I expected that he was still preparing for his graduation thesis at this time around.
And it proved correct.
He must have been interested in me, who sent the same content as his graduation thesis, so this was already expected.

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Still, I feel like I’m one step closer to saving my father.

I am already twenty nine years old.

In the year when my world collapsed, I learned all the information about Nisephor intending to save my father, so it was not that difficult to remember the most outstanding thesis this person made.

People were limiting the infection route of Nisephor to monsters, specific plants, or insects.

Among them, the rarest creatures infect Nisephor.

And “he” studied the route of infection, focusing on the slowest monster, thus making his graduation thesis related to it.

I focused on this paper because my dad was the head of the knights who cleaned the monsters.

In addition, he went out at least three times a year to wipe out monsters.

I lay down on the bed.

It seems that my complex mind has been diluted.

Throughout my marriage, I had neglected my parents because all my attention was focused on my husband.
If I cared about my dad as much as I cared about him, then I wouldn’t have to suffer like that.

I wish I could have come more often and visited him.

If I had told my dad that I loved him more.

If only I hugged you more, dad.

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So many regrets .

I think I implicitly thought that my mom and dad would be by my side forever.
And it was already late when I realized it wasn’t going to be that way.

“Ha .
.” I sighed breathily.

By the way, in three days, Nippler Academy will find some excuse.

“I want to enter the academy! I want to study!’


I have twenty two years of knowledge, so I’ll be fine, right?

Stop it.
That can’t be true, Louella.
You need to know more than what you have already learned!

I was an authorized blunder.
When I entered the Nippler Academy and thought of learning math, not basic arithmetic, just that, I already felt like I had a cramp in my head.

“What should I do?”

The best way is to use him.

But yesterday.

I don’t like you.

Lulu, I told you to fix your personality!

* * *

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Even during breakfast time, Alexid came out and escaped his room.
We fought until we went to bed.
How can that be solved so easily? Huh?


I am originally a childish, grumpy person, especially when it comes to Alexid!

“Thank you for the food!”

I think I would become more childish whenever I get entangled with Alexid.
Let’s keep the dignity of a thirty-year-old woman.

With that thought, I turned a blind eye to him and walked past him haughtily.
But for some reason, he’s following me around.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

Alexid, who was hesitating when he threw a look at the guard, said.


“Why are you calling me?”

“I talked to our dad.”

Alexid’s chubby cheeks were swollen.

“Didn’t you like Jeje?”

“Not anymore.

When my older brother asked seriously, I answered sincerely too.

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I think Alexid’s eyes were already filled with tears.

Why? I didn’t do anything!

As he stepped back, Alexid said, pouting his lips.
“Then, can’t you get married?”

“What?” I asked.

What are you talking about? What on Earth?

My goal in this life is to marry someone who does well at night and give me a passionate love that I have been craving for so long.
Who are you to make me stop my dream?

“Oh, but dad said that .
Lulu promises to marry Gerald after he gets engaged! But if the two of you are not engaged, then he can’t marry anyone else.” He sighed, “LULU, do I have to take responsibility for you?”

My jaw dropped

So, did you think I wouldn’t be able to get married if we didn’t get engaged?

“Lulu is ugly.
If  you don’t marry Jeje—” He whined, “AHHHH!”

Why are you crying? Why on Earth is this peanut acting like this?

“Me, I’m not ugly! I can get married!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

So, this enemy of a peanut kind of a brother really thought I was hideous! Is he for real? He felt that I couldn’t get married unless it was Gerald!

I mean, this enemy is kind of an older brother!

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I felt my cheeks turning red.

It’s on my side that’s unfair!

I’m not even ugly! I’m beautiful!


I am the one who needs to cry, not you, Alexid!

“I’m not ugly! I’m going to get married! Argh!”

At that moment, resentment came into my mind.
I wanted to prove to Alexid that it’s unfair for him to think I won’t get married because I’m ugly!

“My mom said I was the prettiest in the world.”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Alexid whined, raising his voice into a higher octave.
“But an ugly woman can’t get married!”

I started crying and moping as well.

I could feel the villagers laughing at me and Alexid, who was already in a sea of tears from the morning.

Perhaps the maid brought her mother, but the running mother shook her head with her forehead.

I knew that even if it was a matter that could be very important for an eight and ten-year-old kid, it was nothing in the eyes of adults.

But I don’t know why I’m crying so much.

You are a bad peanut!

* * *

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