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“Dangerous, Lulu,” Jeje said.


Billiers laughed absurdly.

“I’m not a weird person.”

Why does it keep overlapping? I should be the one who should talk to Billiers, not you!

“Trust me, kid.
I’m different from quack doctors.”

Oh .
I’m about to lose my credibility.

* * *

Billiers took us to the coffee house, perhaps thinking it was difficult to have a serious conversation with us in such a crowded place.

Fortunately, there were drinks and snacks for young children.

“Eat this, too.”

Gerald yielded his snacks to me.


I won’t refuse to eat.

Billiers laughed at me while I was chewing Gerald’s food.

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“Is the little lady the one who sent me that letter?”

“That’s right,” I answered.

“Where did you find that?”

“It’s a trade secret.”

“Wow .
Where did you learn that?”

From you, who else?

Fortunately, Gerald wasn’t very interested in the conversation between Billiers and me.

Billiers and I have been talking about Nisephor for quite some time.
I tried to tell as few stories as possible because no one knows that I am an eight-year-old kid who has returned from the future.

I’ve never studied as hard as I did when I was twenty-nine.

I remembered all the academic journals and papers that came out roughly every year after that.

“What’s the name of the little lady?”

“Louella,” I said.
“It’s Louella Leander.”

Suddenly, Billiers’ attitude became polite.
I turned my head, looking at Gerald as I cleared my throat.

And then .

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“Can I ask you why you want to know about Nisephor?”


What the heck?

“By the way,” he paused as he stared directly into my eyes.
“Why do you want to know about Nisephor?”

“It’s because you never know who’s going to catch the disease.”

Until my father’s disease broke out, I never thought such misfortune would hit my family.

Fate is always bound to sound the alarm of being careless.

And I was going to never let my guard down this time.

“It could be my family.”


“So, I want you to continue your research.”

“Can we exchange letters?”

“I like that, “ I nodded in response.
“That would be great.”

In fact, it was better to exchange secret letters than to talk with him in person like this.
We’ll be able to speak more.

Billiers’s research must be developed to save my father.

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