I also realized that it was a big wound throughout my marriage.

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A husband who didn’t see me as a woman.
Gerald was my pride and honor.

The respect I had for him gradually faded.

Alexid looked at me as if he couldn’t believe my answer.


This peanut farts at home and picks his nose too! Let me tease you for a bit.

I crossed my arms and said, “I won’t tell Veronica about you picking your nose and farting.”

“What? What?”

Alexid jumped up at the sudden change of topic.
His red face was like a tomato.

I think it was around this time that Alexid started to like Veronica.

“Hey! I’m not like that!” Alexid screamed back.
“I don’t pee, fart, and pick my nose!”

“I watched it all before.
You had a nosebleed while picking your nose last time!”

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Oh, no.
Never mind.

Alexid shook his head and jumped up.

“You, you, don’t say anything like that to Veronica”.

Oho, look at this kid.

“What are you going to do if I do it?” I asked, crossing my arms while raising my brows.

“I’m going to tell you everyone that you peed on your bed while sleeping.”

Crazy, the people in the whole town already knew that.
And that was because of you!

* * *

Gerald swung the sword.

The Logan family was a pen handling family, they belonged to the brains and strategic department of the society.
But Gerald has always been a good swordsman.
That’s why he was able to receive training directly from the Knights.

And among those who were trained together was Alexid of the Leander family.

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Like the blood of the Leander family, Alexid’s attitude when holding and the spirit of swinging the sword was different.
But today, strangely, Alexid was staring at Gerald.

In fact, Gerald was distracted just by thinking about the word “no!” he heard from Louella a while ago, but he had no choice but to pay attention to Alexid’s strange reaction.

“Alexid, what’s wrong?” Gerald asked.

He had to ask, as he had become extremely curious.


“Umm—no- nothing at all.” Gerald shook his head.

And as Gerald was focusing on training again, Alexid stuck out his sword in a different direction and stared at it.

“Alexid! It’s not that direction! Pointing a sword is a very dangerous act!”

“Yes, instructor.”

Only then did Gerald realize that the end of the wooden sword in Alexid’s grip was pointed at him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Gerald asked for the fifth time.

It was when training was over.
Gerald thought it was time to confront him because he acted like he could not figure out what’s wrong with Alexid throughout the training.

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Then Gerald snapped back to Alexid as if he had waited.
“What did you do to Lulu?”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything to Lulu.”

Rather, it was Gerald who was told “no.”

“But why would you break up with someone when they just woke up? No matter how ugly she is and how she resembles a  pig, she wouldn’t do that for no reason! Did you tease and bother her that much to make her refuse your engagement?”

Alexid’s eyes caught fire.

Even if they fought like an enemy, for Alexid, Louella was his only sister.
Even if they really fought like a dog and a cat, he still prioritized the blood that coursed through their veins.

In addition, the day started with Gerald’s story and ended up with the announcement of breaking up the marriage.

“I just want to live with you, brother! I don’t want to get married to him!”

For Alexid, who heard such harsh words, it was a very worrisome line coming from his younger sister.

Alexid glared openly at Gerald.

“That can’t be true.
I’ve never bothered Lulu.” Gerald shook his head.

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“Then why did Lulu do that?” Alexid asked.

“I don’t know either, Alexid.
What’s wrong with Lulu? Did you curse at Lulu?”


Alexid faltered back at the precocious and powerful shot.

Come to think of it, the thing that Louella had already dreaded had already happened.
Alexid and Gerald were good friends, but there were often times that he envied Gerald.

So there were times that Alexid cursed Gerald in front of Louella.

“How do you know that?” he asked, taken aback.
“But that’s not why you’re not engaged! And my mom said that Lulu is pretty, so she can get engaged to someone else!”


“Really!” Alexid proudly said.

No matter how Louella and Alexid fought every day, he hated the fact that Lulu would be crying because of Gerald and that she couldn’t get engaged because she was ugly.

In fact, Alexid thought that the prettiest thing in the world was his mother, and then Veronica, and that Louella was the ugliest in the world.

But then! Alexid still trusted his mom!

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