exid said.

“I’m good at writing letters, too!”

I can’t lose, you know?

More importantly, adults won’t worry about young children when they act like their age.
So these days, there were times when I often copied Alexid’s behavior.
Just like what happened earlier.

“I wrote a letter, too!”

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“I heard I’m good at studying.”

Grandaunt hugged us at the same time, peeping for compliments.

“Good job, good job.” Grandaunt then turned to our mother, “Merce.
Good job coming all the way here.
You could have come late in the evening .

“How have you been? When else would you see them for a long time?” Mom smiled.
“I’m going to leave it to my aunt and rest, too.”

“If that’s the case, I’m glad you came.
Jeje and Royce said they would come soon, so it would be better for the two to have a comfortable time.
I’ll bring my children to the room.”

“Auntie is the best.
That’s why I came early.”

The strongest person in my house is my mom.

It’s for sure.

She was the kind of mother who kept on pushing father in the morning, and the present mother who appeared almost as though she had two faces.

“You little one.
Lulu looks just like you.” Grandaunt said as she burst into laughter.

A wagon with the Logan family’s flag was approaching from afar.
Like my mother, my former mother-in-law and Jeje arrived early.

The door opened and my mother-in-law in a large brim hat got off.

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Gerald, who got off holding my mother-in-law’s hand, smiled brightly at me.

“Grandaunt, I’m here.”

Welcome, thanks for coming here!” She glanced at Gerald, “You as well, Jeje.”

Oh, wait, there’s something about it.
This scene is dangerous .

My mother-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my grandaunt.

I remember my mom telling the Logan family, ‘Lulu, becoming an adult is… Phew.
A young child is already married .
Lulu doesn’t know anything at all.
What can I do, Royce?’

‘Lulu doesn’t have to do anything as I already educated the Jeje well.
Our Lulu, all she has to do is to stay healthy!’

‘They will definitely get and work on it on their own.
Aren’t you all grown up now? Just respect and love each other.’

Damn it.

I stepped back without realizing it.
I wondered where it came from, and it came from experience.

This combination is dangerous.

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