Anxiety and excitement coexisted, causing my mind to vibrate.

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Since I showed my face today, it will be enough to exchange letters in the future.

“Do you want more cookies?”

“I’d like that.”

“What about drinks?”

“That, too.”

Billiers smiled.

This guy .
I think he’s a good guy.

* * *

Billiers was on his way back to see Gerald’s grandfather.

I patted my bulging stomach in satisfaction.

It was a pretty satisfying meeting for both of us, but Gerald’s expression was not good all the time, perhaps I was wrong.

Was there something wrong, perhaps?

And just when I was about to find out the reason.

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Gerald pulled my hand as if he would never let it go.



“What should you do if someone asks me to come with them to buy you something to eat?”

“I think I would like it?” I answered back with a question.

At first, I didn’t understand what he meant.
I mean, would he actually expect me to be asked that question at the age of thirty?

Gerald’s expression turned white pale with my answer.
Then he grabbed my shoulder and shouted, “You should say no! If a stranger says he’ll buy you cookies, will you follow him?”

“Of course, not!”

What do you think I am? A child?

I have a mental age of thirty, I’m just trapped in the body of an eight year old kid.

So sometimes, or it can be a lot of time, I may act like an eight-year-old kid, but what’s certain is that I’m not going to follow a man I don’t know just because he’ll buy me cookies!

However, it was my pleasure to secretly hide and eat chocolate when our family had already run out of sugar.

I’m still weak against sweets because of that specific habit.
I admit that.

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While living a free life at the age of thirty, I was suddenly stopped from having sweets, which is natural.

So I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

I ate cookies provided by Gerald and ate desserts bought by Billiers.

But they were people I knew in the future, and we ate in an open place! And of course, there were people whom I believe had no chance of kidnapping me!

“You should not follow anyone you don’t know.
Promise me.”

Gerald urged me to make that promise over and over again and again.

I was really dumbfounded.
Staring at Gerald, I intertwined my pinky finger on his own pinky finger.
Gerald seemed relieved only after I did that.
I caught his lips in a pout.

The unicorn was still righteous, so it seemed that he was just worried about my life.

Worrying was also a luxury.

“Let’s go see your grandfather.”

I’m sure that he’ll be waiting.”

In fact, grandfather Roland, the chairman of the Nippler Academy, was the biggest help throughout my marriage.

Grandfather Roland was the head of Count Nathaniel, who had been a scholar all his life, yet he was still praised for having the eyes of a veteran and leading Nathaniel’s heyday.

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I wonder how great that person is.

“Grandpa, hello!” I greeted him with a smile.

“Oh, my baby is here!”

I ran fast and he held me in his arms.
I was particularly attached to him because I lost both my grandmother and grandfather at a young age.
That’s why grandfather Roland was so important to me.

Even when I had grown up into an adult.

Unlike me, who greeted him with a grin, the unicorn bowed politely.

“Grandpa, it’s been a while.”


The grandfather, who was smiling kindly, stroked my head.
He must be ashamed of this moment as his earlobes are turning red.

“By the way, what have you been up to”?

“Well .

I’ve been through a lot that I’ve been through so much that I don’t know where to explain it.
So I just hid my whole life’s suffering with waves of laughter.

“I’ve been thinking about my grandfather.”

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The grandfather smiled as he spread his arms like a butterfly, he turned to his secretary and asked, “Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Have you prepared something in advance?”

“Yes, sir.”

What the secretary brought was sweet muffins and milk with honey right away.

Oh, today is the day to eat.
My grandfather picked up a muffin for me, a muffin that had been practically shining before my eyes.

“This time, the new chef baked it.
It’s so delicious that most of the students bought at least a few.
My grandfather bought it for us.”

“Grandpa is the best!”

I’m already ‘full’ and ‘need to regulate what I’m eating’? I’m getting ‘chubbier’?”

No! I need to gain weight to grow taller! I quickly bit the muffin in my mouth.

Oh my god.
I’m definitely going to get killed today after eating all the snacks my mom banned.
I felt like the stress I had for all the things that happened to me recently disappeared.

“Come back next time.
We still have a lot of snacks to give to Lulu.”


I love you, grandpa.

I raised my two thumbs at him with a big grin.

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