Alexid didn’t know how the words he spoke affected Gerald.

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In front of Gerald, who was pale, the names of the boys she was close to in the town were recited.

“Don’t play with Lulu ever again!” Alexid yelled.
” I’m going to scold you if you make Lulu cry again!”

If Louella heard it, It would become a remark that would stay in her mind as well.

* * *

Why does he look like that?

Gerald’s gaze at me was subtle throughout the day.
I have a lot to say as someone who returned from the future, but I held it in.

He often looked very red, and at times he seemed really pale, like he was about to explode .
It reached a point when I became worried about his state.

No matter how much I hated him, I didn’t want him to get sick.

I knew how heartbreaking and hard it was to have someone sick.

So I was on my way to the Nippler Academy to prevent the sad events from happening.

Gerald, turning pale again, paced back and forth out of anxiety.

“Gerald, are you sick?”

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“No,” Gerald shook his head.

“Your expression is weird, Jeje.”

“Lulu, are you going to get engaged to someone else?” Gerald asked, “With kids like Carona Teimons and Lloyd?”

What are you talking about?


Come to think of it, Alexid went to training yesterday.
He stuck himself like a piece of gum onto our dad again.

I didn’t hear anything strange from Alexid.

But the fact that he didn’t say anything made it even more strange.

I saw Gerald with such an impatient face every day in my previous life.

I was always hoping that he’d look back at me.

I hoped he would listen to what I was saying, at least once.

But this time, wasn’t it entirely reversed?

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Gerald’s hurt expression made me feel as though I had won, somehow.

But I knew that there was a time when Gerald liked me.
I felt a little lighter when I realized that there was a time when both of us felt the same feelings.

I asked Gerald again.

“Do you even like me?”’

He whispered to me with an infinitely affectionate and sincere look every time.

“Yes, I like you, Lulu.” He replied.
“You’re the only one for me.”

As it continued, Gerald later reached a point where he couldn’t believe whatever he said.
Even saying I love you and saying I like you began seldom.

I began to feel that every word from him was a sweet lie.

When that happened, it felt as though bugs were crawling all over my body.
I endured eight years hanging on to those words

I thought they must have been nothing but pretty lies for the purpose of soothing me.

But now he’s eight years old.

He was no longer an age where he could tell skillful lies like before.
His honesty made me smile.

So I whispered something worse, “Yeah.
Maybe I am, maybe I’m not the one for you.”

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“Don’t do that, Lulu.”

“Why should I follow you?”

Gerald reached out desperately.
Moving slowly, he grabbed my hands tightly.

“Don’t do that,” Gerald whispered.
“It’s my fault.”

Tears filled his big eyes.
I was speechless by the appearance of the mysterious unicorn.
I didn’t expect to see Gerald crying.

Gerald had always been precocious when he was young.
Of course, it was not easy to see Gerald cry like that.
Him not crying was better than witnessing him cry.

Gerald’s eyes were filled with tears.

What I suffered for eight years felt a little rewarding.

“It’s all my fault, Lulu.”

I’m sure he’ll be serious now.

That’s what you’re saying right now to deceive me, but with pure intentions.

Strangely, I felt relieved.

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* * *

I jumped off the wagon.

I didn’t say anything as the previous guy treated me the way he did.
And now, the eyes of the person following me were red.

The current person did nothing wrong.
The child that he was had always been sincere, devoted, and warm to me.

I should feel guilty, but I didn’t feel that way at all.

Instead, it was pleasant to see a person like him shed tears.

Am I becoming a weirdo?

But it seemed that Gerald had opened my eyes to this dangerous taste.

All right, my ideal type from now on is a man who cries well and works well at night, giving me a passionate love that I craved for so long.

“This way.”

I was still holding my hand in Gerald’s stubbornness from the carriage.
So I had no choice but to endure it, considering the fact that he was an eight-year-old kid.

It might be because of Gerald’s desperation that he never let go of my hand even though he was sweating.

It was rather satisfying.

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