dreams.”

Alexid smiled and buried his head in the Duke’s arms.
This time, the Duke kissed Lulu on the cheeks.

Sweet dreams.”

Seeing that her chubby cheeks are twitching, it is unlikely that she will wake up.
The duke and duchess have torn ahead of their two children’s bedrooms.

The noisy Duke Leander felt the warmth and darkness combined.

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* * *

Oh my god.

When did I fall asleep?

When I woke up, I was lying on the bed.
Maybe my mom moved me onto the bed.
I often remember this happening all the time.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have fallen asleep like this!

I jumped up, kneading my slightly numb arm.

Fortunately, my bag was rolling around the bed as it was.

I quickly opened the letter.

Anyway, that enemy of a peanut punk.

Thanks to this, I finally saw the letter I was waiting for.

Can I see you at the Nippler Academy in three days?

“I succeeded!”

I hugged the letter and jumped on the bed.
In fact, it was an expected result to some extent.
I sent it to “him” because it was part of the graduation thesis submitted when “he” graduated.

I selected only the most important parts and wrote them down and sent them to the letter.

I should be partying!

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