Merce rapped him on the back of his head and spoke sharply.
“Raise your hand properly! Didn’t mom tell you that you can’t fight with your friend? I said no, right!”

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Prickly Alexid twitched his lips.
He looked like he had a lot to say because he was upset.
Of course, that didn’t mean Merce was easy to move on.

When Merce glared her eyes at her son, Alexid quickly shut up.

No matter how unfair it was, he didn’t want to be scolded by his mom.

“Grandaunt, I’m sorry.
Other guests will come soon.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.
They fight amongst themselves, too.
Jeje, are you sick?”

“Yes, grandmother,” Gerald, who had been silent so far, replied.
“I’m fine.”

How are two sons so different?”

Alexid rolled his eyes.

Everyone was on Gerald’s side.
Obviously, he said Gerald made Louella cry, so they just scolded him, but the adults were only loving Gerald.

Alexid poked his lips out and jumped up.

“I hate you, mom! I hate you, grandma! I hate you all! Argh! Alexid, whose resentment exploded, burst into tears and ran out.
The sound of the adults saying, “Oh my, oh my” came all the way to the sunroom.
Merce’s lips trembled.

“Ohoho hoho!”

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Duke Leander swallowed his saliva at the intermittent laughter.

“Oh, son.” Duchess Merce said, “Take your dad with you.”

It was clear that she would pinch his side mercilessly, saying it was because Alexid looked like his father.
She could see blood vessels sprouting on his white face.

“Merce .
It’s really okay.”

“I’m telling you the truth, Duchess.
I made a mistake with Louella, so Alexid .

Whatever you’ve done wrong, it’s Alexid’s fault to swing his fist first.
I’m not going to allow him to do anything at his age.” Merce smiled brightly.

Then Gerald ran his fingers through his hair, which he admitted to being wrong.

“Because of me, Louella.”

Gerald, who was honest, had always been the same with his red eyes.

“Jeje should solve the problem with Louella.
If you have something to apologize for, apologize and if you have to receive an apology, receive it.
Alexid is a kid who will be an example to society.
He’s the sword of the Empire in the future.
But should he just swing his fist? That’s something he should never do as a knight.” Merce quietly explained why Alexid should be scolded.

This is because she thought she knew where her eldest son was, who always ran away because he was upset.
No matter how troublemaker he was, his son was his son, so she thought she had to go and find him.

“Grandaunt, I’ll bring my children before I eat.
I’m really sorry.”

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“No, Merce.
You’re having a hard time.
They both resemble my father’s personality.”

This person should know that too.” Merce added a word as she looked at Gerald.

“If you have anything to apologize to Louella, tell her honestly and apologize.
She is very understanding and broad-minded.
If you apologize honestly, she’ll accept it.
You can do it, right?”

Gerald hardened like a stiff robot.

“Honestly .

That’s the most difficult thing.

Gerald nodded with his childlike innocent face, “I’ll try.”

Royce, Taylor.
I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, Merce.”

The two shook their hands, and only then did Merce pull her husband.
It is already meant for them to go see their children.

Merce, who left the sunroom, pinched her husband’s side.

“Ouch! Ouch! That hurts .

“I can’t live because of the embarrassment! Arthur! It’s because our children resemble your personality!”

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“They resemble you too, honey.”


“No, nothing.”

“Did you teach Alexid properly? Don’t you think it’s too much?” Merce yelled at her husband.
“And who said that it’s because they resemble me?”

Arthur swallowed a sigh.

That’s what everyone says .

* * *

“Ummm .

How did I fall asleep?

When I woke up, I was in bed.
It was dark outside as if it was already evening.
My mom and dad must have come.

Where did Gerald go?

It was time to get out of bed.

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“Hiing .

What? What?

There was definitely no one, but I heard a weak cry like that of a cat.
Surprised, I jerked my head down, and I saw Alexid, who was invisible because he was covered by the bedsheet.

Who would actually see him? He was sniffing and crying like a newborn kitty with his body rolled up in a circle.

“Why are you doing that?”


Brother! Don’t think about putting that runny nose on me.

I kept my distance from Alexid as far as I could.
With a sniffle, Alexid rubbed his tears away.

Because Gerald made Lulu cry. Hiing.
So scold me.
I didn’t want him to treat you like that.”

“So that’s what happened? Go on?”

“Our mom scolded me! Everyone says I’m the only one who’s bad.” He continued crying.
“I hate them!”

Is it about hitting Gerald and being scolded?

In fact, we looked for each other when we were scolded or if something unfair had happened.
Because we were always there to listen for each other.

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