Mom spent all morning trying to appease Alexid with me.
My dad burst into laughter when he saw us crying, and today he left Alexid behind, saying he had better not take him with him at work as a knight.

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Alexid only stopped crying after our mother persuaded him to stop for a long time.

Lulu is not ugly, and she can marry someone else.

Is it that hard to say?

I stopped crying a long time ago and was now sitting in front of the mirror the whole time.

“Am I hideous?” I muttered

No, Lulu.
Have more confidence.
You’re pretty! I thought to myself.

Now it is chubby like a round steamed bun, but I will turn into a beautiful woman when I grow up.
This is the truth.

There was a time when I was praised as a beautiful woman in society.
There were quite a few men who claimed that I was their first love.

And I said to myself in the mirror, “If that Gerald still didn’t want to do it even after seeing this appearance, he’s the strange one, not me.”

But Alexid scratched my pride as a beautiful woman.

The already shallow affection of us being blood-related has been shattered.

I gritted my teeth in exasperation.
I’m going to make you pay for it, you peanut!

I jumped up from my seat.

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My mother thought behavior is the most important thing, so she didn’t ask me to take any classes except those for etiquette until I was nine years old.

The etiquette class was only once a week, so I could lie on my bed, roll around like this, and have so much free time.

Oh, this isn’t the time to roll around.

Blood-related siblings are not helpful in life.

Just thinking about how to go to the Nippler Academy was complicated.

If I said I wanted to go somewhere, my mom would say she would like to go with me, and it would be difficult to convince her and talk to her about it.

I can’t believe I came back from the future.

Time magic was an advanced level of magic that not anyone can do.
It was almost considered a legend, so it must have been hard to do something about it.
I wonder who and what entity made me come back from the future.

Oh, what should I do?

Why don’t I pretend to be brazen and be close to Jeje?

It’s not going my way.

It was when I was so worried that someone disrupted my thoughts.

“Young lady, Lady Louella!” the maid cried.

“What is it?”

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“Young master Gerald is here!”

“What?” My eyes went round, hearing the words that came out from the maid.

I felt like a pumpkin ball rolling around.

Why, you unicorn? Why are you making my life so hard and miserable?

“Where are you?”

I didn’t know what’s going on, but I couldn’t help but welcome the conspiracies for now.

The place where the nanny took me was the tea room.


Gerald was looking at me with a blank facial expression.
There was a small heart-shaped box in his hand.

“I came because I wanted to give you chocolate.
I ate one, and I was immediately reminded of you.”

Smiling awkwardly, Gerald held out the box to me.
He was hurt from my announcement, but he reached out his hand to me again.

My past self overlapped with his comfort.
It’s the old me who reached out to Gerald, even if his cold actions hurt me.

There was something in his big eyes that made me smile.

My heart had started to beat for him again.
I wanted to turn a blind eye and hurt him again so that I would not end up getting hurt by him.

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I could see that he wanted to cry like I did before.

A thirty-year-old Gerald seemed like an eight-year-old Gerald.

But Gerald, holding a box of chocolate with a shy face in front of me, was only eight years old.

Besides, now I don’t need Gerald’s help.

It’s been a while.

I was forced to receive a box of chocolate.

Now, Jeje, who does not know why I’m breaking my engagement with him, has held hands in reconciliation with me.

Gerald smiled as if he was already relieved by our reconciliation.
The precocious unicorn was like a mature kid in action.

“I’m accepting it because it’s chocolate,” I said with a poor excuse.

He nodded his head, “Yes, thank you, Lulu.”

What are you thanking me for?

“I won’t make such a wish again.” He muttered in a voice that seemed to turn off.

A strange pleasure rose.
The fact that it hurt him made me feel happy and bitter at the same time.

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Oh, I guess I can’t be a good person to him.

I put chocolate in my mouth and chewed it.
The sweetness spread out

When I sat down, Gerald sat down, too.
The beauty of the unicorn shone under the sunlight.

“Won’t you reply to my letter?” He asked.

“Ah, wait,” I said in a hurry.
“I have a favor to ask of you, Jeje.”

I know that you can tell me that I have no shame, but I can do this to you because you’re Gerald.

“What is it?”

“Are you going to listen to me?”

“Let’s hear what it is, first.” He calmly responded.

“Promise me first.”

I held out my pinky and showed it in front of him.
In the end, Gerald hung his finger on my finger.

I am the person who would permanently lose.
He was acting so sweet that I realized that I had already gotten upset without realizing it.

I turned my head coyly and brought up the subject.

“Please go to the Nippler Academy with me.”

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